Thursday, February 16, 2012

Once we stayed here:):)


P/s Dear Ann thanks for pointing out my error;) I love your writing re getting better and better:):)

Old memories:):) Yesterday was Anabel Sampedro Birthday:) She owns "The Urban Owl" at East Victoria Park,Western,Australia. We stayed there last for a week in 2010 and we had a great time.Anabel is a gorgeous Spanish lady, very kind towards Tia and Mia, she gave Tia Mia a set of story book consists of 12 copies on the last day,the girls treasured it very much. Even it was a ort stay but we became friend, we keep in touch on FB and always say "Hi" to each other. Anabel has upgraded her "Urban Owl" from a "short stay" to a  "medium stay pad", it is now fully furnished with good quality furnitures and other basic essentials. One of the reader here wished to stay there for her upcoming trip to Perth unfortunatey the place couldn't accomodate a stay for less than 28 days,exception only given to those who had stayed there before but not to worry there are many beautiful place around Perth CBD:):) cuma kena rajin tengok website;);)

I "visited" Urban Owl on Anabel'birthday yesterday and found many beautiful professional pictures there;) The Old memories rekindled;);)

Front Porch, Tia Mia loved to jump and run here.

Beautiful roses bushes during Spring.

Once Tia,Mia,Mama & Papa slept here ...of course the room was upside down at that time:):)

Beautiful Original Jarrah Flooring..i adore it very much.

Gorgeous backyard;)

Breakfast nook with awesome coffee machine and tea supplies;)

Clawfeet bath...Tia Mia can spend hours here;)They provide shampoo,baby bath including quality facial items here.

We miss this cute Urban Owl.

Lovely memories at Urban Owl kitchen:)

Have a great weekend everybody..Salam Jumaah:)


Siti Fatimah said...

bestnyer sgt nice & so lovely! suka jugaks :) btw me love read ur blog and salam kenalan to u :D

nurulafida said...

cantiknyaaaa ..untung u get to stay at a beautiful cottage :). so ada chance la u pegi lagi dpt stay sana :)

annhuzi said...

hehe my mentor beri pujian. thank you. dah bertahun i mendalami tulisan u tentu terbelajar sikit write like u :)
cuma nak buat blog, IT memang langsung tak tau. mujur tau email dan baca blog.
rezeki terjumpa u di alam maya ni. insyaAllah satu hari di alam nyata pula :)

really gorgeous urban owl. rezeki tia and mia dapat rasa stay there. dapat cenderahati lagi. and u get the special privilege to make a repeat short stay visit.
looking at tia mia's pictures showed much they have grown.
we miss u too tia mia. mesti sekarang dah pandai cakap. bila nak write a post macam dulu. ye lah tia mia's learning experience masa mama dalam kesibukan ni. tentu banyak yang mereka pelajari walau hanya memerhati. and i guess the best part, rumah selalu ada cousins datang to play with.
take care :)

umiyumi said...

Salam Zu, cantiknya rumah tu kan.. k umi pun suka tgk rumah2 kat sini byk yg cantik2.. dan garden diorg.. tu yg semangat nak tanam pokok bunga ros dll

D i L a said...

morinig kak zue!...
nice intro for monday bluesss..cantik kak zue!