Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our Favourite Things In CH.


Every time we go to Cameron we will try to enjoy to the fullest:) With the girls around semua pun jadi fun:) Alhamdulillah.

Butterfly farm visit is a must:)

The girls simply love the butterflies too much, the butterflies love them too- the two can spent hours here.

The Beauty.

Butterfly on my jeans.

Lucky one butterfly sudi hinggap on me:)

Giant cactus at the butterfly farm.

Another 'must' in our list.

She always excited to pick strawberry:)

This time Alhamdulillah strawberry besar2- sebab cuti sekolah belum start so belum kena pick.

We went to the same farm- Rezeki Ika the name- the price is reasonable here.

This is the first time we visited Rose centre at Kea Farm- penuh roses dari bawah hingga lah ke puncak yang sangat sayup tinggi menggalah ke langit.

My sister Maklang is a Rose lover so she asked me to take as many pictures of roses here.

Beautiful orange rose.

It's like a dreamland here- nothing but roses;)

Red beauty.

Lovely pose by Mia.

Maklang said this is called Rose Cluster- sangat cantik macam hand bouquet.

Pink beauty.

Lovely as princess.

The girls with the Ivy plants- I love Ivy but it is not easy to grow it here in KL.

Lemon Tree.

Big Challenge going to the top.

But it was too beautiful not to go up.

Wahhhh worth mendaki to see this!

So peaceful and beautiful up here.

You can see the whole valley.

Imagine if we have a garden like this.

Awesome view.

Beside Bharat Tea Plantation i think this is one of the nicest view at Cameron.

The girls in happy mode.


After the hilltop climbing we treated ourselves with the best nasi daun pisang and masala tea.

After lunch we checked in into Century Pines Resort. They have the XXL king size bed so everybody boleh tidur sam a.

We booked the garden room.

Time to eat hasil petikan dari ladang strawberry.

Yeahhhh heaven;)

Dinner we went for steamboat at the usual place.

The steamboat here is always nice- with the fresh veges and cold weather you can eat until the last bit:)

Steamboat gives you natural facial steam;) Sampai camera pun berwap;) 

Hmmm i love CH- i love the cold weather, the tudor house, the food,flower... how i wish boleh pencen kat cameron, ada rumah kecik with chimney,worn sofa, chesterfield in the reading room, copper pots and pans in the kitchen,garden with white gazeebo, voilet pansies and red roses and porch with crawling grapevines and bedroom with tomatoes planters box outside the window.

Salmi- best nyer your sister renovated her house macam ye olde smoke house, i love the beams too:) And Elena and Alina enjoy your holiday!



umiyumi said...

Salam Zu,
Bestnye tengok gambar2 CH. Semua gambar cantik2 belaka. Buatkan umi rindu lagi nak ke sana. Biasa juga stay kat century pines, tp tak pernah duduk garden room.

Nina said...

Kak Zu nak tanya tempat mkn steamboat tu nama apa? next time boleh saya try makan kat sana..

Hanis Azla said...

Salam k.zu..

bestnya tgk gambar tia mia dgn all the roses yang cantik2 tu.. Subhanallah.. indahnya.. geram juga dgn strawbery yg gemuk2 tu..

Elena said...

Klu laaaaa dpt pencen mcm tuuu....walahhhhh

Unknown said...

The views are breathtaking. Dah lama teringin nak gi CH tp Hubby not very keen to go there. He prefers Genting.

Unknown said...

wow! suka ikuti blog kat zu. gambar cantik2 dan menarik. Pandai k.zu pilih view. Paling suka tgk bunga-bunga rose dalam entri nie. i love roses..:)

eda said...

kak .. inner yg u pakai tu inner arzu ke ? mind to share kakak syg :-)

Honey Maryam said...


Kak Zu, baru saya tahu namanya Ivy plant. Saya ada sepasu di rumah tapi macam mati segan hidup tak mahu je..tak sure apa masalah dia tapi tak kena direct sunlightpun..isk2..

Ammi Sahil said...

I am one of your silent reader, and sgt adore your life and how u decorate ur house...inspired me to do the same..

Anonymous said...

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