Monday, December 12, 2011

3 Days Budget Homestay:):)

Salam Semua:) Alhamdulillah,it's already Monday and everybody in the house are fully recovered,hope everyone out there is kicking and jumping too.Hmm our long weekend started with Tia having bad flu,cough etc which end us up at ER Tropicana on Friday Night,it was more than just a normal flu&cough,The Arab Doctor at TMC sent Tia to few test as usual and like any other mother when your children is sick i was terribly worried.That Friday night i taught Tia&Mia Nabi Yunus's doa and the story behind it.

Thank You to all commentors,happy to know that many of us women have the same vision,share the same thought and only wish the best for our family. I don't have answers to all problem and i can't and not obligated to relate every single experience of my life in order for any of you to see the overall picture.The only thing that i can tell is be sincere,be happy for yourselves and also happy for other people when they are happy:);).Some people reluctant to do the later..which is quite sad:(Only you know what is inside your heart and for that only you know the root of your problem.Be careful of what you write and say, i saw people fight and write very very nasty things on FB..bad and nasty words only reflect on you.Sometimes readers are quite mean; they cherish you when you say nasty things,it was like an entertainment to them  but they dont have the same opinion:( :( Be sincere,be sincere..if you are not sincere and can't share happiness in others,happiness will shy away from you;):)

End of my rambling:) Me and the girls had a "budget homestay" during the is not that we went to stay at any budget place during the weekend but we didn't spend much money in the mall or anywhere else.We spent most of the time at home and did ,any domestic stuffs;);)

I fetched the girls at school during lunch time on Friday and brought them to my office since they were not well and Uwan was away..kesian pulak nak tinggal dengan Heni ajer kat rumah.

Checking out mama's little garden at the office.

Little boss without shoes:)

Tia had bad cough and flu:(

Kesiann..penat and sleepy..slept on my couch with telekung as blanket.

Camping in mama's office- Mia trying to be comfortable as possible:)..yeap there's no flatscreen in my room..we stilled using the gedabak TV:)

Saturday morning we didn't go anywhere..auntie rufa came to our house to send cute gifts upon hearing that both were sick..thank you so much auntie rufa.Evening; we took the girls to relax and listen to storytelling at Ikano.

Dinner; i cooked roasted chicken- i just rub and mixed the chicken with garlic,onion,tumeric,blackpepper,herbs,salt and yoghurt..and i used Sakura Chicken..RM19.90 per bird from Jusco,this is a Japanese breed chicken-chicken was feed with Yoghurt!

Turned out very nice,the chicken was soft but not "lembik" like usual ayam daging:):)

Cooked Tia Mia 's favourite oil brocolli,glass noodles and dried tofu skin soup.

Ohh yaa..this is the gifts given by auntie rufa..the girls love it:)

Sunday morning i cooked full western breakfast.

The girls had pancakes with maple syrup and cream and  I heated up some  left over pizza .

We miss uwan sebab she always enjoy breakfast kat luar ni...hopefully uwan will bring back rambutan for us.

It was a good sunday..we just relax .. nothingm uch to think of:) To Ann Huzi  yang tanya about the material from my previous post (whether it is my uphostery sofa etc.)..the aquamarine material is my nightrobe..i bought from Mark and Spencer UK more than 5 years ago;):) They still look good;):) and the nicely packed talcum powder was from M&S too.

Happy Sunday for Mia.

Extreme Tia with her Android and pregnant blackie.

We relax for a while before sending Heni for her weekend outing to Carrefour.

After we sent  Heni to Carrefour near our house; papa took us to FRIM.

But we couldn't spend much time there as it was drizzling.

Papa then took us to a nostalgic place..this was mama's first club given by the company long time ago.

This club is owned by the Japanese..we like the environment here..very quite and the food is good too.

Delicious cantonese noodles.

The girls were hungry and they managed to finish the cantonese noodles.

We ordered Udon soup and beef rice too.

Evening Heni came back from Carrefoure and she bought this from Romantika shop  for us.

Heni bought the hairclips for the girls too.

Late evening upon the girls's request we went jogging ,furthermore Mia was non stop asking to go "Doodles park" near our house.

Gaya tak boleh tahan from Tia.

Gaya boleh tahan from Mia.

So this is the doodles thing yang Mia nak tu..since kecik suka "doodles" exercise ni.

We had a good run that Sunday evening.

The girls have new interest ; dengar music dengan earphone..malam2 pun tak habis lagi.

This is where Heni put up the flower yang dia beli tu:)

Non stop cooking continues on Monday morning..mesti sesekali nak pekena nasi lemak;):)

Minggu ni sambal sotong special sikit...combined sotong..kering and fresh..sedap lah..tak cukup2 pulak;)

I made one big jug of lemonade..since ramai yang batuk2 etc:):)

The girls enjoying their soft boiled egss.

Then they were sent to do work..heee..heee..I need to amend Employment Act to allow this:):)

kerja2 papa and girls:):)

While they paint the gate..i took opportunity to baja my this is the special baja that i am using.

With the baja..bunga sentiasa keluar even after few months.

Ni dah 3 kali keluar bunga since my last post..need to do some sprucing again so that new bloom will come out.

tak der pokok2 banyak kat kawasan rumah cuma ada satu unpatiently waiting for this pkok belimbing to berbuah.

i have pot of pokok curry or my emak said "karipulay"

After that all the hardworking people was given a special lunch at the it was like main pondok2 to them.. while waiting for main dish i fried kerapu with cornflour as appetizer.

The main dish was Cantonese noodles..since they love it very much at the Templer..i cooked the same one for everybody..uwan was not around so we didn't have rice for lunch.I would say that this one is same par as the one in Templer..heee..heee

Papa pun join makan kat was like a treat to the girls since tak keluar sejak pagi.

The backyard is not big but they had fun.

After lunch they were instructed to take a nap with their kampung selimut at their "port".But none of them can doze off...

At 3.00 pm we went down for our next project...lagi pun uwan nak balik so we will buat cuppies for uwan and kak yan.

The green pack was quite cool..everything was inside,the flour mixture,icing mixture,the paper cups and the sprinkles.

So the two was given opportunity to help since this is their project.

It looked good in the oven..

Time to decorate now.

Cuppies ready to be spread with icing and sprinkles.

Mia and her cuppies.

wahhh girls good work!..i love your cuppies..they look gorgeous;)

Somebody putting sprinkles more into her mouth than on the cuppies.

Tada beautiful fairy cuppies.

Lets keep some for uwan and kak yan.

A treat for themselves too.

Kak yan came with uwan and off we go to the field to burn some calories.

Bila ada gulai kuning maksudnya uwan dah balik..hee..heee..

Another favourite for uwan was goreng puyuh garing..selamat makan...taaaa..taaa..


fiezachommel said...

Salam Kak Zu,
Hope Mia is fine by now.Long weekend for Selangor citizen.As for me, tinggal jer kat Selangor, but kerja kat Wilayah.So, tak dapatla extra cuti hari Isnin.But we enjoy our weekend like you also.Pergi beli barang dapur,pergi nursery beli bunga ,pergi IKEA cari kerusi taman lagi..
Nanti fieza upload to blog. Tia nad Mia

shafa ismail said...

salam,kak zu..can u teach me how to do the lemonade since my hubby love to drink it....tq kak zu.. hopefully,Mia will fine,n my twins also got bad cough n flu.. hopefully,they will get well soon...

Zuzus said...

salam kak,
waa...mmg fhm sgt perasaan nya bila anak tak sihat. for me last friday nite pun terpaksa jgk menjengah ER Assunta. si bujang kena tonsil.3 mlm jgklah kat sana...but now dah ok. alhamdulillah..

p/s: envy tgk bunga2 yg cantik tu :-)


aishah jamrek said...

kak, u made me feel hungry lah..huhu

Anonymous said...

salam. kak zu, sape yg ada birth mark kat pangkal lengan? until now x leh beza mana tia n mana mia.. hehe wish them get fully recover -fiza-

Mamasya said...

Aslmkum mamatiamia.
wah pandai tia mia buat cc....siap hias lagi...tomeii mcm tuannya.jadi tukang cat juga...rajinnya...kena minta upah lebih dgn mama nanti..hi..hi...
cantiknya bunga2 di porch tu...pelbagai warna.

umiyumi said...

Salam Zu, kat sana pun ada Green's cupcake mix yer. suka baca blog Zu. colourful :)

saniah said...

salam zu..harap mia dah sihat ya..memang hati susah kalau ada anak2 sakit kan..ish geram nya tengok bunga2 kat garden u..em i pun letak kereta kat luar porch rasa tenang sikit nampak gate tu kan..:)
lepas ni nak start tanam bunga bunga pulak lah..tak tahan tengok bunga2 u..:)

Zila said...

Salam Zu...bila dah jumpa blog u...susah sangat nak tinggalkan...suka sgt baca your stories, everyday I visit for new pictures of Tia & Mia and your cooking. I'm from N9 too, I got twin girl too tapi dah anak dara besar dari I and I also got uwan kat rumah yg selalu rindu kat kampung...Semoga you keep on with your writing...dan semoga your family sihat2 selalu

Anonymous said...

kak, tanak ajak kiteorg dtg rumah ke?? ahahah!!


Anonymous said...

assalam azu...

delicious nyerrr your cantonese noodles... tempting sungguh! nnti postkan recipenyer tau! plus recipe lemonade sekali... tiap kali kite buat masam sgt daaa...

ishhh geram nengokkan bunga azu... montel montel semuanya... kat scotland skrg dah makin sejuk pokok pun togel aje... bestkan breakfast kat verandah sambil nengok tmn dan bunga bunga...

baru baru kite ternmpk tiles kitchen bermotif english roses... cantik sgt! padanla mix n match azu chicken roaster... nnti kite bg websitenyer

nway umah kite not really tudor design... copycat tang line black n white jer... dlm umah mmg ada fireplace but for display aje... sayangggg sekali! tp kan azu time ptg ptg... kalu dok luar rumah mesti bau kayu... rupanya bau dr dr chimney neighbourhood, wangi sgt!

aritu ada viewing rumah yg ada fireplace nie... cantik sgt! mmg cosy la tp mmg countryside sungguh! siap ada dapur aga... sgt sgt country chic!


annhuzi said...

oh nightrobe. so pretty. nanti i jalan2 M&S kat sini boleh tengok ada ke tak.
blackie pregnant..wah nanti ada kitties kat rumah.
tia mia full of activities. so fun. from painting, jogging, eating, baking..
FRIM tu forest reserve eh? best ur area near park and nature.
wah ur cantonese noodle looks even better than the Templer. really, the gravy colour is darker, not pucat. like u sincere, be happy. and truly the happiness on tia mia's faces show they have benefitted from the environment u created and taught them. with beautiful flowers around them and delicious food lovingly cooked by dear mama.
and Tia recovered well with mama's love and support always and mia by her side. even heni is happy and shows her appreciation with her gifts to the house and the girls.
ur ofis is so cosy.
the egg holder cute.
cant help leaving a long comment to ur beautifully long post. as usual, we enjoy reading about ur colourful days.