Thursday, April 2, 2009

When "annual leave" turned into "dried leaf'...

yey i ll be on leave..that was my entry on Wednesday..but yesterday leave berkecai jadi dedaun kering jer la..

yesterday's daun kering
9.30 a.m : in a bedroom playing horse ride with Tia Mia
9.35a.m : "kring,kring..hello Zu, zaini ni (engineering)..u dah check yr email,Formula One ,London Office said dia orang tak receive our complete accreditation agreement..bla..bla...bla..but I am on leave..hmm.hmmm
stopped jadi horse tukar baju dah jadi orang office, start kereta vroomed to office.
10.40a.m: in the office,checking emails..issues,issues..warning letter,station didn't comply with terms,send email to CEO,everbody,made calls,explained things..bla,bla..etc..etc..repeats 10 times to respective people to make sure they understand..set 9.30 meeting for explain again,to ensure again.
11.30 a.m ; aaaaahhhhh..sit in a chair in Michael&Guy hair Saloon..'kak your rambut very kering,kena buat treatment..kalau tak tak cantik la akak..kan penting nak cantik..akak ada masa tak..bla..bla......"just wash and blow my time i come for treatment..
12.30 : Pandan leaf- seating alone with tomyam and steamed tofu..
1.00pm :Check my purse,Rm20.00 left..vroomed to ATM RHB ATM machine.."your request could not be processed,pls contact the nearest branch"..aaaaaaarghhhhh!!!!!!..dashed to another ATM machine at the other wing..the mean machine stilled said the same things.Wahh kena rush to maybank next door to sort things out..lari,lariiii..passed by East India shop..oopppss stop, i need new T shirt nak pergi F1 race Sunday..need cool,white cotton (walaupun dah banyak dalam wardrobe)..took 10 pieces into changing room..none nampak okay..i guess i am fat..took another 5 pieces..ended up buying 1 khakis3/4 skirt..okay now need to rush to maybank as i have appointment with Kitchen Cabinet Shop..yeyyy run,run....opppppssss..Esprit..they must have good T shirt..went in..look,look...hmmmm small plain T shirt selling at RM150.00,RM180.000..ridiculuos..ridicilous..anyway took 6 pieces into changing room...wahhh..T shirt looks nice on me.. iam not that fat after all,the small cutting shirt can fit into me..yeyyy happy..happy..okay give me black and one white..hmm RM198.00 for small shirt that bears Esprit runnn...runnnn...
2.30pm: maybank counter,..Que,Que..wait,wait,wait..hundreds of IBM new staffs opening their eager, so patient,be patient...finally at 4.00 settled.
4.15pm : Kitchen cabinet shop..." i want half to be painted blue, half white, i want barn doors style, i want lattice for doors under the sink and stove..i want pull out basket for my potatos,onion etc,i want open shelf with carving legs to display my royal doulton, i want white solid surface.. i will get my own door knobs and handles.. i want powerful hood that can even suck the plate!... i want A to Z with high standard but with Cheap Price!!!..hehh..hehhh.. i got limited budget because my company only gave ciput bonus this year..blame it on them if i cannot have the roman leg chimney hood cover,a customed made antique spray doors,built in oven,built in dryer..etc..etc..So yesterday no tomato planting,no hot chocolate,no knock2 on the maid's head..
6.00p.m : upon reaching the gate saw the most lovely smiles on 2 cheeky faces..that wash away the frustration,the tiredness,the bitterness..they are my sweethearts.

At least this bring smile to my face..

Papa went to Cameron on Wednesday to meet and brief a team of "Country Food" people from Singapore.Country Food people supply veges to Starbucks,SIA Singapore..they bought from papa's Company - Malaysian Agri Food Corporation (MAFC)..MAFC supply first grade tomatoes,lettuce,papaya to people that don't mind paying high for best quality..the just launched their new brand called "Lushious" now available at our local supermarket.Their signature produce is papaya called "Piaola"..they are really sweet and delicious and they are exporting it to UK,US and the biggest demand is from Middle East country,their tomatoes and lettuces are crunchy and fresh, so lets check out this "Lushious" brand in supermarket.
The Company.

The Doctors inspecting the tomatoes.

The Doctors, the specialists....

The yellow tomatoes.

The Grower in Cameron Highlands.

Tomatoes waiting to ripe and be picked.

The Red tomatoes..they are sweet and crunchy.

How i wish i can have this view at my own house.

Papa and tomatoes.

The Country Food People from Singapore.

lettuce in green house. teringin nak makan salad pulak...


Unknown said...

mcm baca novel..best2..tgh2 ari nie..tgh penat buat contract baca maksu nyer entry relax skit..tgh2 bz sempat agi menyoping..he2..if zeffy&corry tgk pic paksu mesti dia hapie..

Idida Aziz said...

smlm dan hrni ida cuti gak...melepak kat rumah sama anak2...

geram ngk tomato segar2 kat pokok...bila la bole mula berkebun balik ni....hobi dr kecit

Unknown said...

eiyy...sonot nyer...i've been there too. Rasa nyer kat tempat yg sama kut...tengok tomato farm...fresh2 giler...they use machine to divide the tomatoes - by grade.

Unknown said...
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Nur-nba said...

Sempat shopping tu... walaupun banyak urusan.. :D