Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where Do You Wanna Go Cik Kak Cik Kak?


I had a bad lunch time today.I took my favourite Ice Mocha from GJ within 10 mins i felt dizzy,i sweat and i muntah the whole drink balik:(:( I shared the story with fellow officemate and she said she had the same thing too:(..Hmm something is wrong with either coffee or the freshmilk.

Anyway Thank You to those yang tulis all the wonderful things to me:):) Kalau nampak tegur lah:):) me sometimes muka masam ajer but i tak sombong tau:):) Those yang cakap i supermom or lady ..Alhamdulillah..but there are others who really deserved the supermom/superlady title.To share with everybody masa Doa Selamat at my house hari tu i invited one lady to my house she sama satu company with me, we are not lunch buddies or really2 close friend pun but she always leave comment at my fb and been asking me to invite her to my house:):) we spoke about our experience  taking care of our old mums.She took care of her mom for few years before her mom lost her battle to Cancer:( She said during the last one or two years her mom tested her love and patience by becoming bitter..tiap2 hari her mom complaint,marah at her, cakap she dah tak pandai masak,gulai manis,tak ada rasa etc etc..she said sometimes she rasa reluctant nak balik rumah after office takut nak encounter the marah2 from her mom.But she jaga her mom until her last few months in hospital.She tak ada maid untuk bantu pun,she has 5 kids,she kerja,kena masak.Masa her mom sakit she bukan jaga her mom only,dia kena jaga her elder brother yang duduk dengan dia jugak..brother dia ni sakit mental,dia tak boleh mandi or makan sendiri,she got to bathe him,feed him..just imagine kerja2 yang dia kena buat,cebokkan,shampoo kan. She said after her mom passed away she misses her so much,sometimes she opened her wardrobe and cium baju2 dia:( So sad kan.Now that her mom dah tak ada,she terus jaga her brother and her father pulak.From the Fb i can see she has nice house,she keep them clean and beautiful,she always cook nice food for her family too:) I rasa teringin nak tengok husband dia..with the pergorbanan yang dia buat,jaga emak yang kena Cancer,jaga abang yang sakit mental,jaga ayah she surely has a man with agolden heart as a husband. My Doa Selamat she came with all her kids,they are 4 beautiful girls and 1 boy..her husband came too..a good looking man with golden heart indeed;):) He is one SUPERMAN..why? because he is brave enough to support her wife;) "Brave" is not in the form of muscles,"Rich" is not in the form of money and " Intellect" is not in the form of Title.Brave is when you can sacrifice  you feeling for your loved ones, Rich is when you heart is sincere and pure and Intellect is when you can  see more in less and light in darkness. Not many man can do that..that is for sure.

Finally all of us ladies are Supermom/Lady in our own way..dont feel bad if you can't cook everyday,can't keep you house clean and beautiful all the time;) Some ladies out there are separated from their husbands i.e weekend husband,you are Supermom too,you take care of your kids,you sacrifice your feeling,i am not sure whether i can do the same:), some has no maid to help,some is not happy inside but they keep smiling to their family, some living their lifes alone,no partner but they survive,they are happy...so feel SUPER..feel good inside..as long as you don't carry your head too high sampai lupa bumi di pijak:):)

Before i proceed i jawab soalan Fatimah dulu" camana nak buat steamboat broth?" senang ajer,my style sometimes nak cepat i guna "sup sayur powder' from Adabi, tak lah bagus sangat walaupun tulis tak ada MSG:) tapi hari tu sebab budak2 baru baik demam i cuba buat se healthy mungkin, so i chopped some chicken,sliced some garlic,shallot and ginger,crushed some white pepper..tumis semua bahan sampai wangi kat dalam pot atas dapur,masukkan ayam,boil sampai betul2 masak,dah tu transfer dalam tempat steamboat,then boleh lah add apa2 bahan nak masuk kan:) Selamat ber steaming:);)

This is my breakfast hari ni..kat rumah Uwan makan lontong with kuah kacang and rendang daging yang I beli dari pasar tani kat office semalam. Tukang hidang makanan makan ni ajer lah..kismis dan kurma tu pemberian kawan balik Mekah:):)

Malam tadi makan buah kundang dan buah "Berghairah" ni..sedap sungguh lah:):) Tia Mia pun dah ikut suka makan buah "Berghairah" ni;);)

Cerita pasal buah tak habis lagi..ni jagung sangat manis beli kat pasar tani semalam..sangat lah sedap..bila gigit terpercik-percik air dia..heee..heee

The Papa is going to take days off for his Golf session ..so the 3 girls gonna tag along;);)

I ve tried to change everbody's mind to go to Cameron Highlands instead as i wanna stay at The SmokeHouse..i checked the Hotel and they stilled have Family Suite available..hmm i nak cuti tempat sejuk..duduk2 kat garden with good books:):)

Unfortunately the two princesses have beach in their mind:) So i booked Water Chalet for 2 nights at Avillion.But the Princesses tak nak Avillion..hishhhh....

I reminded them about the petting Zoo, how they enjoyed themselves very much last time.

and about the hotel staffs being nice too them..they always have "VIP" treatment from them:)

But Cik Kak Cik kak tak nak lah they said " we want to go to the beach!..we dont want Avillion they dont have nice beach or hotel! hishhh Avillion pun 5 star lah..

So Cik Kak Cik Kak where do you want to go or stay? They said " Bondi Beach or Thistle Port Dickson!" ha..haaaa mama&papa cant do magic okay..we can't go Bondi this Friday..so Thistle is more like it! So kena cancel booking at Avillion..luckily Agoda very easy to cancel and make a new booking:)

So during lunch time the good mama pun pergi carikkan  goggles..tak ada warna pink..hopefully you both like orange okay.

And the mama has to change her swimming gear too:):)

Hopefully we have fun at the beach and Uwan has fun at Maklang House..she dah tak sabar nak pergi rumah Maklang,sejak surgery tak bawak lagi dia jauh2 naik kereta..kesian jugak..sebab she suka pergi CH or PD..tapi kena tunggu betul2 okay baru boleh travel jauh..the first destination of course her beloved Kampung:):)


Liney said...

suka-suka... boleh imagine makan jagung bila akak cakap bila gigit jagung terasa terpercik air dia... errmm... akak, kalau ada masa, bgtau la macam mana nak masak asam pedas :)

umimiqdad said...

Saya dah try masak lemak tempoyak kepala ikan + petai...huishhh sedap giler. Terima kasih share resepi yg best.

Selamat bercuti ya...

nyza said...

salam kak zu,
yeah, happy beaching to tia mia..splash splash,
niza pun nak ke PD this weekend,we off to grand lexis..
tak sabar nk main air.heheheh

Nbi sepah puteri said...

Best Nya dapat gi cuti cuti Malaysia n paling seronok mesti lah uwan boleh balik tengok rumah Dan kampung halaman dia.tengok nanti mesti berseri seri muka dia.Alhamdullilah Uwan sebab semakin sihat Dan dapat balik jengok rumah kan.

Anonymous said...

as'salamualaikum zu - thank you for sharing a story of another SUPER - muslimah, masya Allah. i respect you both for the patience and the sacrifices you gone through.. may Allah SWT reward you and both with Jannah Al-Firdaus, ameen. hanya mereka yang pernah menjaga warga emas akan tahu cabaran dan dugaan yang kita lalui.. semuga kita sabar dan tabah menjaga amanah dari Allah SWT. happy holidays dear sis :)

Anonymous said...

wah.. budak kecik 2 org tu sure have their own taste, huh?!! ;)) *ikut sapa la tu..* hehe...

Fatimah said...

tersengih-sengih bila nama ku di sebut oleh mu..thanks for the recipe...

M.U.M.M.Y M.I.Q.H.A.E.L said...

salam kak zue..

baru nak tanye camne nak buat broth utk steamboat tu..thanks for da resepi ye..

oh...we all pun nak ke PD this coming weekend..but we going to Grand Lexis...bole rendam lame2..hehe tak sabar ni....

shafa ismail said...

Salam,kak zue..lama x post comment kat blog kak zue..srnk baca crita kak zue.. Senang hati tgk uwan dh baik n the girls too.. me also had a bad day last week,since my husband x sihat,a week dia skt dlm kpl,n my girls plak asyik batuk n muntah.. mmg penat,tapi sy rasa bahagia sbb dpt jaga n always ada beside them.. Actually,kak zue..sy nak tny kak zue bekalkan apa untuk tiamia during breakfast diaorg? i've no idea untuk buat breakfast kat my twins since them goes to school this early feb..kadang2 tu belikan kan roti gardenia ja kat dioarg..hehe.. satg buat breakfast yg sama ja,takut diaorg akan jemu plak.. hopefully,if kak zu ada extra times,kak zue akan share pasai breakfast ni.. tq kak zue... :)

Mas said...

selalu gak g thistle,mana tau next trip leh terserempak ngan tiamia kan.PD dekat n best lepak kt pantai,seronok dgr bunyi ombak ;)

Anonymous said...

patut kak zue slim..makan wholemeal bread aje :-)

Anonymous said...

patut kak zue slim..makan wholemeal bread aje :-)

umiyumi said...

Salam Zu, i always enjoy reading your post :)

daydeck86 said...

macam buah markisa jer kak

Anonymous said...

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Stephonkdqf said...

patut kak zue slim..makan wholemeal bread aje :-)