Saturday, March 10, 2012

Much Ado About Little Things:)

Salam & Thanks.

Nothing much on this weekend,Tia and Mia finally got the end result of their viral fever i.e they have red throat,flu and cough.We went to TMC but the emergency unit has one on duty doctor only and he's attending to emergency case.A girl was drowned and the doctor was doing their best to save her by performing CPR etc..her sister was waiting outside crying non stop,can imagine how she feels. We waited for nearly an hour and the doctor  stilled not finish,looking at the sister walking  in and out crying non stop the girl's condition must be bad..hopefully she made it.We finally visited one Klinik Pakar Kanak2 near our house and given bunch of medicines.

Everyone is exhausted and I have some routine pictures..well..they are Much Ado About Nothing actually:):)

Tia drew this picture for me,she said it is a 'dancing cat with princess".Her Cat is very cute anyway,i like the smile on her face.

When everybody was a lil bit okay yesterday,we went to buy pokok bunga raya at nursery and we stopped over for dinner at Mc D.This is Uwan first outing:):)

See..Uwan dah boleh kecoh2 kat table:)

Today both have a lil temperature so my pokok bunga raya is made to a use.

I bought this from nursery too.

My pokok bunga raya..hopefully it will grow tall:)

Bought few pots of country roses..priced at Rm5 per pot the cheapest so far from the nursery.

Baja bunga Aziz:)

Pokok daun semambu kat rumah ni dah tinggi,harus kena trim,insyallah soon kita nak buat a lil doa selamat for Uwan etc.

This is another big pokok in our compound that gives good shade to our garden.They have bright red blooms.

But you have to rajin menyapu during musim bunga..

I am very happy that my pokok belimbing finally berbuah..sebijik pun tak apa lah..a good effort pokok!

Anak cucu tak sihat Uwan pun risau.

After a long tiring day it is a bliss to just lie down on the floor:):)

Salam and may all of us have a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

hai akak. alhamdulillah wan dah sihat ye. happy tgk wan dah leh pi jalan2. nanti akak kirim salam buat wan ye. bila tgk pic wan teringat arwah wan saya. semoga akak n famiy happy selalu n cepat sembuh ye tia n Mia ya

Anonymous said...

get well soon tiamia!
cantiknya bunga bunga...
kite kat sini baru kuar daffodil!
take dear azu


4 Kay-E said...

Alaaa.. Ciannye demam..
Get well soon little princess :)

*tempek daun bunga raya utk turunkan temp ke Azu?

Art lover, cinnamonworldofcolours said...

Seronok tengok Uwan beransur sembuh and hopefully your lovely girls pun begitu. Kesian you, banyakkan makan supplement supaya sihat segar menjaga keluarga.
Love to see your garden..neat!

Lady of Leisure said...

Glad to see uwan kembali sihat..
Pokok semambu tu berguna betul kalau ada yg kene demam campak kan, tapi tak ramai yang tanam, so bila time nak pakai jenuh mencari hehe.. Rasa macam nak tanam sepokok dekat rumah baru nanti..
Moga tia n mia cepat sembuh, hugs!!!

Mixed-family in da house.... said...

Salam mamatiamia,
anak-anak peringkat membesar sering demam kan? my eldest son 4yrs pun selalu demam.
To be positive its a good sign actually. It shows that their immune system is working!
Take care mamatiamia.
*glad uwan can go out already.....


Alhamdulillah Uwan dah sihat..
mmg musim demam sekarang ni..anak-anak kakpinat pun demam bergilir-gilir..sabar jer

Nbi sepah puteri said...

Mcmana lepas letak air daun bunga raya tu korang panas sikit kot.satu lagi akak nak Tanya zu pernah tak bawa tiamia jumpa doc altaf yang dekat tmn tun tu.cubalah kita tak tahu Ada budak serasi Ada budak tak kita hanya boleh Ikhtiar tapi sebagai mak kalau anak sakit rasa nya makan an pun kita tak boleh nak telankan.kalau dah sihat alhamdulilah seronokla sikit nak gi kerja esok kan.okay bye2

annhuzi said...

Alhamdulillah, uwan dah dapat ikut outing, macam dulu.
tia mia will soon recover too. this is a good resting time. lepas ni boleh aktif semula. tengok garden colourful is already a good therapy.
murahnya ros rm5!
i am dreaming of a blissful garden like yours!

M.U.M.M.Y M.I.Q.H.A.E.L said...

salam kak zue..

alhamdulillah..uwan dah ble makan mekdi...:))

kak zue ,

nursery yang sepasu $5 tu kat mane?
pasar segar tu kat area KD jugak ke? ikan nye segar2 jugak kan..yg penting ade stoberi tu...hehehe

Dian_AdeeLa said...

Assalam kak...
Suka tgk pokok buah belimbing tu...tahun lepas pregnen ank k2, mgidam nk mkn.hr2 lalu dpn 1 rumah bglo tu mmg nekad nk mintak sikit if ada org tp time asyik xde je. tp ada kwn tau n dia bg 1 plstik bag...mkn cicah ngn garam..heaven betul.hihi...

Anyway im very happy for uwan n to tiamia moga slalu sihat ye...

-Hug n kisses from me, iman damia n yusuf-

Dian_AdeeLa said...

Assalam kak...
Suka tgk pokok buah belimbing tu...tahun lepas pregnen ank k2, mgidam nk mkn.hr2 lalu dpn 1 rumah bglo tu mmg nekad nk mintak sikit if ada org tp time asyik xde je. tp ada kwn tau n dia bg 1 plstik bag...mkn cicah ngn garam..heaven betul.hihi...

Anyway im very happy for uwan n to tiamia moga slalu sihat ye...

-Hug n kisses from me, iman damia n yusuf-

aishah jamrek said...

Alhamdulillah..happy to see uwan boleh kecoh di table.. :)

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Mamatiamia! I stumbled upon your lovely blog on MizzGoogle last week and ever since then I got hooked!:)) Many things here remind me of what I've gone through..when my kids were still very young like yours...taking care of an ill mom..(now dah arwah) I too got so irritated with the insensitive hospital accounts billing section who kept on calling me for updated bill amount and i remember they only stopped after i gave them my piece of mind! I told them, everytime i got a call from their number, my heart beat faster because i was so scared if it was about my mom who was in ICU then. I told them to leave the bill in my mom's drawer so that i can collect them and pay when i come to see my mom after office. Imagine if they kept doing it during my mom's one-month-stay in the ICU and 2 weeks in HDU!!

What you said about the rahmat di sebalik kita menjaga orang tua, memang sangaaaaat betul! In my case, masa tu lah dapat the best salary adjustment, masa tu lah dapat bonus baik, masa tu lah barang penting yang dah lama hilang, polis jumpa balik...masyaAllah...memang janji Allah selepas kepayahan, ada kemudahan tu memang sangat benar, kan? *eyes welling..nostalgic!!:))*

Hmm...i realise both you and i have quite a few things in common!:) We studied the same field in varsity:)...we love decorating our homes (in rather the same style too!):)...we love gardening:)...we love cooking (but you are much much more fantastic!!...we love PETAI:)))) and banyaklah lagi!!! I used to have a blog just like yours...more of blog mak-mak...cerita pasal anak-anak, family, rumah...:)) and like you, I had a group of really kindhearted, sincere and fun blogger friends with whom I still keep in touch now despite me being a blogger pencen!! hahahaa

So, keep writing ya, Mamatiamia! You've got a beautiful much love around you and Allah's blessings, insyaAllah!

TY - your silent reader in the historical city:)

Anonymous said...

as'salamualaikum dear - du'a dari kakak di sini muga tiamia cepat sembuh, ameen. gembira lihat uwan sehat kembali, alhamdulilah.. take care dear sis!

wa-salaam dari sg :)

Hanis Azla said...

tempek daun bunga raya macam tu yer untuk kurangkan panas.. tak pernah pula buat macam tu.. lain kali boleh try.. selalunya klu anak2 saya deman selalunya saya ramas daun bunga raya tu dengan air sampai berlendir, then sapukan air tu kat kepala anak2.. hopefully by now, tiamia dah sihat sepenuhnya..

daydeck86 said...

gumbira tgk uwan dah bertambah sihat
hope family akak semua sihat2 hendak-Nya amin

Anonymous said...

kak, nk tnya la baja bunga putih tu beli dekat mana..puas dah cari