Sunday, August 1, 2010

Little Escapade

Saturday,papa sneaked out from his 3 days Company's retreat in PD and fetched us to join him at the beach.Corus Paradise is more suitable for training or retreat things,we didn't take a dip in the sea or swimming pool but the girls sure had fun playing with the sand.Mama was totally exhausted as papa was stucked in the meeting room most of the time but we managed:)

The Girls.


Corus Paradise Hotel.

Manmade Lagoon.

Manmade cape.

Mama and Tia...selftimer result:)

Mama,Tia and Mia

The Happy us...wish papa is not stuck all the time in meeting room..poor papa:)

Who said little girls do not know how to enjoy themselves?

Chips,soft bed and aircond..Tia is one happy girl:)

Bo Derek moment...

Who is Marilyn Monroe Mama?Apaaa nak kena cubit?

Nite at Corus.

Early Breakfast with Cereal.

Saturday Nite..BBQ with papa's company..first time dengar karaoke..heran:)

By PD..we shall come time will be Thistle again..nothing beats Thistle:)

Okay..Holiday is over..time to do work girls..pound,pound..don't stop:) P.s : Ramadhan is coming,Heni going back holiday to Indonesia,mama will turn this small space at the back into a cosy place so that during Ramadhan while mama is cooking you can have fun time here too.Welcome Ramadhan,we are so looking forward to You:)


annhuzi said...

cutenya tia mia blaja tumbuk2 kat dapur. nanti boleh blaja masak teror2 mcm mama :)

MamaTiaMia said...

yeap Ann..kenalah belajar..nanti mama nak retire..nak rasa makan jer:)

Ikin said...

gaya tumbuk sambal lebih seksi tau dari gaya marilyn monroe & bo derek tu. hihi. cute...

Lee said...

Hello MamaTiaMia, Wow! Love the pics of PD. The last time I was there was wayyyyy back in the late '70s.
And those days hardly any resorts, lots of deserted beaches too.
Still remember Cape Richardo, the 7th Mile where I used to go for swims, or fishing.

By the way, you got twins? They're great looking kids, no need to ask where they got their good looks from....ha ha. Ikut mak dia.

Love your pic of 'Nite at the Corus', very romantic.
Have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

MamaTiaMia said...

kak ikin,we pandai buat macam2:)

uncle Lee,there are things really developed in PD and some sit stilled like 70s but that's the beauty of it.Cape Richardo is still there,if you come back to visit malaysia do give PD a visit.

Uhhh to much compliments Uncle Lee,nanti tak muat kebaya i:)

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