Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hello from The Pacific,Balmain,Sydney.

Alhamdulillah,we have arrived safely in Sydney,we are now staying at the vacation rental home called The Pacific at Balmain,it is a 3 stories house and there is too much space in this beautiful house.

This is the living area on the second floor,the wall is made from the original sandstone and this building is a 19th century building.The house belongs to a designer and his painter husband,we rented the whole house for 7 nights before we move to a farm house in Mudgee.

The modern kitchen with Bosch appliances is on the second floor,while you cook you can look at the outside view.

I love the pantry very much:)

The pantry has all the basic need for cooking so that you dont have to spend much and can fix a simple meal on the first day of arrival..people would ask,,who want to cook on first day of arrival???..haa..haa..yeap i cooked on the first day and it was fun.

The beautifiul balcony on the second floor.

This is my first cooking here..sundried tomota&mushroom pasta.

Our first lunch in Sydney at our balcony:)

I love their big and fresh veggies here.

A nice house opposite the Pacific.

Nice waterfront near our house.

A picture taken by Tia Khadeja.

There are three bedrooms in this house but this one is Tia's favourite,it is on the attic and it has access to the roof garden where you can see Sydney Harbour Bridge clearly.

Okay lahh..enough for today,the two girls are ready to go out to Balmain Saturday market,it is just a walking distance from our house but before that we will stop for the famous pancakes at the Viva Cafe on the way:):) till then take care:):)Our loves to everybody ya.


lemongrass said...

What a lovely house especially the kitchen :-).
Have fun in Sydney!

Salmi said...

everything looks great!..

mama_alifsarah said...

have fun dear... keep posting beautiful piccas n stories ya!

Anonymous said...

dear zue,

happy holiday...
loves the pantry plus the aussie balcony kerawang!
have a great time


annhuzi said...

so nice the house!

zeta said...

very organize kitchen..that's why la u suka kan mama.. :)

Cik Da said...

have fun dear... keep posting beautiful piccas n stories ....n happy day.