Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Kids Club.

Mama was a bit nervous..why? because of this uniform..ha,ha really? Tia and Mia are going to new kindy. We have discontinued The Shichida Brain Development Program as they have reached 3 years old and  classbound learning is no longer suitable for them, they need fun, fast activities and place to run around.It is not easy to find good kindy,if you want to look at criterias there are many but the most important is they must love the kindy ,they can trust the teacher and feel at home.Mama have been looking for  suitable kindergarten for the past 6 months,can't really find a good one, apart from Shichida, when they were 2 years old mama sent them to one kindy,the kindy was told to be good,they didn't like it there,it was a tormenting 6 days for mama and the girls and because of that mama is more carefull now,Tia and Mia's interest come first,must wait until they are ready and must see whether the enviroinment is suitable or not. Most important lesson learnt" apa yang bagus bagi orang tak semestinya bagus bagi kita,apa yang sesuai untuk anak orang lain tak semestinya sesuai untuk kita"..macam tu lah sebaliknya .It is not an easy task,because of the hiccup before this mama was a bit risau, so this morning was a big day for all of us,mama prayed to Allah Sbt that if the place is good,the girls will like it. The place is near to mama'a office,school hour is 8.30 am - 12.30 pm,Teacher Claire is a half British, the girls instantly like her and they let mama leave them there.Teacher told mama we can never sneak out from the children, must tell them properly and the easiet way is this line "Mama is going out for 5 mins only,5 mins only,do you want to stay here and have more fun? after 5 mins mama will come back,5 mins is so short" works! mama told that to Tia Mia and mama left the place without hiding or sneaking.So syukur,even it is too early to tell but the sign is good so far.Let's look at Tia and Mia new "Club", in order for the small children to feel good they called the place  "The Bunny KidsClub" instead of was given by the Korean and Japanese as this place is run by Korean/Japanese.

This is the  place, old bungalow at Taman Tun,the place is big,the garden is great and well taken care off...gardener pun orang Korea:)

 This is the picture of children at The Kids Club in Korea.In Malaysia they have a good mix and they take children betwen 3 - 6 years old only : the mix here are Japanese,Korean,Australian,Maldives and few local,so far  there are 15 children only that come at different times,teacher will create an individual system for each .The system will take into consideration of the children's development and speed, if you go for a long holiday you don't have to worry about being left behind,once you come back you will pick up whatever you have left.
Apart from English and Malay they can learn Japanese/Korean language  as an option and they can pursue seriously at nominal fee if they are interested.Korean/Japanes children are very hi tech,tak kenal bulky computer screen pun,so they use laptops here.
If minat music they have piano,guitar and flute lessons..dah belajar music,drama,tae kwan do balik malam belajar ngaji kat uztazah zuraidah and uwan Minah jer lah.
Hari pertama yang menarik for much to explore,colours everywhere...Teacher said next week they can paint the garden wall by using their hands.

Exploring the area..morning is sunyi because most of the ex pat kids datang lewat so Tia Mia dapat lah menjelajah dengan riang..

Teacher Claire William yang wonderful, dia ada 7 anak,2 cucu..according tu her, bekas anak2 murid dia yang dah besar2,bila putus cinta pun masih called her for is good to see that Tia Mia can give her a hug before we left.How did she manage to get Tia Mia to kemas all the balls yang dia orang dah baling keluar,Teacher Claire duduk tengah2 bekas tu and the girls got to baling Teacher Claire macam funfair tu.
Doa mama moga they will like it here...hope that they can have fun here and at the same time learn one or two things everyday...tomorrow we can try the burberry short:) P/s: Auntie narimah/intan said dah lama mama tak blog masak2 dia pun dah hilang semangat tapi mama tunjuk gambar bunga garden dia pun berkembang..mama masih masak everyday, this morning sejak pukul 6 pagi dah masak pasta untuk bekal,mee gorang for everbody,soup untuk makan petang the girls while lauk pauk uwan mama dah masak malam tadi...phuiiiih penat tau..tak sempat nak jadi professional photog..ada lah seketui dua nanti mama upload:)


Idida Aziz said...

waaa kebetulan pulak...bukan kebetulan tempat yg sama dengan nafisa & kebetulan lalu depan ni bbrp hr lepas...time tu tingat kat tia mia...mgkn nanti tia mia akan sekolah kat sini...hahaha xsangka betul la...

MamaTiaMia said...

idida..macam nujum lak ni haaa..kebetulan betul

Drama Mama said...

cantiknya their school. so colorful, sure semangat nak pegi sekolah every single day without fail kan!

MamaTiaMia said...

hi drama mama,Alhamdulilah they like it there, i thought it's going to be difficult,i really syukur:)

annhuzi said...

Alhamdulillah. U found a place suitable for tia mia. it really looks beautiful. and u get a peace of mind, it's near ur ofis and best of all the girls like it and a nurturing teacher. syukur berkat doa mama yg ingin tia mia happy :)

boleh tak i tanya fees berapa? servis look gd, i belief the fees pun boleh tahan kan?

and best lah mama tungkus lumus masak untuk membahgiakan keluarga. insyaAllah berkat :) mama terus sihat da terus menginspirasikan kami :)

MamaTiaMia said...

hi ann, nanti kita jawan thru email okay:)

MamaTiaMia said...

hi ann, i reply kat email okay:)

iL4na said...

hi mamatiamia, bloghopped from tripletplusone's. Can i have your email? nak tanya about this kindy. my baby used to go to sichida too and now in a nursery. would like to usha this children's place coz it's near my mom's place in ttdi and looks like a nice place to explore for kids. thanks!

toydha2u said...

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toydha2u said...

Hi Mamatamia, saw your blog when I search for Korean Kids club. I wish to introduce some Korean toys that I imported from Korea to the Korean kids here. How could I do it? Believe the kids will love their home country toys. Lets have some preview of it

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bb said...

Hi may i know where is this kindergarden? It looks nice.
I'm looking for one for my son.