Sunday, February 23, 2014

Our petite garden in LAMAN Mac/April

Feel quite excited to see our small garden in LAMAN Mac/April:):)

Tia Mia lebih excited bila nampak Stevie their cat in the magazine- they said "Stevie in the magazine! Stevie in the magazine!":);)

Thanks to Nor Salehan and the Photographer Mr Jasmi Baba! Our garden looks good in the magazine:);) 


I love this shot by Jasmi Baba- he managed to bring out the dreamy effect- nampak sejuk:);) suddenly i miss Cameron and i miss Ye Olde Smoke House:)

Taman Hebat? - Thank You- nothing much in term of space or high end garden furnitures but it's full with love and memories- this is a place where myself,the girls,husband,Uwan,family and not to forget Heni spent half of our time- it witnessed Tia Mia's first step- it witnessed Uwan during her stronger days - last time Uwan can still sweep the garden now i am thankful to Allah Swt that she is still here and able to sit on the swing while listen to the bird singing:)

The Cubby house is inside the magazine too- every corner of our house plays important roles in our life- it carves memories, it witnesses good and bad time- it's our sanctuary and it's a place where we grow love and hope.

Terima Kasih Sekali Lagi:)

And today is extremely hot- we didn't go out anywhere- Stevie pun tak lariat asyik memerap di belakang rumah mencarik tempat sejuk- felly pulak lari tidur dalam bilik air- kerana panas saya pun tak larat nak mengambil apa gambar pun- suami membantu 'touch up" wall yang mana paint nya dah buruk- i cooked asam pedas with terung today.

Tea;  i made bubur kacang hijau- the girls sat in the kitchen with Uwan and their Barbie CD.And time surely flies fast as tomorrow already Monday 24th Feb 2014! pfuhhhh better go and sleep now:):) 

Thanks for the compliment over my small kitchen in the previous entry ya:):)




muna mahdzar-fadaaq said...

Got to love your garden, Zuradah!!
Thanks for posting snippets from the magazine, kat sini tak jumpa-la kalau nak cari mags from Msia. Looking forward to the next one in April!

Nastyna said...

Congrats again.. what else can I say, other than my wish to have one garden like yours, full with memories :)

Linda said...

Congrats mamatia, insyaallah nk dptkan nanti...

umiyumi said...

Wahh mmg dreamy betul la tengok laman Zu.. cantik sgt. Stevie pun sempat menempel ye hahaha.. :)

Unknown said...

memang nak cari magazine laman dan impiana...

Unknown said...

smlm terus gi cari majala laman... happy 4 you... how's ur mother eye? mak saya dah start buat laser mata.

Unknown said...

smlm terus gi cari majala laman... happy 4 you... how's ur mother eye? mak saya dah start buat laser mata.

Hero said...

Salam sis.awal2 lg dah beli magazine tu semata mata nak tengok laman'full with happiness and dreams.lepas ni buku masakan pulak ye :-)

Yong Is My Name said...

Mabrook MamaTiaMia!