Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We went Sepang last Sunday to see the F1,this year the race was scheduled at 5pm to avoid excessive heat on the track. We left home at 3.20 and was stucked in the massive jam upon entering the circuit,we stucked there for nearly 1 1/2 hours, by the time clock ticked to 5.05pm we re stilled in the car, many mat salleh lost their patience, left their cars or coach and ran to the circuit,luckily our Parking is near to the mall area,after we parked the car we marched to our seat Crystal.By 5.30pm the heavy downpour from the sky stopped the race, the racing car's tryres couldn't take the wet track,they swirled and couldn't control the machines,they declared emergancy and stopped the race for a while to see the situation.By 6pm they announced that the race will not be continued..we left Sepang without seeing Jamiraquoi concert.

The race has started.
Our seats were facing Lewis hamilton garage.

Ready with ear plugs.

heavy downpour..chaoss...

Emergancy car.

Pushing the wet machine to the starting grid again.

Umbrella everywhere

The Ferrari team.

papa the BMW's fan.

Saying bye bye to the circuit.

Everybody rushing back

wet and hungry

We left circuit at 7.30 at nite

By sepang..seee you next year...vroooommmmm...


Anonymous said...

sib baik bawah bumbung ek..sian gak kat bdk kecik kene tinggal =)... mlepas lg F1 ni... member siap offer 4 tiket kat saya dah... demam plak aritu... mmg tak larat dah... klau tak mmg saya redah gak... pastu kene ujan... demam makin teruk...isnin mc... ai gatal tangan ni 2 minggu dah camera saya diam jer.. khi3

4 Kay-E said...

Alaa. hujan lah pulak! anyway, dpt tengok live best la Azu...