Sunday, October 4, 2009

1. Super Yummy baked Macaroni 2. Arggggh.....Mission Not Accomplish!

Story 1

This Morning Mama baked yummy macaroni for us, you papa and even uwan liked it.Mama cooked quite a number of dishes this morning..baked macaroni for breakfast,gulai lemak cilipadi daging with potato for uwan's lunch, fish with spinach soup for you lunch and mama fried keropok trengganu for you nyumm2 after bath..hmm should consider opening a cafe la macam ni:)

Super hot macaroni with hotdog slices,brocolli,mushroom and carrot fresh from oven.

Add dash of tabasco to give umpph to the creamy macaroni.

One for mama's office.
Story 2

Yesterday, mama's face was like maklang's cat above..sad,air liur meleleh..mission not accomplish man!

The reason behind meleleh air liur..our new house in the above picture is still a house,its not a home yet.Mama is in a very great dilemma between wanting to move to a new,nicer and bigger house and leaving a comfortable home sweet home that we are living now.The dilemma is quite serious sampai malam pun mama menung thinking about. ..hehh..hehh..Mama loves the area and environment of our present house,the neighbourhood is like our 2nd kampung,the good cafes,shops and ikea,ikano,curve is just around the corner.Tambah serious lagi mama started berangan that one day.somehow we got a nearby banglow that cost RM2.8 Million for free ..hahh..haaa...Papa ketuk2 kepala mama,on the other hand we have spent a lot for the new house's renovation,its a nice place too,resort style living, with a golf course,club, spa,beauty centre and a brand new bowling complex..but a kampung girl like mama suka jugak our home sweet home now. To be positive and as a start in turning our new house into home sweet home,mama and papa have agreed to put some furniture there.So we started with hunting for dining table,saturday after your shichida class we went hunting at ikano,papa,mama has shortlisted a few, butyou both were so naughty,took out all the price tags at the shop,mama told the salesman that mama will come separately on Sunday for order...tak sabar lah pulak.But yesterday busy jugak, mama cooked lunch for papa;s site,maklang and you both quite mengada, asyik lekat dengan mama,come 4.30pm mama masih tak dapat keluar..waaarghhhhh tak dapat la beli dining table semalam...leleh air liur..tik,tikkk..tikk

We have white picket fences at the new day we mama will cover it with roses,red,white,orange,lilac,purple...

Its not easy to decide on a dining table..a round table is nice but it can't house much food.

Second point to consider is either buying a wood set ot a glass table with padded chairs.

Sometimes its not so much of the price of the table that makes it look good but the setting,your taste in decorating it...
There were times that mama feels of decorating out new house with bright and dark,crazy,classic...Adam's family likes..hehh..hehh blood,blood every where..

But pastel colours will soothe our eyes..stencils wall adds elegant to any rooms.

A simple old wooden table can be so stunning with a clever tablescapes.

A classic victorian chairs is a very nice option for a dining table ..if you can afford it.

Mama loves dining table to be placed next to a big window facing a our new house our dining area is next to an outdoor with big sliding doors.

A bright colours, a right fabric and lots of sun will give any dining room a thousand dollars look.

Mama need a lazy chair near our dining table..

And mama is also looking for nice old dining table with bench for our outdoor dining place. mama dapat lah feel balik nak hias2 our new house..miss the above abandoned kitchen..if money is not the limit,mama would now jumping form shop to another..

Note : Own pictures - the macaroni,the cat,the new house and the last picture.
Googles - the rest.


Dr Sofea J.Ann Tan said...

wil definitely take lots of effort and time to decorate a new house ..dt worry too much ya.. am sure it wil be HOME SWEET HOME soon !!!

Drama Mama said...

i'm drooling over the macaronies!!!

annhuzi said...

so cute, a dress up cat :)
but dnt get too close n make my roma2 berdiri :D

dat beautiful kitchen shldnt be abandoned, must fill it with sweet smelling juadahs like those macaronies :)

with tia mia in the new house, it'l turn to a sweet home instantly :)

Ikin said...

makaroni tu menggugat iman betul...'terkesima' air liur ku...hahhaa

jangan risau maksu...masanya akan tiba...hehee...jumping from shop to another...u jump i jump...:)

Idida Aziz said...

so shedap ler nengok macaroni tuh...
rs jeles smp nk buat gak ptg ni...haha iyo2 ajo...tade bahan kat dapo...hehehe..

MamaTiaMia said...

dear takut cat lagi ke..he,heh they are such an adorable creature ann..hug them,you ll fall in love:) tu la..nak fill in the new kitchen with yummy2 aroma.

ikin,ko jangan lah terkesima jer..mai la rumah maksu masakkan,nak macaroni,makarona semua boleh..tapi jangan merajuk guling2..hahh..haaa

idida..pi la beli barang ngan maleh ha..bonti2 lah makan lomang tu