Sunday, July 18, 2010

Canon Ixus 130

Good Morning! It is a very good Monday, Tia and Mia have beautiful smiles to Kindy today,mama is so delighted:) Well nothing much to story mory but would like to share some pictures from our new gadget.Mama finally bought new camera to replace the old Sony, so difficult to decide,first was so tempted to get DSLR like Maklang and Kak Ikin,the pictures are so great but after giving so much thought about the active life we have and travelling convinient,we need an auto,sleek,compact camera.Mama settled for Canon Ixus 130,very small and compact,they have some wonderful features,can snap pictures as close as you like and running kids and pets but mama has yet to master the features.Let see some of the shots here but not as great as DSLR:)

My long didn't show good food here, laksa curry for dinner last nite.

Cheeky face using potrait mode.

Another mode.

some effect

hmmm this how this little missy dressed up to kindy..

Can uwan follow you?

Our painting using poster colour on Sunday.

Planting melon and spinach with papa on Sunday.

Long outstanding grilles finally fixed by Alvin under our sink,now we can keep all gardening items inside and far from rain.

It was a green day for us on Sunday,we planted many perenial flowers:)


nashwa said...

tahniah.. dpt kamera baru.. so, no more 'twilight' image after this..! hehe... kesian kt tia n mia kena denda conteng dinding tu.. but a very good lesson they've learned.. ;) seronok tgk semua org dah sihat.. :)

MamaTiaMia said...

thanks nashwa,alhmadulillah semua dah sihat..he..hee nakal kenalah bagi pengajaran:)

annhuzi said...

happy happy faces to school. mama pun senang hati tia mia settle well :) dress up for kindy mcm mama dress up for work :)

MamaTiaMia said...

yeap ann..mama is so syukur and happy:)dressing up is a good sign said teacher,emaning they look forward to go school and they aware of things around them like what people are wearing to office,must look nice etc.