Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Baking Day!

Today is a very exciting day..hello Kitchen Aid..Baking Day at Wilton today.

Myself is ready.

My niece ikin is ready too.

My friend Sue..pun dah ready.

First cake is butter cake.

One last shot before we start mixing.

After the hardworks..finally everybody dah siap kan cake utk masuk oven..not easy okehh

Wahhh..terpegun looking at our own cakes.

This is mine..Master chef said today everybody buat cake semua cantik:)

After buat topping we start spreading the topping...susah lah..kena belajar skill dulu;)

Finally i manage to spread it evenly:)

My first design

Then tak puas hati tukar macam ni pulak

Yeahhh finally ready for final touch.

Our second cake..choc fudge..this one is lil bit tricky to do compared to butter cake

My cake has kindergarten theme:)

I have Tia Mia in mind bila decorate cake ni.


This is ikin's one..simple and romantic

From a wife a to a husband

My choc fudge.

Simple design i was too tired to do topping:)

This choc fudge is really nice..not too sweet:)

From mama to Tia Mia:)

Berbaloi penat sebab these two ballerinas..really excited and happy..they said"mama we love,love,love,love youuuuuu"


Mira Marlena said...

Aduhhh..tak tahan sungguh melihat 2 biji kek tu..
Wah,lepas ni boleh u buat biz jual kek pulak ye?
Surely tia mia and uwan rasa bangga dengan your achievement kan?

Salmi said...


Nadiah said...

Zu...lepas ni boleh la ambil order untuk I.

MamaTiaMia said...

mira marlena..happy bila the girls suka.

salmi,it was fun but tiring but berbaloi..wait lah yr class:) commercial one..dapat buat sendiri punya pun okay,this just for fun and knowledge:)

zeta said...

Amboi..hepy betul mama kat baking class yg lg hepy tentula TiaMia..dpt mkn cake Mama buat.. :D

Maya Marisa said...


Wah best nyer...
nak tanya la, which class did you opted? the baking or the decorating class? ari tu i pegi Sect 14 punya outlet nak carik baking stuff kat situ, kebetulan class just started. My cha cha pun ramabang mata ber-shopping dgn i kat situ. Hb i give up, in the end, he just lepak at Digital Mall .. hahaha
Org kedai tu dok ler promote classes tu kat I. Tapi bila tengok ur entry nie, perghhh, meluapX2 & bergelora jiwa i di buat nyer...

keep us posted on the classes ok dear!

she's lilo said...

heee the ballerina tu sgt comel heee.. i wish dpt meet em one day.heheheee lilo...