Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunting for a perfect pair of shoes:) i am sitting on my bed now flanked by the two soft bodies i told my husband how thankful i am to Allah Swt for creating weekend for us:) My work may not be stressfull, i never shed tears  or shout at office but i am surely worn out by Friday from "managing people" at home and office.

So Friday is the more reason to be a "Feel guuuddd dayhhh"..hee...heee tak habis2 kan:) Well tomorrow is  not going to be an easy peasy day,morning will start with pasar trip,cooking,etc,etc before sending Tia Mia to their keyboard class but as long as it weekend;i don't mind at all:):):)

Thankyou lovely ladies for leaving your comments in the my previous entry,shall attend to it  when i have time this weekend but let me just answer one urgent query first ya: Khairina asked about  my emak's physiotherapist.We engaged a physio from Tropicana Medical Centre, i unfortunately misplaced his business card sebab dah sebulan lebih Uwan tak buat lagi as she is fully recovered now but Khairina you may call Tropicana at 03 62871999  and ask for Mr Emy.Emy is very good we like him very much:):)

Well my story today is about me breaking my "fast" from visiting the Mall and spending money there;):) Ha,ha..manalah tahan kan..yesterday i walked to the Mall next to my office..i had "sightseeing" in mind but ended up drying my purse:):)

I blame these on the super friendly sales assistant at ZARA,the moment he saw me terjerit-jerit lah dia "akak ada new long skirts datang,perfect for akak!" i saw beautiful long skirts,interesting scarves,nice white shirt and gorgeous dresses for Tia Mia...hmmmm..jom buka puasa:):)

Before that i ve got to show this first..a divine Red Velvet  from bijoux..a RM13 per slice,my staff nak sangat i rasa ni..she bought a slice for me..yeaapp so divine,if you are at OU please give a try:):)

I had porridge in the morning; surely i need to exercise by walking during lunch time *wink*wink* so this sharp pointed shoes shall walk and walk today:):) Actually i was on a mission to find a pair of perfect shoes for me:) I memang problem nak beli kasut, susah sangat yang berkenan di hati dalam setahun kadang2 hanya 2 pasang ajer yang ada.Just imagine dulu2 my housemate ada sampai 20 pasang kasut dengan pelbagai color to match the handbag,tudung etc..but me ada 2 atau 3 ajer yang semuanya black.At the moment i ada 2 pasang kasut ajer yang i suka..dah nak rosak today memang kena cari kasut.Sangat lah payahnya nak cari, masuk Aldo,Ninewest,Charles&Keith,Mark&Spencer..tak berjumpa:(:( 

Then i found this sweet cute sandalicious for my two 'candylicious' at home:):)

Finally i found this at Clark..mula2 skeptical sebab the front is round..i tak berapa suka round front:)

But after trying a few times i found it to be perfect:)

So i have a pair of black suede shoes from Clark today:)

Not bad ehh..i think i am gonna like it:)

Now i want to share this kinda unique scarf/hood i bought from ZARA.It's really big i guess the ladies in Spain wear it as shoulder shawl.

But this is how i wear it:) I keep it short at the front as i was wearing coat today and let it hang long at the back.(Ann so true i tak suka jugak accessory banyk2..tak pandai nak pakai:):))And i pakai my coat which i bought from Sydney trip last year:) Masa beli tu i tak try pun,sebab Tia Mia and papa sangatlah tak sabar nak lunch:(actually i terambik "S" size,masa bawak balik it was tight a bit,so lama lah tak pakai..since menjaga orang sakit2 ni i guess i lost weight a bit and manage to wear it loosely today..yeayyy..but with the eating habit now tak tau lah bila boleh bertahan ni:):)

Finally thank you to my company:) Semalam  white envelopes were distributed to everybody:)..ada yang complaint increment/adjustment sikit lah etc,etc but to me..bersyukur dengan rezki di beri Allah Swt.Bak kata my emak "sikit cukup,banyak habis"

See..susah nak cari company macam ni..launching training calendar pun sangat "happening" macam pergi launching movie:) so siapa nak continue study lagi company will sponsor 30% of the fees):)

Drink pun customized:):)Salam and wonderful weekend ladies:)


Anonymous said...

Nampak Akak tengah berjalan tengah hari Tadi Persis mcm model with long black pant nampak Akak lagi langsing.

dhr said...

Cantek kasut baru :) nampak comfy.

Anonymous said...

salam kak dah addicted dgn blog akak...pasni plan nk cuti mana hehe

Anonymous said...

ahala... cantik kasut baru!!!
happy weekend my dear...


Anonymous said...


Many many many thanks for your fast response. Really appreciate it so much. You take care! - Regards, Khairina

p/s: that Clark shoes memang cun!

Anonymous said...

as'salamualaikum - just want to say you look 'stunning" sis, masya Allah! have a lovely weekend. - akak di sg :)

annhuzi said...

betul! biar sikit tapi cukup :)
wah azu makin slim, berkat jaga orang2 sakit. dapat pujian persis model ye ;)
i like black, suede rounded. really looks nice, this clarks tapi heels not for me. susah nak balance haha.
wah ur old shoes so sharp! never seen such a pointed shoes,my wide feet not comfy and wont match in such elegant shoes.
rm13! must be real sedap! nak try next time i go OU. geram la. i kat sini kedai dessert, tak berani nak beli tapi maknanya kalau i duk sana lagi lah over i jadinya :D
ada mall sebalah ofis ni best jugak dapat exercise, jalan2 dan juga exercise self control hehe. but when we see a good buy and we will put them to good use, senang shopping, tak payah pegi jauh. like the rare gems sandals. so uniquely pretty!

fiezachommel said...

Salam Kak Zu,
Nice shoes...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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