Friday, August 6, 2010

My Goodness..They Don't want To Go Home Now...

Little Misses want to stay and play at The Club until evening..hmm what should mama do?Shall mama leave them there until evening?But still feel they are a bit too small and should go back at least at 2.00pm to rest at home. This  'not wanting to go back thing' is because their best friends Eva,Emma and Anna only come at 1.00pm as they have to serve another two months at their old kindy (the old kindy refused to give back deposit so the three girls's  parents think it is better for them to just serve the 2 months). My,my,my girls you have grown up and you have good buddies now:)

 The best conversation by the two today are : At The CLub : "Hi guyssssss..what you all doingggggg?"  upon reaching  home and seeing Heni at the Gate " Heni Tia beli Telurrrr..ini untuk goreng Yaaa.." Haaa..haaaaa truly Bilingual.

Andi,Mia,Anna and Tia.

They are buddies now:)

Choo chooo with Anna and Emma.

Emma is from Sydney.

Tia likes Eva most..she told Eva she wants to sit inside Kangaroo pouch..Eva said Kangaroo can be dangerous,they have very strong legs and can kick you hard:)


Hmmm sampai tak nak balik here..nanti kena tinggal sampai petang jangan nangis tau:)


4 Kay-E said...

Hahaa.. Nanti bukan Tia&MIa yg nangis. Mama yg nangis.. sebab rindu si kecik tak nak balik rumah... hehehe....

Dah ada kawan seronoklah tu :)
Actually it's a good sign. They know how to make decision & they like friends. Kat sekolah lagi banyak aktiviti boleh buat. Jangan nanti petang u nak ambil balik, tak nak ikut lagi. Tia & Mia say 'We want to sleep at school'. LOL...

annhuzi said...

tia mia enjoying company of frens. susah nak dapat anak2 suka sangat dgn sekolah sampai tak nak balek. a good development. mama must b very happy see tia mia happy :)

Lee said...

Hello Mama, love your wait when they 17 or 18. There'll be a traffic jam outside your home....also get to eat lots of putu piring and goreng pisang when their boyfriends come over, give to you, ha ha.
They sure have their mother's very attractive looks too, *wink*.
Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.