Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Do Not Postpone...

Last week was listening to Wanita hari Ini-talking about 'the dilemma of errmmmm husband'.They talked about husband yang tak suka cakap banyak 'ermmm ' most of the time,they asked the professional..why? The pro said the main reason is because men normally talk much to those "yang bukan jadi hak dia lagi"..kalau dah jadi "hak" no need to talk much because dia kena focus banyak benda2 lebih penting like tanggungjawab menyara keluarga etc. Well i am not a pro and i have a long way to go in my life but one thing for sure that shouldn't be the way.Some women admitted that this "ermmm syndrome" can lead to many negative things..if you can't talk to your spouse anymore,it will be difficult..it can lead to problem,separation etc.Marriage is never easy...it can be a bliss to fortunate people and it can be torture as well.Both parties i,e the husband and wife must make it work..it is about "what do you want with your marriage..you want to make it work? if yes..work for it..if you can be a best friend to the people outside,you can be more than best friend to your husband or wife, if you can compromise with your boss,your staff,for sure you can compromise with the person you chose to be your husband or wife..so apart from doa or "apa yang dah tertulis" you yourself must make it work..your choice.

Myself i have many weaknesses,many perangai.. i am not perfect,degil,hilang sabar cepat,emotional but i learnt to mend,learnt to adjust,learnt to listen and willing to be wiser. My otherhalf..for sure not perfect too..but he is my choice,..so i learnt to accept,to forgive and forget..too apperciate his patient,be thankful for his humbleness.Kalau dah hilang sabar tu fikir lah sikit..banyak kesabaran my otherhalf yang terpaksa tolerate his banyak kerenah wife : 1. i tak suka roti kalau dah penyet willing to campak masuk bakul sampah, i hate kalau nasik bungkus tersenget,ikan tenggelam dalam nasik..rela tak makan, i tak suka orang potong sayur tak sama,potong kueh senget2, letak bantal tak betul,tersepak carpet tak betulkan,bukak aircond tak tutup tingkap,tak susun kasut,menguap tak tutup mulut...dan beratus lagi:)Because of all the kelemahan yang we ada,we try to enjoy the things that we have.

I think one of the key to happiness is not to postpone to enjoy things : happiness is today and is what infront of your eyes : if you live in a flat do not postphone to decorate it until you live in a landed property, if you rounder do not wait to dress up until you are slim,if you want to go somewhere do not wait for perfect time,perfect money,perfect company, just do it, if you want to cook do not wait until weekend, if you want to invite people for makan2 don't wait until you have bungalow,talk to you spouse everyday,everytime,not during the weekend,hug your children everytime,do special cooking everyday and not during their birthday only,decorate your house as if its raya, cook as if its your anniversary and dress up as if you going out for a first date - because, if you wait,tomorrow might not come,the money might not enough,the time might not be there and the health might not permit.

Last week also tried to trace some old pictures for printing, somehow couldn't find it,it might be in the old and rosak computer..some good memories might be gone to be seen but still in my heart..with that I post some old pictures here (yang dah pernah post at the rosak fotopages)..i will print good pictures..will no more postponement .May all of us be bless with happiness.

Heidelberg,Germany,February 2008.

Lovely Heidelberg,Germany..bila nak datang lagi?

Travelling with spouse can be fun,romantic or the other way round..long flights,rushing for trains,food..it can be lovely or ugly..the choice is yours..alhamdulillah for us since the other half is very penyabar,realistic many argument was avoided...so we managed to bring back good memories.

It is so lovely when you are in Switzerland and it was a Valentines Day..you didn't appreciate the history and story behind Valentines day but you do appreciate it very much when you husband made an effort to bring you to a local jewellery shop in Zurich to buy something for you.Even a tiny stone pun so bermakna...

Luzern or Lucerne in Switzerland is one of the most beautiful place,the town is surrounded by lake,swans,boat..at nite lights from the restaurants and cafes along the lake,the pond was breathtakingly gorgeous...

You are fortunate bila tengah2 hutan nak naik ke "the peak of Zurich" tu you suruh your loved one ambik gambar kat celah pokok,dalam mengigil sejuk,dengan air kat hujung rumput dah start jadi ice..he stilled happy to take foto for you..

It is meaningful when you can sip a mug of hot coffee at the peak of Zurich with him.. a place once you thought would only be a dream..

It is more meaningful when you can be there with someone you love,someone that share interest with you (walaupun kena paksa..ha..haaa,someone yang carry your 30 kilos luggage crossing Frankfurt to Zurich,someone yang sudi genggam your hand browsing all the trendy shops at Luzern dalam kesejukan 5 degree.

She likes to pose and he like to click,click the camera..walaupun "yer..dari angle ni lah..macam tu nampak i gemuk..muka tak elok..apa lah "..he still obliged:)

We stayed at this old hotel in Luzern,Switzerland..the decos are marvelleous..the dining setting is like in the old palace.After a few years together we shared the same interest (he..he..mostly, he shared my interest la..).. we love old&romantic hotel,decos..we are not into the the modern things..we are not so old people but love anything classic&nostalgic:)

When you have many passion you will have many interest..i have passion for pasta,pesto..i love reading everything about them..a shop like the above is good enough to make my day..i can spend hours inside looking at the items..bought few bottles but lupa to check in with the luggage, it was hand carried and of course be turned down by the officer at frankfurt airport even dah buat muka kesian.... not so bad because he turned down with muka kesian too..

The lady in funny tutup kepala loved the hotel behind her..the time was short there..she wished theyc could book into the hotel behind to see the decosthe room..

He heard and he promised..if we ever come here again,he will take the above lady in funny tutup kepala to stay at this antique&romantic hotel...hmmmm..doesn't mine the postponement..the promise is good enough:)

The happiness.Of course you do not want to postpone anything like this:)-Tia and Mia 3 months old.


4 Kay-E said...

this is so sweet :)
Thanks for sharing .

annhuzi said...

azu, gd falsafah , jgn tangguh. ya we always like to postpone wen we shud make the most out of today cos dono wat tomorw brings..

wow u so cerewet eh, roti penyek buang..ayam penyek? memang la u beruntung, nampak ur husband sabar n lovs u very much.

True it is so sad if we cnt communicate with our husband. to me, he shud b the 1st person we talk to and we sud accept eah other with all the imperfections :)

best nya dpt jalan2 dgn husbnd oversea

MamaTiaMia said...

harap semua orang bahagia ann:)

ila de cute said...

hi, salam perkenalan, am one of your silent reader...

i agree dgn u , iye lah kan kalau semua nya nak postpone sampai bile lak kita nak dpt happiness kan...

i suka nengok u deco umah....hehehe i tak pandai la... nanti kena belajar dgn u cara deco umah...

Gee Harun said...

Kak Zueeee... what is ur birth month?? whats ur zodiac? macam sama je nih.. esp yg bab kat potong sayur tu.. susun bantal, dulu maid gee selalu kena marah, just sbb tak susun bantal ikut side. at last gee tk larat as i thnk this is small matter tpi tetap nk bantal terletak dgn cantik, gee susun la sendiri..skg kita sambung bebel kat anak2 saya pulak .. :-D

Tk tahu nape, nak kata perfect tak la mcm tu.. Rasa lebih calm kalau semuanya cantik + bersih agaknya..

Eine Frau aus Botnang said...

Hiiii Mamatiamia, I still sakit gigi huwaaa! If we have known each other earlier mmg wajib both you u come to Stuttgart tau, because Heidelberg is just an hour and a bit away from us!!True and agree to all the things you wrote, live your life everyday as if it is your last day in this world. Take care dear!