Thursday, July 22, 2010

Me&Me,My Friends & Donashi

Mama brought Donashi to the club today,we are very happy,that is Shalom on my left,teacher Claire and Ryan.

Everybody is so happy and couldn't make up their minds which want that they want:)

Hmmm Yummy but we actually love the topping more than the doughnut:)

Look at me.. I am all comot..

Weee..i lurvee the caviar candies..

This is Subin my new friend, a year older than me and she's a Korean.

This Bubbly girl is Iman,her father is a famous actor in Malaysia,she is always nice to me.

Please meet Anna,my new best friend,she's from Australia and she always very kind to me,we like each other very much...ohhh thank you for the Barbie pencil Anna,we like it very much.

Emma the Vampy is Anna little sister, i like her too.Emma and Anna have big sister here but i can't remember her name,the big sister and Anna are attending International school in the morning,three of them will come to the club in the afternoon, sometimes i didn't get to see them as mama always picked me and Mia up at 1.00.

I am very happy at the club,we have lots of fun here, we have piano lesson,drama class and today is the Tae Kwan Do Day.Teacher told mama that today we were good and participated in the Tae Kwan do...he,he no more running,in the beginning we used to hide behind teacher Claire.

That is Emma and Anna's big sister in the middle,she is 6 years old.

We love playing outside there's so much things to do here.

Today i heard mama discussing with teacher Claire about having a party at the club,teacher Claire said she wants a " Fairy theme",there will be a fairy godmother with magic wand  and she will sprinkle the star dusts.Wahh that is so cool and we can come as Princess...yippi i am so excited,if it happens, it's going to be my first Party and I am so looking forwad to it. Have a good weekend little and big Peeps:)


Ikin said...

Wow.Kak Ikin so happy for both of you :) It seems you really enjoyed ... laughing, smiling, playing...hehhe...eating. Nak sikit donashi...boleh?Time sure does fly when you're having fun there...mesti rasa kejap je sementara nak tunggu mama datang.
Hugs & kisses...from kak ikin. Geram jugak tengok iman yang comel dan anna yang cantik.

Psst...pstt...mama pesti pening kepala + excited about the lovely party..hmmm... :)

MamaTiaMia said...

kak ikin,when you are free,come see us at the club okie..and if you have moreee free times you can come and show us how to bake cuppies too:)

annhuzi said...

so fun ur club, no wonder u lov going to the club everyday :) u made lots of friends and the party of fairies must be really interesting just like from a story book :)
so who is iman's dad? ;)

MamaTiaMia said...

hi ann..iman's remains mystery:)..ha,haa,,nanti dia marah pulak..celebrity ni kan banyak rahsia2:)

MamaIcha said...

bawa donashi utk kawan2...good girls...muahsss