Sunday, January 31, 2010

Warning Alert : This is a very long Entry!

Hello.. I am Tia and today Tia will be writing..tapi kalau dah penat nanti Mia will take over lah.Friday: mama and papa took leave,papa wanted to renew his passport as he will be going to Munich for conference this coming March. Mama and us tagged along to the immigration, papa said we should do our passport too..alamak we made havoc there especially me..i was scared to death to take photo and i refused to give my thumbprint..Mia pulak macam biasa jer..berlagak lah adik ni.Mama was quite upset she had to force my glued to the ground feet to the counter to give my cute was not bad at all..mama gave me her fierce face.. in the end we managed to get our passport and eventhough we are not going anywhere in the near future but this is the first step to meet the world..yeahhh we got passport already.

He..heee this Mia..let me continue the story now..Tia tu pasal apa tah ambik gambar pun takut..hisshhh adik beraniii kan mama..anyway..we had so much activities during the long weekend,we went Genting,we celebrated pakcik's 34th Anniversary and mama cooked us many yummy foods..okay mari adik bawak tengok gambar2 kat bawak..they are great photos and memories:)

ha..haaa..Tia dah bengkak mata nangis then baru boleh ambik gambar..sian Tia you looked so sad lah Tia.
Me, adik.. i look serious kan macam godfather's grandaughter lahhh...

Finally we got our tiring..we syukeee..

Saturday, we went Genting..Heni and uwan didn't follow,uwan tak larat nak jalan2 banyak sangat mama asked heni to take rest on saturday,mama gave pocket money and asked her and uwan to go and have lunch at the nice restaurant just across our house.Uwan and heni once in a while love to do that..they will stop at the groceries store to buy things they like..last week they both bought"mat kool" ice cream:)

It was cold in genting..fogs banyak and we love fogs.

After we parked our car we went to the garden to have lunch,mama packed our sushi rice..we like sushi.

Then there were this couple with lovely girl who want to take picture with us..they said we are too cute and they couldn't resist taking picture with us..we complied as they came from eastern india and on holiday in genting...that is not our mama in kurta okay.

We had the "kuch kuch hota hei" photo session there..Tia dogil tak nak jadi actress in this film.
Finally we managed to take a decent photo..bye bye sonia..have a safe trip to bollywood and send our hello to shah rukh khan and amir khan okay.

We love to have lunch at this was cold..can you see the fog?

Our mama had to bring the sushi all over the garden to feed us...tapi she happy because we makan banyak.

They have beautiful flowers here..mama said this bloom is called "balung ayam" in malay ..

Papa bought the unlimited indoor pass and we started our fun day with a ride on our favourite carousel.

After the carousel rides we stopped for lunch at pizza hut..we ate a lot in genting,we finished the olio spaghetti and the pizza.

our metabolism is very high..see after finishing a plate of spaghetti my tummy is still trim and lean..kann.kannn..

Since our tummy is already fulled and we have unlimited pass that can last until 1.00am..we pun apa lagi bersiap lah untuk naik semua rides.

We naik macam2..flower boat,train,raindeer sledge,gondola..sampai mama tak larat ambik gambar lah

We we re quite tired after all the rides and we stopped for popcorn and hot milo before heading back to Kota damansara.

On the way to the carpark we saw this "Avatar dragon bird"..we were so happy as we have watched Avatar at home with mama papa.

Sunday,pakcik was pakcik and makcik's 34th Anniversary.."Happy Anniversary pakcik,moga panjang umur,sihat and murah rezki"..we love you pakcik and makcik.Pakcik and makcik took us out for breakfast at the nasik kandar at tesco..we love that area sebab boleh lari2.

We had our half boiled eggs was yummy

See what i mean..kan syokk main air kat sini..

We berlari sana sini...

makcik bought us Playdoh at tesco..we brought back and buat macam2 with kak ikin and pakcik

we buat cake,bear,lizard etc...

Tu pakcik tengah lecture kita lah tu..tak kasi kita sepah2 and jangan nakal2..okaylah pakcik

Mama tak der hadiah for pakcik but she cooked special lunch "semua lauk noghori sembilan punya" favourite pakcik lah..sampai tumis terung tu pun terung kampung jugak..

Ni gulai kepala ikan masak lemak cilipadi dengan petai dan tomato..memang sangat sedap..kepala ikan tu lembut2 jer..kuah dia pulak hmm wangi sungguh aroma petai..haaa..haaa

Ni pun kegemaran ramai..goreng berkunyit cili padi hati dan pedal ayam bubuh kacang panjang..masakan orang kampung zaman dulu ni..mama dah improve sikit lagi umphhh now.

Lepas lunch pakcik and kak ikin balik..kita orang pun tidur from 1.30 sampai pukul 4.00 petang!!!..mama kejutkan kita orang sebab thunder and lighting..kita orang takut.. tak boleh pergi mana mama pun masuk kitchen keluar milk,floor and eggs and cooked us homemade pancakes served with homemade strawberry jam and butter..

Sedapppp mama..but we makan with chocolate sauce lahhh..papa ate with honey and butter

Tak caya.. seee sodap sungguh sampai panjang ni lidah keluar..takuttttt

After tea..we went jogging at the park..mama suap us rice with spinach soup there..

balik lapar lagi ..mama cooked us prawn olio spaghetti..wahhh sungguh sedap..we makan banyak tak ingat sampai papa asked us to stop.

Tu heni sedang sembahyang maghrib kat belakang..uwan followed pakcik balik cheras..bila kita 4 orang jer..mama served dinner at kitchen..small table senang nak kemas..weekend mama bagi heni rehat...apa pun mama buat mama kemas semua heni kurang kerja weekend.

Hai..dah makan buat apa pun tanya lagi????haaaaa..kan dah kena jeling...hehh..hee.. we mandi lah..we took warm bath,kacau mama pray..then we baca buku lah..kan we rajin..that was our wonderful weekend ..

This morning mama kat office and auntie narimah gave mama these..untuk kita orang tu..wahhh nice nyerr..thanks so muchh auntie nerry..mama jangan lupa bawak balik okay:)


Anonymous said...

bagus betul la akak ni.even bz ngn the 2kenits but still hv lots of time buat entry pjg2 cmni.suke bc cter u oll hilang rs tensen.

Eine Frau aus Botnang said...

Cute sgt gambar2 paspot tu. Lepas ni bestlah MiaTia dapat jalan jauh2!! Masakan nogori memang my favorite, your masak lemak cilipadi +petai tu mencongkam kalbu. Terliur dah ni! Memang mamatiamia is a terrerist in the kitchen tau!!!

MamaTiaMia said...

miss anotomy ini pun salah satu cara menyahtoksidkan stress dalam badan:)

fasha, muka yang cute tak mencerminkan pernagai havoc sebenar:) pun terrerist in the kitchen jugak:)..ada petai tak kat stuggart?

annhuzi said...

banyaknya aktiviti..banyaknya makan..
ni yg buat looking forward evry weekend..
tia apasal stress ambek gambar, kan dah biasa jadi model mama..
marah nampak kena kacau baca buku..
auntie nerry..cantekknya kusyen tuu..

MamaTiaMia said...

ann..makan activities always the main highlight:)

nerry..both suka your cushion siap ukur mana satu yang lebih besar senang nak berebut..pandai betul carik pasal nak gaduh:)

annhuzi said...

oh i just found out dat cushion from a movie
i saw on
must watch

MamaTiaMia said...

yeap ann..that cushion was from movie launchig ..its a story about twins where their heads stucked to each other..macam cerita twins from pakistan yang datang singapore buat operation tu.

zubye said...

paling best part "2 hati satu jiwa" waa... very the classic!
mama buat masak lemak kepala ikan apa tu mama?nyum2 sedapnya.. siap ada petai lagi..

Liyana s said...

kalu story pasal tia mia, panjang2 pon tak jemu dan bosan..sbb tia mia ni byk aktivitinya. masih spt dulu, mama tia mia is a good storyteller...heee
sedap2nya menu nogori..terliur

Eine Frau aus Botnang said...

haaa ada! ada kat sini ada jual petai yang fresh. Please share the recipe. Dah gila bayang dah ni!! Alamak, camne nak masuk skinny jeans Mrs Bekem tu nanti?? adoi lahh hahahhah mati hidup semula takkan sampai hajat I tu!! ahahha