Sunday, May 13, 2012

You and Me.

Salam All.

Wahhh it had been a week since i updated my blog:) Busy,busy all the week:)

HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY To all mothers out there.Many views and says on this day but just pasang your niat, yeap loving your mother is not only one day,etc etc..again if you make your mother happy and she has tears looking into your face when you hug and wish her..don't you feel you are the happiest:):)

I posted this on my FB and i thought i just share it here:

" I was laying in bed and she came. She said " Mama why your eyes is closed? Are you sick?You want me to press your head?You want minyak geliga or minyak Yuyi? When there was no response from me she got worried and yelled " Papaaaaaa mama is not moving...uwaaaaaaa" When we were small we loved our mother very very much,we can't be separated from her even for a minute.When our mother grow old we should love them more because once they are gone;you shout,you weep,you curl up in bed missing her,she will not comeback.No matter how big you are,how great you family still need your mother, there will be moment when you want to hold her and tell her things just like when you were small.Alhamdulillah and Thank You,first to Allah Swt,second to mother".

And i have some priceless moments with my emak which i would like to keep here,for my and Tia Mia's remembrance .To Allah Swt we thank and sujud..for the opportunity given..if my heartbeat can produce words all loves and syukur in this world is not enough to fill this space.

Friday the girls spent one whole day at school with Teacher Claire doing this for me; "Love chairs" They are so lovely,the two can't wait to show me these.Thank Sayangs mama loves it very very much.

This is a priceless view to me;  I came back from office and saw this.When she was in hospital last time battling for life, i cried and cried thinking about how i miss seeing her sitting at the verandah. Ya Allah,i am lucky i to have her under the same roof, i will not trade it for anything. 

This is a another priceless view to me:) To have girls of my own- they bring colors to our lives...especially when they can potong ekor taugeh already!

Acik@Pashik thank you so much:) Since our emak came out from hospital,he always come at least 3 or 2 times a week and became our imam. I think both of us still remember our special moment outside the ICU, he poured out his heart and i poured mine..we cried, we promised we will improve ourselves to Allah Swt and our emak...may we always remember that.

Saturday was a special day- morning my second brother (my eldest had passed away) rang the bell while we had breakfast outside.Happy lah my emak,my brother datang tengokkan my nephew's and his kids actually since my nephew's wife hospitalized for denggi.Alhamdulillah dah keluar and recovered now.

Uwan happy lah reminiscing old stories with my brother..zaman hitam putih..tengok tu sampai picit2 kepala nak ingat cerita lama.After i cooked lunch i left the two to continue their stories while i sent the girls to piano class.

Today- our mother's day started with me cooking nasi goreng kampung for my emak:) I know she always love my nasi goring especially kalau ada telur mata;):)

Then my FIL came bawakkan us "bubur asyura' kelantanese version- Alhamdulillah,different from N9 version,their's spicy and oily while ours was more like bubur lambuk..i remember having them when i was kid.Kat surau orang masak ramai2,banyak daging,santan so sedap dengan bawang goreng.

Banyaklah rezki di pagi hari, my MIL kirim these for the girls:):) and i kirimkan dia handbag untuk hadiah  "Mother's day'.

Lunch we get ready to go out..we taking uwan for a special lunch.

Uwan got a new handbag from me too:) While my MIL's one was black uwan has this color,she likes it very much:):)

We went to Awana Genting; favorite's place my other half zaman dating2 dulu:);)

We had uwan macam2 ada dalam pinggan.

After rice uwan had mee soup and can you see one princess at the back carrying dessert plate:)

Yeahhh selamat sampai tak jatuh happy dia:):)

After macam2 makan uwan had her tea with milk.

It was a good lunch..i feel  happy as uwan was so happy..when my niece called to wish her, she was excited telling her "yerrrr omak kek gonting ni haaaa..sodang makan":):)

Ha,ha i love this picture..uwan seronok relax sampai tak nak bangun:):)

These are canna celeh:)

After lunch we took uwan to strawberry picking.

tukang heret uwan:)

uwan seronok banyak sayur segar2.

the red strawberries.

yeayyyyy uwan cakap lamo ehhh den tak ko kobun:)

Geram lah dia tengok buah2 strawberry tergantung.

There she can't wait.

dengan handbag baru tersandang uwan memulakan operasi:)

seronok betul uwan.

inilah hasil saya!

ini pulak hasil budak kecik:)

uwan geram tengok cactus..sebab kat kampung kan dia suka tanam:)

Jom uwan time to go back.

Alhamdulillah..we had a good day.

My love-Tia Khadeja.

My Love-Mia Ayesha.

Until then nite nite- p.s to reader in Syria who asked about the effect of my lemon juice intake- it was good as it has lessen my cough but everything had to be taken moderately:):) i will try to answer other questions in the next tired tonight..and to everybody else i doa that all of you be blessed by good health and hopefully Artlover,cinnamon world of colours's hb has recovered and to Lady Leisure- it seems that i can't post comment at your blog so i miss telling how cute arman is:):)


umiyumi said...

Salam Zu, seronok baca entry mlm ni, especially tgk Uwan yg ceria.. bestnyee petik strawberi.

Tia Mia comel sgt mcm princess :)

kasihredha said...

seronok tgok uwan petik stawberry...
selamat hari ibu

Unknown said...

rindunyeee kt entry kak zu

fifie said...

Hai, I love your skirt. Heeee. And tia mia sangat sangat cute dan pandai. ;)

farrah said...

why am i crying reading this? so beautifully written, kakak!

Suffia said...

Happy Mother's Day to you and Uwan.
xoxo Suffia.

muna mahdzar-fadaaq said...

Happy Mothers Day

Anonymous said...

happy mother's day to u and all the other wonderful moms in malaysia…lovely entry as usual, keep it up!

Parin's wife said...

Happy mother's day kak zu..what a beautiful family..u r so lucky and may Allah bless u and your family sis :)

annhuzi said...

penuh bermakna kegembiraan di wajah uwan.
mama, tia, mia feeling happiness and creating happiness for uwan.
beautiful smiles!

Anonymous said...

happy mother's day to kak zu and uwan....

xoxo zura

Admin said...


Risau saya bila seminggu akak xtulis di blog...
Syukur alhamdulillah kak zue skeluarga sihat n also ibu yg kena denggi tu dah blh keluar hospital.
Anak pn masuk hospital baru ni sb dmm n bernafas laju. syukur sb admit 2hari 1mlm shj.
Saya xpernah jemu membaca tulisan kak zue yg sgt menyentuh hati.
kak zue ada bakat jadi seorg novelis nie. huhuhu.

Anonymous said...

Keep on writing, zu.. and we will keep on reading. :)


mamalisa said...

love ur writing and happy smiles ..happy mother's day deary.

Art lover, cinnamonworldofcolours said...

Aslmkm Zue..
'Happy Mother's Day' to you and Uwan!

rina mazlan said...

Sukalah baca blog kakak ni.. Sweet je...:)

fiezachommel said...

Happy mothers day...
Kami postponed celebrate sebab semua demam!
Papa dan Ajiq dh beransur,cuma fieza je blm recover sepenuhnya.
Will tell my story later....

Sarah said...

Happy Mother's Day! Idraki pulak got a blue chair :)

Ikin Othman said...

owh my. the two has grown up. they're so cantik. pretty pretty princesses.

Cik Da said...

seronok tengok uwan yang sentiasa sihat dan ceria..kirim salam dengan uwan ye zue...

susumanis said...

alhamdulillah, semoga semuanya manis manis selalu <3

susumanis said...

alhamdulillah, semoga semuanya manis manis selalu <3


Alhamdulilah, bila tengok uwan dah sihat,hepi sangat saya...kak zu n family bertambah2 la hepi kan....semoga akak sekeluarga diberkati Allah......amin....