Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good Weekend

It was a good weekend,papa went to his University of Southern California Alumni,they had good time with golf,we had great time at the park with mama and uwan.

We played hide and seek,adventure with trees etc.

Mama taught us one or two things about plant and nature..this is "pokok duit2",they live on trees.

After penat..we went back,mama stopped at 711 and bought us ice cream,after lunch,we stayed in the room and watched VCD while waiting for papa to come back,we took a very long nap: 1.00pm - 5.00 pm..wahhhh.

We woke up and we felt hungry,don't worry said mama" I ll prepare early dinner for everybody"..yeayyy..

Mama asked "Mama going to cook spaghetti,do you want it with the tomato sauce or the white type?" "White ones (Olio) we said and papa added " Not the "muak"(cabonara) ones" everybody wanted their Olio..and mama chopped many cloves of garlic,peeled the prawn,sprinkled the oregano and pepper..walllaaa..our favourite Prawn Olio ready:)

We ate a lot..nearly 4 plates to be specific and mama was really happy.

After the good food,we helped mama with watering the plants.

We were really hard working,we watered everything even the bench!

We had fun and good laughs too:)

We love playing train on mama's lap..mama will made a "choo chooo" sounds and we laughed really loud.

Choo..chooo..choooo it goes....

We unwind and find peace at nite...thank you Allah Sbt for the good day,for the food,the health,the happiness in our hearts,may it Allah Sbt bless us always.


We woke up Sunday morning with good mood..mama decided to buy pantai timor breakfast for everybody but we sticked to our cereal..well you know we are very health conscious..hee..hee

We love having breakfast outside..sometimes the birds will come and sit on the branch waiting for our food to fall:)

Our black and white coco crunch..

Mama's yummylicious nasi ulam with daging bakar.

Uwan's nasik dagang.

We are as happy as the sunshine..why?because mama/papa will take us to Genting Theme Park after breakfast.

See when we are in a good mood,we share the seat,we suap each other...

We posed and gave mama big smiles.

Tia posed,adik pun nak pose jugak..tapi mulut adik penuh telur..haa..haaa

After the good breakfast we went genting.

As usual.we will pose at our tree first.

Then one pose with mama pulak.

Then we tak tunggu lagi..yeyyyy fun rides..

Old Antique car rides.

with papa

Balloons and Clown is a must.

Yehaaaa Mia loves Carousel rides.

Took five with Solero under the mama pun habis battery..we had more fun after this,Dinasour land,Grasshopper rides,train rides etc..we went back at was a good trip,we had so much fun:)


Idida Aziz said...

aduhhh mama tia mia ni rajin betul memasak...nasik ulam ada nasik dagang pon ada...kita dh lama xmasak kat rumah..pagi tghr petang mlm mkn luar...adus jemuuuuu..nk masak tak boleh

MamaTiaMia said...

idida,den masak spagehtti yo..nasi dagang and ulam tu beli lahh..pengsan den nak masak semua haaa:)

annhuzi said...

4plates? wah bagus tia mia makan banyak. memang mama masak sedap lah dan tia mia pun dapat banyak energy nak buat macam2 aktiviti :) best selalu dapat naik genting :)

cippa said...

Bagus si kenits makan...I can barely get Sofia to eat that much even if its homecook meal..she is such a fussy eater. Rajin ye, ke Genting..guess what zu, I have never been to G. What a sad life I lead...huhu!

MamaTiaMia said...

ann..kalau dah lapar,memang makan banyak:)tapi pinggan ikea lah,small jer.

ufa..nanti kita naik genting sama2 bawak keta,i duduk sebelah:)

MamaIcha said...

wah! rajin si comel2 nie tolong mama ya...oh! patut la, ada habuan lepas tue :)

MamaTiaMia said...

mamamarissa,memang lah rajin budak kenits ni buat macam2..tapi bersepah lah