Monday, December 26, 2011

Cold Nose,Warm Toes.

Salammmm:):) How's everybody doing? Wish everybody had a wonderful and blessed long weekend especially- potpetmama,daydeck86,mummymiqhael,farah,syida&amp,Faiz,Annhuzi,Sweetmom,Salmi,Lady of Leisure,sitiebby,cacah,Hanis,twinsmom,susumanis,yatiyahya,Dila,shahid,afid,mamalisa,daddylicious Salam kenal bagi yang menghulur salam and of course i don't mind those reading in silent..i love to do that sometimes *wink*wink.

Macam orang lain bila ada cuti panjang sikit,mula lah fikir mana nak bawak budak2 holiday kan.Both me and husband tak really fancy going to the  Theme Park,sometimes for the sake of the two girls bawak lah jugak yang dekat2 but we prefer going to a place where we can just relax:) Compared to shouting and screaming on a roller coaster we prefer to just relax by the beach with a hot coffee or sit on a bench in a park with a mug of hot chocolate.I guess me and husband dah tua lahh..we love orang2 tua punya holiday style..hee..hee..:) Since the girls have  been following us on holiday since they were small they appreciate our style too,they love park,beach and nature very much..they enjoy looking at butterfly,milipede,bug,insect and to read books under the tree.

Then kat Malaysia ni kebanyakan tempat menarik mesti kita dah pergi lebih dari sekali ..especially a place like PD,Cameron Highlands,Langkawi or Penang..but we dont mind going to a same place for few times as to us there's a different between holiday for relaxing or visiting..kalau nak relax we can go to the same place we like for few times..we just relax with the loved ones while doing some light activities..while visiting is a different story..we go to new place  to do sightseeing.

This Christmas holiday we decided to go Cameron Highlands,kalau dah pergi more than twice tak lah banyak benda baru nak di tengok..however,we still find it lovely especially this time around the weather was really cold and nice.Due to the late booking we didn't have much option on the hotel,our choice was always Strawberry Park but this time we had to opt for Century Pines Resort, i ve read some mixed reviews at the tripadvisors website..well the hotel is old and they are just 4 stars..but we don't really mind as long as it clean,spacious with all the basic necessities,..should not be complaining too much if the price is reasonable.

We booked a Duplex Suite as i had Uwan in mind when we first booked it,since Uwan ikut pakcik kenduri and bercuti di Perak,we went without Uwan.We have many pictures just get ready to yawn *wink*wink.Unfortunately they were snapped using my Iphone..i  misplaced my tiny Canon and until today i couldn't find it;(

In the car..killing the was jammed badly,by 1.00pm we haven't reach Tapah yet.We stopped at R&R for toilet break  and we had to q for 15 mins to go into the toilet,once we managed to squeeze into the toilet..Tia tak nak pulak do her "business" because the toilet was dirty and she had to squat...poor Tia.Lucky i brought a big container of pasta with us,we stopped by the road side and had our lunch..everybody makan banyak betul..after kenyang we continued our journey..we didn't complaint much as we know this is a festive season and we are fully aware of the jam.

We reached Bharat Tea Plantations at 4.00pm..dah banyak kali tengok pun to me they are stilled awesome...penat pun hilang;)

This is the best snap that my Iphone could capture..not bad yaa;):)

Mr Bharat and family are millionaires now by growing tea..all the valley belongs to them.

We reached Century Pines Resort at 4.30pm..the weather was really nice,it was cold, breezy and  really refreshing.

The Duplex was spacious,the building itself is old but the room was clean,the floor was fully laminated with good furnitures inside.

The lower floor has kitchenette and big screen with separate bathroom plus sofa bed.

Now lets see the upper floor and find out whether the bed is big enough for 4 of us;)

Even the bed was not that canggih can't match Shangrila Sydney but it was biggg enough and conformed to the "Super Kingsize" standard..the room was spacious and clean too..nothing to complaint.

The room was looking to the forest and the air that comes from the window was really fresh.

Hellooo..somebody taking picture of the makeup table.

These two pi mana2 pun mesti lah nak berendam..but it was really good after that they will be fully recharged and can walk miles;):)

Okay,we have to leave the tempting bed with the tempting weather and go out to look around first.

Tanpa bukak air cond pun we rasa macam dalam aircond set at 18 c-15 ,i think this is the coldest so far kat Cameron Highlands.

Walaupun dah lunch..dua orang ni dah mandi lapar bukak bekal pasta mama.

Uishhh..must be really sedap mama masak ni..hee..heee

Tia pulak dah siap bukak sofa bed..dan melayan botol susu sambil tengok Nick Junior.

Dah makan we turn lobby..jalan2..the lobby was quite grand but the Interior Design cant really made up his mind on the style..macam English tapi penuh dengan carvings macam Bali jugak;);)

Outdoor sitting area.

The two dah bersiap sedia nak tour the area.

There's a big playground opposite the we took the two there since dah petang and tak nak go far.

Then dua ni seronok lah tengok benda2 ni..

Giant Oranges.

The Giants and the Tiny:)

After dah main2 sikit we walked to the nearest eating place,we decided to try street food instead of eating in the hotel..this place is called Hill Top..banyak jugak mat salleh makan kat sini.

I  ordered nasi daun pisang..sejuk2 rasa nak makan curry:)

The lauk semua sedap and the masala tea that costed RM1.80 was equally good like the one at Bharat that cost RM8 per mug;)

Malam we jalan kaki balik Hotel..rasa sedap ajer sebab sejuk and the girls pun enjoy the walk.

We then met Santa at the Lobby;)

After Santa gave "Mammee" to each,we took picture with him;)

The lobby pun cantik malam2 with the chritsmas tree.

Activity before going to bed.

Duplex comes with free breakfast for 4..we decided to sit outside..which was a bit too cold in the morning.

Plate for Tia/Mia

Bowl for mama.

lepas breakfast..we drove around to find strawberry picking farm for the girls..unfortunately this time semua strawberry farm..dah picked the fruits and sembur ubat for the tak lah boleh pick..tak nak hampa kan the girls..we carik jugak lagi..until we found ada farm tersorok kat bukit di belakang bangunan..bila papa drive was really highhhhhhhh...rasa macam naik bangunan KLCC pakai kereta..dah lah depan kereta banyak and semua kena break..bau engine hangit and ada kereta nak jatuh kebelakang..i was like really menyesal..walaupun husband relax..but me memang takut me orang bagi RM5K suruh i drive naik pun tak kan nakkkk...but berberbaloi lah jugak "adventure' tu sebab naik kat atas tu was like "ohhhhh...uhhhhhhhh" so nice with many2 things.

Salah is the only place(yg i tahu) ada grapes dan berbuah heaven to jalan2 bawah grapesvines dengan buah tergantung2.

Walaupun muda and kecik lagi..but we were really happy to see it in malaysia;)

Sebab tinggi jenuh lah me terjengket-jengket nak ambik gambar guna Iphone;)

The two ni jenguk ajer lah strawberry tapi tak boleh pick.

Selain tu like any other place in CH..cactus banyak lah sana was sold at 6 for RM10 here..rambanglah mata tia mia.

Since we couldn't pick strawberry..we decided to let the girls pick the was priced at RM7 per kg..okay lah jimat lagi dari strawberry;)

Many  big red tomatoes to be picked..good lesson for the girls.

Tia sangat happy nak pick tomatoes.

The two small farmers ready to pick the tomatoes.


Yeahhh i got it!


Dah penat picked tomatoes..we went to the cafe and mama belanja Strawberry Chocolate Fondue.

The girls enjoying themselves.

Yumm yummm

We bought some strawberries to bring back home too.

As usual mesti ada cenderahati for the was the Strawberry Umbrellas.

Arrived hotel at 3pm..inilah yang Tia Mia pilih tadi...after mandikan the girls i sent both to take nap..sebab nanti malam nak keluar dinner..kalau tak nanti malam ngantuk cranky and we can't enjoy our dinner.

While the girls took a nap with papa..i had some times for myself..i took a warm bath in the tub lama2..i always do this when travelling..boleh hilang penat,stress and feel rejuvenated;);)..kalau tak kita kaum2 ibu memang penat bila holiday ni..nak sedia kan itu kena find cara to unwind;);)

Malam we went out for steamboat...we found one halal shop..nasib baik ada tempat without reservation,,,quite popular tempat ni..

Tak sah kalau tak steamboat di CH sebab sayur semua fresh..macam watercrest ni so sedap masuk dalam sup.

The steamingboat;);)

Both enjoyed the dinner very much..they happy,makan banyak..tak buat kerenah and we had a very good dinner together..macam keluar dengan buddies..gelak2 cerita macam2;)

Dah dinner we balik hotel..berenti kat lobby tunggu kalau2 santa keluar bawak titbits lagi..yeahhh he came out and we dapat some titbits.

And the ultimate reason going to CH for the girls is to go to the butterfly the next morning we drove to Brinchang..jam pun we bersabar lah jugak.

Macam the last visit both sangat happy masuk dalam butterfly farm..they simply love the butterfly;)

The butterfly loves them too;)

Tia and the beauty.

Mia with the Wings.


Double happiness;)

Butterfly everywhere...on the jacket.

On the pants;)

it was a good trip to butterfly farm.

there were some giant cactus in the farm too.


and snail that looks like escargot;)

The last stop before heading back to hotel and check out was mushroom, they allow you to selfpick.

We went inside to pick,it was price at RM18 per kg.

Tia with giant mushroom.

Mia was good at picking too;)

Budak jaga tu was quite impress Tia Mia boleh pick dengan bagus;)

There's many lovely mushroom here..the yellow ones is expensive but sedap.

They have Sunkist Oranges too.

We balik hotel..after check out we pun siap2 bye CH..bye bye Century Pines.

Balik rumah Uwan pun dah sampai and our maid bought these for Tia Mia..she bought from Perak...cute kan.

Balik ajer we bukak durian for everybody..these 3 lah paling suka durian.

Hasil tangkapan dari kampung orang asli..esok cuti boleh rebus buat jeruk..hee..heee..tapi orang asli pun now pandai jual barang2 mahal.

lauk simple yang membuka selera malam ni..walaupun penat tapi masih jugak lah masak sikit...sup cendawan pungut sendiri,goreng ikan bilis Cameron Highlands dengan petai dan cili Cameron Highlands plus kari terung cameron highlands campur ikan masin talang beli kat tepi jalan di Perak..pergggghhh..hilang segala penat..esok until next Monday cuti..yeayyyyyyyy..sangat happyy,, macam2 boleh buat ni..taaaa..taaaa..nite,nite..ishhh ada orang larat tak baca cerita panjang lebar saya ni..macam ikut saya naik Cameron 3 hari 2 malam jugak kan..cuma tak rasa sejuk ajer..heee..hee Salammm;)


nyza said...

Salam kak zue,
wah sgt best cuti kat cameron..nk tny ni,ape nama kedai steamboat tu? Sgt tempting tgk the full stemaingboat..heheh

Lady of Leisure said...

salam mamatiamia,
best kan cameron highland.. nice weather, nice scenery.. love all the pics, pakai iphone pun tapi composition lawa so pic semua tetap nampak cantik..
and im drooling at the petai n bilis goreng tu, yummy!

daydeck86 said...

Salam kak,
CH adalah tempat nak hilangkan stress memang best lepak kat sana tanpa ganguang kerja..ahahhhaa

Uwan pantang jumpo dian rugilah sapo yang tak makan dian tu...

Hanis Azla said...

bestnya.. rasa hilang penat dan risau jaga anak demam sepanjang cuti ni tgk those photo kat CH.. dah lama tak ke sana.. kena plan juga bawak anak2 ke sana.. tentu dia org suka.. boleh pick cendawan, tomato mcm tia mia tu..

fiezachommel said...

Salam Kak Zue,
Cameron Highland is also one of the place yang kami suka pergi.Even every year pergi pun tak bosan.Very relaxing kan?I love the scenery,the weather, the veges and folwer...sungguh mendamaikan.Sampaikan i told my hubby to buy a house for us to spend time in CH!Insya allah, one day.

annhuzi said...

ye la we can just imagine the sejuk. ramai ke sana to enjoy the cool weather.

sampai 15mins to queue for toilet. we pun selalu terencat if toilet dirty.

thanks azu share abt ur activities. suka. nak jugak ke sana dan ikut what u did with ur family.

the tea plantations so luas. nyaman pandangannya. the hotel looks good. and the farm tersorok yg ada grapes, lucky papa relax. i pun ngeri and can imagine kedebaran mama.

strawberry umbrellas cool!
tia mia ni pandai pilih. well trained by mama. the cactus they chose very nice!

beautiful butterflies but my daughter not brave like tia mia, she'll be screaming instead of enjoying them.
flower slippers from perak, very sweet! tia mia always on her mind :)
i could feel the happiness of tia and mia enjoying the trip with mama papa and so nice of mama to share with us too. and we sangat enjoy baca dan sampai dah ter over comment juga :D

M.U.M.M.Y M.I.Q.H.A.E.L said...

cant wait our holiday at CH this coming Thursday!!

by the way, ape name kedai steamboat tu kak zue..bole try nanti kat CH... quiet tempting!!

ade keta nak terjatuh ke belakang?? adoii takotnye..kalu nita pun takkan naik tempat tinggi2 camtu..gerun..hehehe

sitiebby said...

tgk pics yg kak zue kongsi, mmg menggamit saya nk pegi bercuti jgk la. Kn planning btul2, nanti balik semenanjung, kena pegi rileks2 kt sana dulu sblm terdampar kembali ke Sibu.
kami sefamily cuma lepak2 di Sibu je, tp enjoy, layan kerenah anak2 yg nk jalan2. penat tapi berbaloi bila tgk muka anak2 puas hati.
sekarang cuma tunggu si kecik blh berjalan dan blh menikmati keseronokan sekali. lg best.

Maya Marisa said...

MamaTiaMia dear,

I always remind myself "beggars cant be choosy" when I am face in the situation where I have to make do dgn apa yg ada. The hotel may not be to our liking, but at the very least we are all together as a family. I pernah jugak face the same situation quite sometime ago,where i tak sempat nak book my fav place, so terpaksa la duduk at a 2-3 star hotel. i complained everyday on the surrounding to my hb. then my hb said, "at least we can enjoy the sightseeing. hotel nie tmpt nak tidur ajer". terkedu jugak bila kena tegur mcm tu. on the brighter side, the extra cash tu we all splurge on the makanX2 & shopping. Allah tu maha adil kan?

concur with you, bila dah berumur nie, kita nak carik vacation place yg relaxing. Thank god Cha Cha is not that fond of roller coaster rides and what not. she prefers beach activities and alike. teringat masa kat bali, we took her for water activities, she loves it so so much.

time sejukX2 mmg best mkn nasi daun pisang. there's one indian restaurant at Tanah Rata that we used to frequent whenever we are up there. Also there's another lovely mamak shop that sells a heavenly sweet roti pisang madu. OMG. drooling nyer i sambil type nie.

bila tengok petai tu, teringat pulak my dad. he has this way of cooking petai with the skin intact. nnti i post an entry on it ok.

oh ya, hv a good break. i tak bole amik cuti. kena bagi can to my staffs. kesian dorang nak spend time with their family & kids.

Nadiah said...

Salam Zu,

Geram betul tengok petai yg you beli tu gemuk2 and so fresh.
Selalu petai I beli dekat Pasar segar depan rumah kita tu dah kecut dan lebam2.Tapi kalau sudah teringin sangat nak makan beli juga 2-3papan.

Rosma said...

Hey Maam,

Seronok betul gayanya ke CH. I have one girl aged 3 yo, so kalau part2 berjalan ni, mmg kena take into account dia jugaklah so she gets to enjoy the place as well. Lama dah tak ke CH, reading ur entry makes me want to go straight away! :)

firuz said...

memang seronok dapat bercuti dengan anak2..walaupun cuma duduk rumah dan menghabiskan seharian bersama mereka..dapat tengok mereka dpan mata adalah saat2 yang tak dpt dinilaikan dengan harta yg ada didunia ni..

Anonymous said...

bestnyerr...mcm ikut sekali je g saved gambo strawberry tu ya mamatiamia..nak tanya kalau banyak mkn petai ni ok ke bau tuut...maaf soklan 18sx la pulokk mane tahu de petua sbb leh awet muda tp tang bau tu takut gak kan..hehe..tqvm for a very intereting virtual CH tours ya mamatiamia :)) susumanis...

Unknown said...

Hi there, if u dont mind where is the mushroom farm in cameron...and do u know what type of mushroom do they there other mushroom farm...and is there button mushroom at there