Sunday, September 4, 2011

When The Maid Is Away:)

I Think Heni is happily frolicking with her husband in Lampung now while eating the kaya with roti and loads of Kandos chocolate that she took back.She has another 7 days to go before coming back here..well that is what she said,she wanna come back and work again and as usual she has her return ticket,so it is up to her.While she is away me and husband become a fulltime retirees..doing work around the house,so much work to do after raya..all the laundry,garden to attend too..extra cutleries,plates and glasses due to ramadhan..all those need to be kept in the cupboard etc.Some how it's kinda fun too..i enjoy it;) so nice to have the house all by yourself and family....i feel excited seeing husband hanging clothes while i cook in the kitchen..i made coffee and toast after he finished his laundry,we sat in the kitchen together with the kids and uwan..everybody washed their dishes after that.Due to this keseronokan i did a lot of things,cleaned up the store,Heni is not good at storing things..she can't sort out between junks and good things..she likes to hide things..i found 6 sets of new brooms in the store hiding under the pile,new serviette,my sets of cutleries,unopened shopping bags etc..i kemas the store until berkilat,bersinar2..i was really impressed..heehh..heeh, i threw a lot of things including my husband golf shoes that he merajuk with me sebab kena korek sampah cari..hahhh..haaa.I cleaned all my drawers in the kitchen and the i managed to make the tiny laundry area at the back become cosy. When Heni is around i can't hardly kemas the laundry area..she was always there..due to my busy schedule i can't really check that area..i kemas it once not long time ago and she said " Puan tempat ini jadi begitu besar ya bila di susun!" in my heart was thinking of course if you are willing to make an extra to me laundry area is not just a place to stand,do your laundry and dump everything there..i like it to be cosy,it is nice to have a little table there,with chair and flower where you can actually sit and have your coffee to accompany whoever doing the laundry:) and I ve done that today!

The past few days after balik raya i telah godek2 my house a bit,without spending too much money i managed to change the look a bit and that makes me feel good:)

I gave the table a new baju:):) not easy to find tablecloth for 8/10 seaters but i dapat the one i like.

I changed few wall plates,actually i have many wall plates which i had collected when i was travelling, i ve been keeping many of it for a new house..when impian jadi nyata i will hang all:) insyAllah,moga di permudahkan.The above are blue delf from Amsterdam.

We changed the TV Cabinet ..the old one is really old..bought long long time ago from ikea furniture is not really lasting we can see many chips and bends here and we got this white solid wood as replacement..simple but i like it.The old wall clock above the plate got to stay there..i sayang it,walaupun tak mahal tapi bought from far;) it was from a flea market in Pettycoat Lane,London.

This is the new look of my TV/living area..less flowery things but more greenery;) and yes i love to combine white with dark wood i found it to be working but you ve got to be carefull in choosing the items..all white will make area looks boring versi versa if all dark wood too.

I like topiaries..especially this one in a classic base..i ve got a very good discount for the two topiaries.

White roses and baby breath for the dining table.

I changed few throw cushions with country look cover.

The carving at the base of the tv will be nice if i can find a wall mirror that can match this.

This very old kerusi got a new company too..i wished that i can get two of this cushions but only one left after the sales.

Give some fresh look to the garden outside by changing the chair..the old rattan chair is indeed too old..kalau orang lain dah buang ajer.

So uwan got a new place to sit and termenung:)

Inspired by uwan gingham's look at kampung i gave gingham look to my open cabinet at the wet kitchen too.The gingham cost me RM7.90 only and I cut into few pieces,with the tool box within few minutes i managed to get the look i like;)

My beloved lesung batu..came all the way from Kuala Pilah:)

This raya..i tukar style more cookies in raya jar..i have a few of this cake when people come,i just susun my cookies on looks good and tempting too:) Actually i got bored with my old cookie jars but i don't want to spend money buying new ones;):)

This is the old rattan chair ..i put at the laundry area..but masa ni i tak menghias lagi this baru berkesempatan membuatnya..see budak tia ni seronok pulak melepak di sini.


Hanis Azla said...

seronok bila dapat buat sendiri kan.. bila rumah bersih dan tersusun ikut cara kita mmg hati rasa senang sangat.. pagi2 pun rasa tak sabar nak bangun..

Mila@Rimbun said...

penat tapi seronok n puas hati kan..

Salmi said...

yes..kalau ada masa dan mood mengemas tu datang..memang ade je ideanya..kalau me dah datang malas tu..apapun tak boleh nak fikir :-)

MamaTiaMia said...

hanis, memang betul tu kan;)

MamaTiaMia said...

hi Mila..salam perkenalan..puas hati yang penting kan:)

MamaTiaMia said...

salmi..kalau mood malas datang tu..memang suasah nak tolong kan:):)

Nadiah said...

Walaupun tak ada maid tapi rumah you still bersih dan cantik.
Memang you ni superwomen tau.

Cik Da said...

syokkknya raya kat kampung kan...

MamaTiaMia said...

Nadiah..salam lebaran,hope yu had wonderful raya:) rajin tak rajin kena buat jugak;)

MamaTiaMia said...

Aida..selamat hari raya to you and family...memang best lah aida raya kat kampung..aida kg mana?

Cik Da said...

aida kat melaka jew kita kan jiran dgn nogori....tapi tahun ni balik kg mertua kat banting...

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