Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Things That Bring Smile To Your Face

A Friend came and poured her heart out- a very bad day, she gave up.My advise-Day can be tough at either office or home,it can spoilt your mood or your day- depends on how you take it. Life is too short for you to be melancholic over thing not accordance to your wanting,do the best that your can. Don't allow an unpleasent thing to bitter your day,your life,there are so many sweet things around,they don't appear in a million dollar bills but in a pure smile, a shining eyes, a warm hug.

A million dollar morning look from my twin dotters, shining up any cloudy days.

You can start a perfect day by making the dearest people to you happy.

Cook good food for your loved ones, see their eyes shine,their smiles widen..you already have a perfect day.

This is the look that i really enjoy,seeing my girls enjoying their breakfast at my own halaman..

Time flies fast..thanking Allah sbt so much as my emak is still around to eat the food i cooked,to sleep in the bed i prepared and to laugh with my husband and daughters.That is happiness and that brings smile to my face.

Staffs and Friends celebrated your birthday after 2 months..as you were not around ,fullly occupied,fasting month..that is very sweet and widen smiles on your face.

Receiving a mug of "World's Best No 1 Boss" is one of the sweetest..thank you so much baizurah.

Good people,good food nourish your soul and of course you tummy:)

The lady in white at the front row wishes everybody a very good day,may all of us have a big smile on our face,ikhlas beats in our heart.Note: Her mission had been accomplished today..she is very happy, she has exceeded the budget agreed but her husband but after a very convincing and clever sms explanation made to her husband,her husband has replied : "okay,must be a very chomel dining table"..ye haaaaa..that brings BIG SMILE on her face.


Anonymous said...

that is so very true.. and hey!! u've brought back my smile, mamatiamia..!! after a long exhausting day.. :) arigatou..

zubye said...

we are happy by making our loves one happy.. true indeed!

zubye said...

btw.. baru habis baca your hari raya story Azu.. harap tak terlambat to wish u and family Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..

seronok baca citer ngan gambar tu semua.. boleh rasa mcmana u rindu kat kampung yang dah lama ditinggalkan.. tia mia pun so happy.. dah besar.. dah faham raya camne ye... kiss2 to u both :-)

annhuzi said...

u bring smiles to others, sure others make u smile in return. i believe it's soo gd working for the world's best no1 boss :)

MamaTiaMia said...

morning ann,hope you have a fantastic day today..start with a sweetest smile.

zubye said...

this is very funny.. but true..
u know what.. i mimpi u semalam! hahhaha!
i pegi kampung u.. jumpa with all your family members.. hihih ni mesti sebab semalam b4 tido baca blog u.. heheh..

re :
that sayur paku sarawak.. and those sambal belacan with ikan bilis plus perah asam limau that u mentioned sebijik cam what we have at Kuching hari tu.. so yummy~ especially when it comes from air tangan emak :-) my hubby loves it and i selalu buat kat sini the sambal belacan.. he likes to ulam it with mangga muda or ulam raja..
the ikan terubuk masin i goreng garing2 then i perah asam limau.. potong cili api halus2 then gaul.. sometimes we tuang sket sambal kicap pedas... even Irfan loves it! mamat tu now pedas2 pun dia balun.. fuhhh.. now air liur i dah meleleh.. hehehe

MamaTiaMia said...

he,he zubye tu tanda nak jumpa..kalau jumpa nak mintak ikan terubuk masin:)

Dr Sofea J.Ann Tan said...

very well said ...

de lady in white looks really sweet :)

nerry nerry strawbery said...

sapo gave up to.. gossip skit? he he

MamaTiaMia said...

nerry, bukannya citer kawan kat opis ni..cerita kawan lama,tak kenal la kau tu ha..

Eine Frau aus Botnang said...

Hi dear, kenapa kena pindah rumah? Sorry suka2 hati je tanya personal questions. YOur house looks sooo homely & very English pretty. Sejuk mata memandang!