Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When your hearts were enclaved by the blue sky and cheeks were kissed by the butterfly wind:):)

Holla:);) I still have pictures from my Paris Geneva Trip:):)

 Did  you ever wish to go somewhere not to do anything but to just sit by the beach,look at the ocean and gaze at the blue sky? I always have that feeling:):) Such a melancholic person i am.I love to smell the grass,the ocean,the garden... well these past few weeks the feeling is quite intense..since i can't go anywhere yet,i just share this entry first.

Let's go to Nyon,Switzerland, a town by the sea and situated on beautiful rocks and cliffs. Nyon is accessible by boat  from Geneva town,it will take you about 2 hrs to reach there and cost Euro 45 per adult and Euro 30 per child.

No matter how melancholic the feeling is but the food is always there:) Well this nasi goreng with telur mata was not made in Malaysia but it was cooked in Geneva,our morning breakfast before we depart to Nyon.

I used basmathi rice to make the nasi goreng,it had ikan bilis,green chillies inside.

And it was so nice to eat nasi goreng kampung with telur mata,fresh tomatoes,salad in the cold morning of Geneva.

The girls tak really fancy rice in the morning..they asked for noodles.I used maggie like noodles and made them simple clear soup.

Hmm i miss this small kitchen..we stayed there for 12 days surely a lot of memories to be remembered.

After the tummies were fulled..wallaaaaa..sudah transform..ha ha..to go to Nyon we need to go to the lake which is a 10 mins walk from our apartment.We need to check the schedule,buy the ticket from the kiosk there and wait for our boat.While doing that these the two girls pestered me to buy them sunglasses:) Dah tu tak nak yg kecik pulak ..nak yang beso ajer..pandai nak Jackie O tau:)

The lake is very beautiful..when we first came here were we like ahhh..ahhhhh..so cantik Geneva town yang facing the lake..they called it "The Lac"

Tia Mia always had fun feeding the ducks..they were tame too..if you feed them they will come out from the water to eat from your hands.

The available boat to Nyon was at 2.30pm so we had to eat our lunch first.We went to a Lebonase Cafe by the roadside to eat.

Papa and Tia.

After we were done with our lunch we went to the lake again and waited for the boat on the grass.

The boat came,we boarded the boat and as usual we ordered drink and ice creams.

We reached Nyon at 4.30pm ,we took a petite train to take us around town and the girls had second round of ice creams on the petite train.

Nyon is fulled with history and this can be seen in the architecture.Dont expect to find fancy shop and branded items here, you need to love nature and history to appreciate the city.

We walked and walked and we found one children bookshop.Tia and Mia had  a good time there and the owner was super nice.I asked her to show us some colouring books so that the girls and can  have activities at Nyon beach and she showed me some.The girls however took the most expensive in the shop..it was a reproduction by French Artist..i had to pay RM200 plus for 2 colouring books..adoiii:);)

These girls suka tengok orang surfing jugak..so bila nampak surfing board ni bising lah nak ambik gambar:)

One of the castle in Nyon.

Since our intention was not to do sightseeing  we just went into one castle and see where  will it take us.

We came out at the balcony and the view was awesome!

Gorgeous fishscales roofing..how i wish i could  build a house using the this type of roofing, i love the attic windows and the chimneys too.

Without any map, direction or anything we just walk further and further until we found a gorgeous fruits and flowers's  garden on the hill facing the ocean.I have posted some of the fruits pictures in my previous entry under "Bumi Indah Ciptaan Allah".

After spending sometimes at the garden,we walked down the hill and reached the beach..ahhh it was so lovely..this is where i just want to sit and do nothing.

The girls took out their new books and started colouring.

We sat there until late evening, we looked at people cycling,walked their dogs,held hands etc.

We ate our sandwiches and drink our colas on the grass..the girls took out their shoes and just ran on the grass barefoot.

It was a lovely evening in Nyon..7pm and the sky was blue.

We moved closer to the water and the girl continued they activities.

Gorgeous water and sky.

While waiting for the last boat at 9.30 pm we had our dinner at the Asian restaurant, we had prawn crackers,steamfish and prawn tomyam:):)

After the good dinner we said goodbye to the beautiful Nyon.

and waited for our boat.

By bye Nyon..we left with loves in our hearts - The End!

Anyway walaupun colouring books tu mahal but the girls justified the investment-they' ve done a wonderful job:) This is Mia with her gorgeous castle.

Tia and her "secret garden"

The Duck- My sister said i should frame it as they are beautiful..yes i think i will do that.

I posted this on my fb and ada yang cakap "rimau pink?" he he children is very imaginative and creative..The Pink Panther were beyond their time but they came out with this;)

They have many pages to colour some more..they really spent times in colouring each pages, i didn't allow them to use magic colours as it will ruin the book so they use crayons only. And Tia being a 'bigger sister' is really mengikut perintah kalau dia nampak Mia nak guna magic colour menjerit boleh dengar satu rumah " Adikkkkkk don't use magic pen mama said you will ruin the book, it will have mark at the back!!!!!" he he..Love you both:):)

To LG thanks so much berkongsi tips and infos, lets go and check out the book in the store or we can google too:) sekarang banyak yang dah boleh beli online.Pada yang mintak nak kirim beli cereal dispenser tu i am so sorry..i tak jenis pergi post office pun..never post anything in my life..he he sebab tu my baju pun beli online:) i think you can google and  try to buy online..sometimes ada yang available. and pada yang bertanya ustazah tu i have to ask her first and dapat permission,dia quite tight right now and  rumah dia jauh dari KD,  she is like doing a favour for me sebab kenal kawan dia...if she is not available and pada yang bertanya , boleh lah google "Ustazah mengajar mengaji ke rumah Kota damansara"  i ve did this and many came out.

Pada kawan2 lain Ann Huzi gadis singapore..he he nur-nba, Mr Pilot suka nyanyi,suka CT,suka makan, Normah KD, Yatie New Zealand yang jauh ( cepat pi beli dispenser tu) azdra, Niza Noordin,Ada the bake,Sham gadis Seremban, 3E, salam pekenalan di sambut, kak kasih redha yang baru balik suka suka(bestnyerr) and sister susumanis... Ta Taaa.


♥MAMASYAZA♥ said...

alahaiiii cantiknye pemandangan

ida said...

pandainyaaa they both colour
My twin masih in recovering process after demam seminggu.
Poor them , kena warded n neb tak berhenti2 sampai ibu nya pun demam sekali.
But dalam sibuk2 menjaga them , i never miss ur entry, cuma tak sempat nak mengomen.
Even blog sendiri tak sempat berupdate but always make sure i didnt miss u entry laa Azu..
soo addicted laaa..!!

Anonymous said...

salam from england! this is lovely relaxing entry! europe is like that kan…you just wanna be outdoors all the time with endless picnics and sightseeing…i love it!

susumanis said...

salam MTM, lovely lovely lovely...tqtqtq, i pernah pi course n read books, depa kata our mind works in pictures, maksudnya fikiran kita internalise apa yg kita tenguk dalam bentuk gambar, sbb tu masa bercinta sik duk tenguk gamba bfren jeh, tu x leh lupe kan..semalam dkt FB i saw satu pica yg x elok, ada org posted gambo bdk bdk lelaki sgt x baik rape seorang girl in school uniform, even gambo tu half je u can clearly picture the whole things, nak bersihkan my mind cepat cepat i dtg blog MTM, tgk semua lovely lovely picas n alhamdulillah my mind back to normal even better..be careful with wat u n yr loved one tgk, ni bkn me yg kata ni mmg depa ada buat research pun, opppss terpanjang pulak, nway jazakallah khair mtm, u did a very great job by sharing gorgeous picas for our beautiful mind, Allah bless u..aamiin

Kniedaz said...

Rasa macam saya pun turut sama berjalan di Nyon..cantik sungguh..dan suka dengan komen susumanis..betul jugak ye...

zinnur'ain the love of my life said...

masyaAllah ... cantiknya all the places dlm entry ni ... love your blog too ...

suhaila said...

As salam zu..Alhamdulilah dpt jgk tgk gmbr2 altho xprnh pn smpi kt Nyon..wonderful view & thank you 4 sharing zu. Mcm ida ckplah soo addicted klu x tgk ur blog he2.To ida moga ur twin cpt sembuh ya.

cacah said...

kak zu, i always have the feeling tau... feeling nak berjaaaaalaaan je... last weekend i ended up driving to PD... hahaha... dapat spend masa kat pantai sejam dua pun rasa cam bessst sangat~~

Anonymous said...

Salam kak zue, i' your silent reader, just nk bagi tau yg kita nampak gambar kak zue kat microwave tuuuu.....

sw33T MOm... said...

thanx sis bwk we all [readers] jln2 Nyon sama2.. Pglaman yg indah.. Huhu..

Anonymous said...

laa dah taknak resign senang, boleh buat blogging fulltime dpt cek nuffnang pun ok- nak sponsor tapi mimpi je la la la.!!

Anonymous said...

Salam zu, it is now spring time in NZ, walaupun weather masih lagi caca marba tapi bila dapat hari2 yg panas dan langit membiru dlm gambar2 you ni mmg best dok kat deck belakang rumah ni, makan2, baring2 hehehe...kalau ada rezeki you dtg sini ok ;)


shamsuhada said...

azu..thanx sebab share the beautiful pemandangan..paling teruja tgk gorgeous fruits & flowers's garden tu...Ya Allah indah sungguh ciptaanMu...rasa mcm sama2 berada di sana..sempat lagi berangan...

The Singing Pilot said...

every single fotos r just picture perfect. subhanallah wat a pleasant land they hav. tp deep inside, sy rindu kuala pilah ahaha. nak makan rojakkkkkk. and late nite kuey teowwwwww

annhuzi said...

cantiknya! nature, architecture.
pandai tia mia pilih book yang terbaik! they deserve it. they are good with colours. creative genes indeed!
ya memang harus di frame kan.
bagus la big sister tia jaga perintah mama :)

kasihredha said...

Tia kakak...mia adik
tapi masih x boleh nak bezakan mana satu tia..mana satu mia.
memori ni sure mia dan tia akan ingat bila mereka besar nanti...duk mewarna sambil santai2...so sweet.

harimau pink tu pun...comel hihi

psstt...akak dah update...ada letak gambar pizza mamamia :)

Eey said...

Semua gambar pun cantek2 belaka, terasa mcm sama2 berada kat sana plak. Untung ya dapat tgk the other part of the world. Jauh berjalan, luas pengalaman kan MTM.

Salmi said...

cantiknya colouring book tu..no wonder harga dia mahal tapi me rasa memang berbaloi ..tiamia well done dear..auntie loves your works..beautiful :-)

David Kern said...

cantiknya! nature, architecture. pandai tia mia pilih book yang terbaik! they deserve it. they are good with colours. creative genes indeed! ya memang harus di frame kan. bagus la big sister tia jaga perintah mama :)