Thursday, October 22, 2009

Still in The Mood For Breakfast!

Mama is still in the mood of cooking breakfast!Yesterday we had pasta and toast for breakfast,last nite mama asked papa whether he feels like having malay breakfast for this morning,papa said "ohhh yeahhh..." papa loves mama's sambal ikan bilis.A simple breakfast actually yang sedap if you go for buffet at the hotel,with the never ending spread you don't know what to eat and you become tamak,stuffing everything down the throat yang for the sake of wanting and testing everthing..but once in a while syok kan having buffet breakfast at a nice Hotel.Talking about a simple breakfast teringat dulu2 when you both tak ada lagi mama papa suka overnite at nice places like the beach,higlands without planning.Sometimes when we were cruising in the car papa suddenly make a turn to a beach and we ended up staying at the resort or hotel without having our overnite bag but it was nice to go to the local store to buy toothpaste,pyjama, much fun.Once we bermalam at Teluk Rubiah Golf and Country Resort,Perak used to be a five star resort..tapi dah tak terjaga walaupun the location and chalet really nice..they served us a very simple buffet breakfast just mee goreng with telur mata kerbau and bread..mama remember the next morning papa kejut"cepat-cepat bangun nanti breakfast habis"..ha..haaa..the reason malam tu kita orang teserempak with one big family..they memang the lapar type..bila breakfast they tolak2 orang and wallop everything..berebut nak dapat sebijik telur mata kerbau..tu lah sweet memories.

Breakfast for Yesterday :

'Tia,Mia,papa,uwan come take your seats..breakfast is ready"

All times favourite-French bread toast with hotdog and cheese,this time mama added a little twist by spreading the soft cheese on the bread instead of butter,turned out very well and yummy.

Selain Olio our family loves 'white spaghetti" especially papa,very simple and easy to prepare,stir the dice onion in olive oil,add mince meat,stir until golden brown,add in slice mushrooms,garlic and herb powder,cube of butter,salt,saute all the ingredients until the superlicious smell lingers in the kitchen..add in the spaghetti,mixed well,turn off the fire,continue to mix until all the ingredient well mixed.

Peach,Grape and tangerine for everbody.

Tia and Mia getting ready for breakfast.

Uwan helping Miss Pinky to settle down.

Hmmm what are you trying to do Tia?

Mama tak really fancy durian..but after the steamboat at ikano yesterday had a little craving for this 'durian pancakes"..they are really yummy,the soft pancakes with creamy cream and durian inside is just heaven..even the non durian lover will love it..they are sold at RM10 for 6 pieces at LG Ikano Powers.

How to kill the pungent durian smell from your mouth? so that people in the office won't die when you open your mouth?..ha..haaa..the drooling solution is to eat this nice meleleh-leleh liur jeruk.. mama guarantees that after taking it you can enter any meeting rooms with confident:)

Breakfast For today:

A hot and fragrant nasik lemak is ready for everbody.

If you are concern about your diet but you can't kill your appetite for nasik lemak..take the rice in a small to do it? Take big portion of fresh veges first,add hard boil eggs and a 2 or 3 spoon of rice will satisfy your craving without endangering your diet.

Papa bawak balik sweet corns from the higlands..mama tak tahu before this untuk simpan lama dan megekalkan kesegaran corn yang dah dibuang kulit adalah untuk simpan dalam freezer,so bila rebus balik rasa dia sama macam corn baru petik. Hmm banyak jugak belajar with papa since dia join the Agri Company ni..he told mama that the frozen meat such as chicken,fish is much better in term of hygienic compared to the fresh one we bought at the fresh market...hmm learning,learning.

The girls like to see their plate having whatever that we are having..but makan sikit2 jer..exposing them to all kind of food , serious eating is cereal with fresh milk mama suap..

A good breakfast for leaving the girls for office with a settled feeling.


Drama Mama said...

oh i sangat lapar tengok the french toast! wahhhh that family berebut for breakfast eh, maybe semua lapar sangat kot. haha

i suka la tengok u masak, u really got skill and rajin hehe

adex-aieda said...

adex suka sangat singah blog akak nih..
pasal dpt tgk juadah makan2 akak..
then twins.....
kekadang sampai g cari...asal dpt makanan yg sama....
ni adex terlior durian yg kat ikano tuh...
sedap eik....dahler peknen..harus ku cari....

MamaTiaMia said...

maap adex-aieda tak berniat buat org peknen terliur..carik kat ikano LG okay..sentiasa ada:)

Anonymous said...

kak zue,i m ur follower, but i m silent reader to gee harun fp,but now she ask for password to enter her fp, hope that gee read my request here, so that i m able to read her fp back.sorry... there is no way for me to connect with her.

annhuzi said...

breakfast d 1st meal, d most important, mama manage to gv her best, betul la role model, kita yg kat rumah ni pun tak sehebat u la, malu nya..ok wil jadikan mamatiamia contoh tnx for recipes n pix :)
berkat family yg makan bersama :)

Eine Frau aus Botnang said...

Kalau dah breakfast cenggini, lunch macam mana pulak. Hebat Mama tiamia ni!! Ohh that durian pancake makes me drooollll!! rasa2 tahun depan diorang jual lagi tak pancake tu??

Mamasya said...

Sedapnya Tia Mia punya breakfast...rasa nak tumpang dok semeja dgn Tia Mia..hi..hi...
boleh cuba french toast letak sosej&cheesE..biasa bakar letak butter dg garlic je buat cicah mushroom soup
yummynya pancakes durian tu...penuh isi durian..

MamaTiaMia said...

dear anynomous..sorry to hear that,some people chose to privatise their fp/blog sebab dia nak selected readers yang dia orang kenal jer to read their stories..they have their own reasons and causes.I believe if the owner wants you to continue reading her blog she will provide you with the pass word..they normally did that by inviting reader to leave their contact at their fp.

MamaTiaMia said...

hi ann..thanks ler jadi kita role model..he..he..sometimes rajin sometimes tidak..tapi i memang suka masak..suka bagi org tak penat rasa enjoy..hehh..hehh