Thursday, August 5, 2010

Memories at the Club.

Without realising it Tia Mia had completed their first 1 month with the Club/Kindy,first week of the second month is also coming to an end.So far they had a great time there, mama is so glad,mama is not really sure whether when they grow up they can really remember their times when they were 3 years old.The best that mama can remember when mama was small is up to 6 years old and one or two events when mama was younger than that.Mama is also not sure whether 5 or 6 years down the road this blogspot can stilled be accessed,technology grows so fast as study shows that for Engineering/IT students all the things that they learned in the first year will become absolete in the 3rd year.Very soon people will no longer watch TV on the the TV box but they will watch programs on mobile,laptop,ipad etc.Things which were impossible 2,3 years back is now become common, study also shown that in the near future China will be the largest English speaking country and India will produce more genuises compared to America.Whatever it is mama will still write and store your memories here,hopefully it will still be here in many more years to come.

Our drawing and writing room,fulled with colours,very exciting and inviting,hundred of crayons,water colours,pencils,markers here,no limitations even the class is not in session yet or is over we can always go in and do the acrivities there..our favourite is to sharpen pencils for everybody,they have a cool pencil sharpener here:)

The Teacher will display our art works and we feel happy to see it hang on the wall.

Writing is fun here,as at todate we can spell and write our own names,"mama" and "papa" we can read few letters and short sentences such as 'Peter and Jane".

Twice a week we will have Art and Craft class and so far we have learned few things,yesterday we took back 'Felt Donuts" for mama and papa.The best thing here is the teacher will always look at our interest and not so much of following the rules or the book,fore example yesterday  when we hopped around the class as kangaroo the teacher decided that  today we can learn how to draw a kangaroo.

We have speech and drama lesson to boost confidence in us,lots of fun here as we can dress up and learn many things.

We look forward to the reading and story telling session,we have many good books at the Club.

Our favourite is of course the Bunny Percussion Band,the Club has many musical instruments here such as piano,violin,tamborine,cymbal,drum,flute and few other things.

As long as the class is not in session we can play the piano at any time we like.There are 3 big pianos lined up along the wall, we can always open it and play it as much as we like .Any available teacher will always attend to us to assist in playing the notes correctly.We can play quite well now, in early morning or before we go back we will play it and sing our hearts out:)

If we feel like playing the piano seriously we can go into the private room,inside here the piano teacher will open the back of the piano and let us see how the key works when we play it.

Everything is colourful here,there is no specific system  or classroom routines ,the Principle teacher creates  individual system for each of us depending on our interest and capabilities.We have good teachers attending to each area or subject as Teacher Claire pointed out  "there's no such teacher of A- Z", computer should be taught by computer teacher,science should be taught by science teacher,drama should be taught by drama teacher and so on.

We can opt to stay until evening but mama feels it is too early for us to spend one whole day outside the house,mama wants us to have fun times at home too as we grow too fast.Soon we will be attending formal school and will be away most of the time.Mama said childhood is very important and mama wants us to be and act  like a kid when we are still  small,mama is not sending us to Club to become a genius but as medium for us to socialise with people,to have good exposure and learn one or two things at the same time.For a half day session we have 2 meals here i.e snack at 10.00 am and lunch at 12.00pm.Lunch will be served at the kitchen as the Club prepared hot food for us,we normally have rice with soup,juice and fruits or noodles with soup and jelly,Teacher will be at the kitchen to attend to our need during lunch.we don;t really have  strict rules during lunch,the Club allows us to be kids,sometimes we stop during eating and ran around,sometimes we sneaked out to watch TV at the play area but Teacher will make sure we eat enough otherwise she will tell our mama so that we can continue eating at home.If we are having finger foods after lunch the Club will serve it at the Tv area as in the picture above, so we far we are okay with the food served at the Club.

Today we are going to have small farewell party for Su Bin,our 5 years old Korean friend (the one in the right in the above picture).She has passed her test at the International School and she will go there soon.We will miss her.

So far we are okay at the school, of course there's nothing such as "perfect school",there bound to be few hiccups here and there.L
ast week there was a "problem boy" came to the school,mama was really worried,he was hyper and quite aggressive,mama expressed her concern to teacher Claire but teacher assured mama that after 7 days he will change,mama was a bit after 4 days the boy is much better,teacher Claire has done a very good job.Sometimes in school it is difficult to control the situation,you can have a good school but you can't pick and choose who could enroll there,some people  have  money but they are very poor at "human relationship".Teacher Claire is having a tough job there , her job scope not only to educate the childrens but the parents as well...and educating the parent is tougher than the children..children will smile easily but some parent the heavier the money  they have in the pocket,the heavier the smile.Hopefully we will be okay here and hopefully the school will stay longer:)

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annhuzi said...

tia mia ur club is really interesting. can choose many activities. no wonder u two enjoyed it here. ur mama made a good choice :)