Sunday, December 9, 2012

Miss White etc etc etc

Salam and Hullooo ladies and gentleman(men):):),

Cerita first,sembang2 and jawab soalan will be at the end of this entry.How's everybody's weekend? I guess many of you in Selangor will be on leave until Tuesday:) Syoknya..well.. me and Tia Mia and papa got to go to work and school tomorrow.I have to save some leave towards the end of December because the girls's kindy will be closed from 19th Dec until 2nd of January? Pfuhhhh..if i just leave them at home without any plan, their break will just finish like that without anything meaningful. Teacher Claire as usual had been wonderful throughout the year..she is such a great teacher and human being, i think other parents shared the same view.Last Friday i had drama in front of the class, after i picked the girl at school, Claire baru masuk class balik,i baru nak start kereta..Tia choked on a candy! My goodness it was a very scary experience..she held her throat,cried and screamed..tengok dia screamed i know it was not too bad..she can still breath but sangat takut tengok!! I honked the car loudly,Claire came out running..i went down to get Tia at the back..Mia dah menangis-nangis tengok Tia..but before i could do anything candy tu dah keluar. Alhamdulillah so much..a little dugaan on Friday but ended up good..bagi ingatan kat i supaya ingat selalu.Claire came and hugged me tight:):)Dulu Mia choked on candy infront of ICU door at TMC,Uwan was inside tenat and she choked outside. I banged the ICU door and shouted for help,at the same time i put my finger in her mouth and made her vomitted.. Alhamdulillah by the time nurse came out she already vomitted the candy. I ve been thinking of what to get Claire for her upcoming  birthday and Christmas,i finally bought things for herself,not for the house or the family,just for her to enjoy it..hopefully she will like it:):)

Friday evening the rain was really heavy,I reached home at 7.00 pm,cooked dinner and waited for husband to come back.He texted me and said he ll be i accompanied Uwan to eat dinner first. It was nice to sit in the kitchen with blanket and laptop and borak2 with her while she eats..i selalu teringat dulu2..always her,me and Tv at kampung's kitchen:) Bila hujan we takut jugak sebab tak ada orang lelaki in the imagination went wild;):) My father passed away when i was in Form 4..i grew up knowing how to change the fluorescent lights, fix broken furnitures,do the simply DIY,carry the gas cylinder, cut the tree branches etc etc.

After dinner i decided to bake cake..dah lama beli cream cheese bertapa dalam fridge..lambat lah siap pulak,the girls dah tertidur,Uwan pun dah naik bilik but Mr Sherlock Holmes waited for me..infront of TV pun tak apalah:) To Ramadhan yang cakap "baiknya abang Azam" bila tak sarcastic to me on the diet issue:) he he amboi tak kahwin lagi tu cuba dah besok..mesti 360 degrees lainnya:):) anyway on the more serious note sekadar berkongsi buat kebaikan bersama-Alhamdulillah..but that is what marriage should be.People always say that husband and wife is like a team but it is more than just a only give commitment and dedication to your team..but your partner you promised to be with them through the thick and thin.It is a promised in the name of Allah Swt.Perkahwinan boleh menjadi syurga atau neraka..pasangan adalah orang istimewa di ketemukan oleh Allah Swt kepada kita..tak semua bernasib baik boleh menikmati kebahagiaan.Cuma kita kadang2 lupa menghargai apa yang kita ada..tentunya suami2 di Palestine tidak ada di benak mereka untuk memikir bagaimana nak mematahkan hujah isteri atau be sarcastic to them sebab dapat menatap tubuh tidak bernyawa pun satu rahmat....mereka hanya mahu memeluk dan bersama selama boleh..kerana mempunyai isteri atau suami mahu pun anak di Palestine adalah merupakan satu "luxury".Janganlah lah kita lupa menghargai dan bersyukur dengan 'luxury' sementara yang di kurniakan oleh Allah Swt ini.

Anyway my cake finally masak! He he..wangi satu rumah but the senior and junior dah i kacau Mr Sherlock Holmes lah suruh makan:) I used a new Recipe called " Amanda's  Cheese Pound Cake".I read the recipe and i can feel  it's gonna be a good one.Rupa nampak sama macam my Traditional Butter Cake kan..but slighty different rasa dia.

Cheese dia very light actually..if traditional butter cake is moist and buttery this one- the texture more finer,soft due to the cheese but not so buttery- milky actually- to me kalau the cake tak kering dan tak ringan..that is good already:):) Hmm asyik sama jer rupa my cake kan..wait until my Nordic ware sampai he he;) Kalau nak recipe next time i tulis okay.

Saturday we went to Ford Service Centre..Ya Rabbi ramai orang tak boleh cerita..but this girl happy ajer.Mama pun happy jugak because after that we went to pick up Miss White at my friend's house:) 

Tadaaa..i brought this heavyweight Miss White back home - it is a 5.5 quart Artisan- he he orang dah lama ada kita baru lagi so syok lah tayang2:) Terima kasih Elena for your 'welcome to the club" I dont mind white because i love anything white:):) boring nanti i polka dots kan dia:);)

It is priced at USD350- lebih kurang RM1050,okay lah is priced at RM1888- 1999.Tak ada shipping cost because my friend check in dalam luggage dia..just imagine she bought 3 !for me,herself and another friend.But she entitled to 8 bags since they travelled 4 boleh lah check in and jimat shipping cost:) The next step is to buy voltage converter a new white oven..ehhhhh:):) he hee...

Ni lah last cake pakai handmixer rasanya..he he...iyo ker...

Not much story for Sunday..just a normal housewife diary..pi pasar tani,beli sayur..bawak Uwan sekali..we had breakfast at Pasar Tani..ada kueh teow basah yang sedap situ..tapi Uwan tak belikan dia roti jala:):) 

These two pi mana pun both menjerit-jerit tengok stingray/ikan pari..' this fish can can sting..runnnnn...runnnn" weyyy kecoh betul:):) Fringe tu dah panjang and i keep forgetting to cut it:(

Cannot help but to buy many many fish at Pasar Tani- i think it was a good buy- i bought half tenggiri, 1 kg crab, 2 senangin, 1 tuna and nearly a kg of prawn for RM70.

Ni pun dua orang tu terjerit-jerit tengok..he is a bit scary i guess:):)

Evening we went out to get few things for my little new project- we ate ikea's hotdogs and currypuff..tapi balik the girls lapar i boiled pasta and put in sup tulang broth:)

Malam ni  i masak kangkung darat dan udang- sangat sedap..kalau yang tak pernah rasa,kangkung darat yang hijau dan besar ni kalau goreng tak berapa sedap..tapi kalau gulai memang lemak dan manis.

He he..project nak clearkan laundry area soon..and i have to bring down the old wooden wall at the back too..dah chip sana sini..the rainy season is not helping at all.Walaupun i suka wood but i have to change to brick and cement i think..will try to make as 'less brick' as possible.

Finally berkongsi picture Kak Nur Trengganu hantar from Paris:) Grrrrrr in Paris..but must be romantic kan..selimut2 at balcony watching the blinking Eiffel Tower:):) So Kak Nur and Lily enjoy your white December in Paris and hug2 from us:);)

Thank You to new readers all the way from Germany,OZ,middle east ..dan yang lain2.."Hi selamat berkenalan dan walaikumsalam" and sisters yang lain2 yang sentiasa "melawat' doa to all,moga bertambah bahagia,bertemu jodoh,mendapat zuriat,mendapat ketenangan,tercapai yang di hajatkan, dan yang berkongsi tips untuk diet..thank you,thank you will try...will try:):) i guess there's no shortcut to anything..Ann...jom try:):)

I promised just now at the beginning of my entry to sembang2 and nak  jawab2 everybody but i am too sleepy now..i will do it soon:);) sorry.One answer first- yup my happy  pan is call "Happy Call Pan' from Korea and microwave oven wont do much good for baking...unless it is a "Microwave/Convection Oven" two in one- but i am not an expert in this as i dont have one but i prefer a separate oven to bake cake. Try to google or read your manual again to have the best result.

Yang lain2 nanti ese jawab yo..nite nite:):)



Zulfadly said...

salam kak, saya kat sini buat kak instant je, kalau ikut recipe, kos mahal dan selalunya mesti tak jadi, haha

annhuzi said...

hahaha i dapat ajakan istimewa.
ok lah...jommm!! :D

so nice the white blanketed cars! we belum pernah see, rasa snow.

gambar uwan at your kitchen, terpandang cereal dispenser. kita punya red! specially from BU ;)

KA i belum minat lah. no baking, part of usaha diet hehee. actually oven pun belum ada.

blue kettle tu cantik!

suka tengok pasar tani. roti jala yummy!

yeah teacher claire deserves a long break especially celebrating festive season.
syukur she's been great giving mama a peace of mind when tia mia under her care. Now dah kena mula survey primary school. so fast kan!
scary kan choking incident.

yes! we must syukur and remember and doa for our dear brothers and sisters di palestine.

umiyumi said...

Salam Zu,
dpt terbayang betapa paniknya kalau anak tercekik ni kan.. umi sendiri pernah tercekik.. huu mmg ngeri. Alhamdulillah ada belajar juga teknik2 bantuan kecemasan.

oh ya, rasanya resepi cheese cake tu Zu amik dari sini ya:

tgk resepinya mmg simple dan senang nak ikut. umi pun suka resepi camnih :)

Lagenda mahsuri said...

Yeayyyy...KA dah sampaiiii..:))

Makin rajin la mama tia mia membaking nnt

ida said...

wahh..that white thing dah sampai Azu, haruslah makin banyak baking nanti...jangan lupa share nice recipe nanti, mana tau, roh membaking i datang balik, i will try....

Anonymous said...

Salam Zu...hellooo miss white...selamat baking membaking...seronoknyaaaa...
Panic sekejap baca kisah tercekik tu..nasib baik takde apa2...syukur alhamdulillah...Apa kata after this jangan bagi hard candy anymore kat Tia Mia,ok...
Zu,jangan kata nak berselimut2 kat balcony tu,nak bukak sliding door ke balcony tu pun pikir 2,3 kali tau..sesejujukkkk yg amatttt
Salam kat Uwan and kiss kiss to Tia Mia.
Don't forget to share with us hasil from miss white.

The Singing Pilot said...

Rajin betul akak buat baking. Oven kat uma slalu end up jd extra stowage simpan tupperware spanjang thn. Akak xabes2 make over. Mcm xde penghujung je haha

Anonymous said...

salam....wah...dh smpai miss white tu....geramnyer tgk...pas ni kak zu msti akn lg rajin baking2 ni....heheeh...



Tunggu KA tu jadi polkadot lak..hihihi

Kniedaz said...

Ada KA tu mesti lebih berkobar-kobar nak bake cake kan sis...hope to see many cakes after this hehe...

kasihredha said...

Ohhhh KA...Akhirnya Sampai juga...besttttnya.
Semlm waktu jenjalan di ikano...nampak le KA ditayangkan berbagai colour...harganya jauhhhh lebih Mahal rm 2699 Dan ada free gift 3 pan Kalau x salah..telan air liur dulu le.
Yang zu cakap 1999 tu Kat mana?...mcm minat je ni....hahhaha

Sure panic habiskan klau tercekik...Nasib baik xde apa2.

Zu, Akak dah try buat rosemary chicken seperti resepi yg zu kasi...Nanti Akak cerita :)

Shila Muin said...

Ya Allah Zue nasib Tia selamat. Alhamdulillah.

tinie said...

Love reading yr blog very very much.bestnya cake u.blh x kongsi resepi.tq

Nur-nba said...

Tq sis for your doa.. Wah KA dah sampai.. Beza benar harganya dengan yang dijual di Malaysia.

Memang panik juga bila baca tentang kes anak akak tercekik gula2 tu.. Mujurlah tak apa2..

Kak Kasihredha dah try resepi rosemary akak la.. Jealousnya.. Dah kumpul resepi dalam blog akak ni.. Nak cuba buat juga.. Tq kak sebab kongsi cerita dengan kami.. Take care sis..

Salmi said...

alhamdulillah tia is ok..mmg kalau anak2 kecil tercekik csndy sgt menakutksn. owhh pretty ka:-)) need hand mixer dahh..hehehe..csmpak2 jer semua dlm bowl tu :-). i pun dah craving pound cake nieh..tish boyle punya pound cske pun sedap :-)..

Salmi said...

alhamdulillah tia is ok..mmg kalau anak2 kecil tercekik csndy sgt menakutksn. owhh pretty ka:-)) need hand mixer dahh..hehehe..csmpak2 jer semua dlm bowl tu :-). i pun dah craving pound cake nieh..tish boyle punya pound cske pun sedap :-)..

syikin :) said... happy akak answers my question :) ni xsbr nk minta akak saya di korea belikan bawak balik m'sia :) tq so much kak

Anonymous said...

salam zu, suka tgk pica uwan..semoga uwan panjang umur n sihat selalu ya, bila nak buat jumpa jumpa MTM , uwan n blog readres ni..hehe...susumanis

Ztee_Azwanis said...

suka baca entry sis.. sgt mnyuntik smangat positif ! uwan, tia, mia, lauk pauk... sangat mdamaikan .....