Thursday, April 16, 2009

Winter Sonata@Korea

Once upon a time people was crazy about Winter Sonata,NHK japan ran the show for 6 times at their station,we ran 3 times and the VCD is still selling.Papa went to Korea for meeting and he visited Nami Island,place where they shot Winter Sonata but papa got no clue at all about Winter Sonata! So lets have a look at some of the pictures here,sebab we tak pergi..tengok gambar jer..thanks papa for all the ole ole.

The famous Winter Sonata location at Nami island.
Cherry Blossoms all over the place in Korea now.

Who's picture behind you papa?..Entah..must be casts from the cerita la kot..hmmm papa..we ladies nangis2 sebesen tengok citer tu tau.

The Nami Island.

One of the location for Winter Sonata.

papa ni legar2..ambik gambar tempat sama jer..

See..ambik gambar tempat sama lagi..

Mama guest..papa duduk kat bench pandang keliling and ambik gambar..hehh..hehh..

The tourist.

Papa tak bergerak jauh pun...

Papa at nami island still.

Papa and office mate,uncle midon.

Pasal apa papa ambik gambar ni...

Papa's room at Imperial Hotel.

Imperial Hotel is a very classic hotel and papa enjoyed taking pictures more in the hotel as he knows mama loves classic things.

The Classic French Chandeliar.

Hotel lobby.

The hotel displays original items from past century.

Classic credenza in the hotel.

antiques dinner set

This items is very very old.
The Hotel looks like a museum and they got cctv everywhere.

Antique vases.


Ready to eat.

Papa bought few pieces of Korean silks, uwan got a beautiful Korean silk and mama will take uwan to see tailor...the place look just like kamdar.

Papa knows mama will like this light as mama wanted to buy a similar one here.

Nice dining room.

The Mosque in Korea.
The islamic school.

The temple.

papa and his good friend uncle midon..uncle midon is from N9 he married a woman from trengganung..papa is from kelantan and married mama the smart N9 girl..hehh..hehhh..

The park.

Whenever papa sees design which he thinks mama will like..he will snap pictures like this white fencing.
Papa and the group at the Airport.

papa went Korea to see this
and these sweet strawberries.
papa bought winter sonata blankets for the girls.

Mia checking her Amethyst Star pendant.

Since the girls like Star so much and they are papa's amethyst so papa bought amethyst star for both from the jewellery factory.

Another one for Tia.

papa must be proud to be able to buy 3 box of jewelleries for 3 lovely ladies..and the 3 ladies love papa so much..even there's no jewelleries for us.
papa bought matching earing for mama and told mama not to loose it like the t0paz set he bought for mama when we visited Hong Kong..hmm mama so bad at keeping jewelleries ..the topaz set he bought was Cartier design and mama lost RM10K diamond ring too..don't want to think about it rezki what to do.

Lolita Lempicka for mama..thanks papa,mama loves it.


Anonymous said...

i love this drama..."winter sonata"...bestnyer....

4 Kay-E said...

Best je tengok sumenya...
Azu, ur hubby tau je ur interest abt interior decor.. Pandai dia ambil gambar lampu, pagar etc.. hehee...

Anonymous said...

baru jer nak tanya banyak soklan
ingatkn smart gal from n9 pegi skali =)
kwn saya kat jepun ckp klau tak cukp duir pi jer korea.... murah skit2
tp saya nk pi dua2... culture lain2 maner samer kan.. dream.. dream too jugak ler =)
jgn ilang lg kak 10k leh wat downpayment rumah, pastu bg sewa kat org tu... ish ish ish

Mummy Nini @ LyNN said...

One of my wish list .. nak pegi Korea..
eemm.. bila ler agaknya duit tabung penuh.. hahaha