Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sydney Opera House

The two getting ready to take ferry to Sydney Opera House,the weather was good,sunny but not hot.

One picture infront of Balmain famous fencing.

Waiting for ferry.

Sydney Opera House,view from our ferry..finally we are here;)

Getting closer to the famous opera house.

It is so happening here,fulled with people basking in the sun while listening to the music.

We had great time much to tell..but i am tired today we had fulled timetable,we made one good round in town..tomorrow we are planning to go to countryside to Yarramalong to see the lavender field..the driver already asleep,this cook better go to sleep too..oh ya i cooked curry seafood marinara and fried cabbage with anchovies sedap makan dgn nasi panas:):)the girls requested for fried buat pulak sikit..jadi memang penat..nite2 everybody.


Maya Marisa said...

wah, dah sampai Sydney rupa nyer. cant wait for more of ur lovely pics.
Oh ya, if u & ur family are up to it, do try Sydney by foot, esp circa the CBD. We love it to bits!
Jgn lupa singgah The Rocks for brekkie and do be prepared of the expensive parking there. Not to worry, they do take credit cards for the parking. Have fun ok dear!

Hanis Azla said...

wow, so happy for u.. tgk gambar2 tu terasa bagaikan berada di sana juga.. enjoy ur vacation..

Nadiah said...

lovely pic.

zeta said...

best..xsabar nk tgu lavender pulak ni..hehe

WildFire said...

wow, sgt best..... bila la saya nk sampai...hukhukhuk