Sunday, April 3, 2011

Home sweet home

Good morning Sunday..We Love Sunday;)

Mama cooked Shrimp Pasta soup for breakfast..last nite we heard she was complaining to papa about getting cold water prawn.

It was a good hearty breakfast.

Done..time to go out and do some is heni's day out and uwan will follow her,they gonna have lunch outside..both always go to "Ikan singgang Kampung Baru" near our house..sedap but pedas gilerrr;)

Papa bought hot choc powder from Mark & spencer and mama bought popsicles moulds frm RM5 shop..

So we join mama to make ice popsicles.

Yeayyy its ready..

We helped mama.

Mama said we can only eat tmrw..but we can't wait.

They look beautiful and yummy.

Into the freezer.

Wahh it was a peaceful evening and pat was having a good time here.

Not so long..until these two girls came

Pat kena lenyek with dinos lahhh

These two girls tak main doll,they main dinos.

Sambil main sambil makan..baked dhory with herbs and syrup.

Dessert anyone?

Tia's favourite,mama's too.

One plate is not enough going for second round after bath,Mia already asleep by this time.We love being at home..home sweet home;)


Nadiah said...

I nak resepi baked dory fish.Bila you free nanti baru bagi ya.
Nampak your neighbour buat heavy renovation ya.

Take care Tiamia.

Hanis Azla said...

stay at home bil time cuti mmg sgt menyeronokan kan..

MamaTiaMia said...

hi nadiah,

baked dhory ni simple ajer tia mia suka..after you defrost dhory,basuh,keringkan masuk dalam aluminium foil,drizzle with salt atas bawah,crush lots of garlic and shallot,rub all over the fish,drizzle lots of dried coriander,finally bubuh extra virgin olive oil dalam 4 sudu,the olive oil will be sauce and good for them.tutup foil masuk dalam oven..check lah kalau daging ikan dah putih tu masaklah,..i nak makan i add some coarse black pepper..sangat yummeh:)
yeap my enighbour buat extensive renovation dari UNIK,quite costly but nice:)

MamaTiaMia said...

hi hanis..syokkan:)have a great monday:)

Idida Aziz said...

comelnya tia dlm pic last tuh....rambut basah2 nmpk lurus...sll kenteng ajer...

azu...weekend kat rumah mmg best...uruskan rumah dan family...masak2...cuaca pon bagus...kain2 diampaian sambil anak2 main kat luar rs sgt la bahagia...hahaha...2 hr tak cukup...3 hr ok kot...

re : dh ada bb kecik ni pengurusan masa masih belum teratur lagi...nak pakai contact lens pon tak sempat...tudung pon capai yg tak payah gosok...hehehe...ini mcm mau kene amik nak maid yg baik2 least mcm heni... hehehe

annhuzi said...

salam azu,
tia mia look good in pictures. ceria sentiasa.
been very busy now that both are schooling..missing reading and commenting :)
but surely will drop by to follow tia mia's development :)

MamaTiaMia said...

hi idida..memang lah duduk2 rumah sodap kan..sidai kain pun nikmat;)

MamaTiaMia said...

hi ann..good to hear from you,hope you and the kids are doing okay.thanks singgah..and happy schooling to the liitle one,finally dah masuk skool ya;)

Tyrone Swopes said...

Desserts look yum! I see you're all enjoying a beautiful day there. A home is where everyone finds fulfillment with the people they share it with. Happy Sunday!