Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our Lovely Kak Ayan Makes Beautiful Hantaran.

Our Kak Ayan makes beautiful hantaran apart from cakes,cookies and all other knick knacks.We love her cakes and cookies,they are not only beautiful but yummylicious too. We are fortunate to have good bakers and talented fingers in our family,this goes to Mak lang,Kak Ikin and Kak Nur too.Lovely ladies bake more goodies for us please:) Come see the gorgoues hantaran prepared by kak ayan for her Best Friend Wedding,isn't it lovely if your best friend could prepare hantaran for your special day,it is part of the romantic thingy:)

We love the cushion ring,the pearls are gorgoues.

The Chocolate arrangement is looks so fairy tales:)The fresh flowers are gorgoeus too (they looks like blooms from mak lang's garden..mak lang..ada hilang bunga tak??) and the tray can be rented individually from kak ayan.

Simple yet gorgoues.

Blooms bring romantic feel to white crisp shirt.

The pengantin-Kak Ayan best friend- as lovely as the fresh blooms.

anddd..must show this "wow" cakes made by kak ayan for lovely triplets in TTDI,three beautiful cakes for three wonderful triplets..they are awesome!

"Wow" cakes isn't it?

but the best is of course our 'Pingu cake"..they are not only gorgoeus but yummylicious to the last bite:)

This is our kak ayan.. so nice to have superb baker in the family ya..nak cake..order,order please:)


Ikin said...

wow...saya sangat sukaaa!!!
Ye...white tray ni harus la lebih mendapat sambutan lepas tengok hantaran ayan yang sangat Gorgeous.:). Now pun dah tak menang tangan orang sewa. TQ to ayan. Kena beli lebih lagi ni... :).

4 Kay-E said...

Sangat cantik. Very talented Ayan :)

annhuzi said...

tia mia ur cousins all so talented! surely tia n mia will follow their footsteps too. buat bisness dengan hasil tangan yg superbly beautiful tentu memuaskan hati esp can see that the products are from the
heart :) congrats kak Ayan.

MamaTiaMia said...

thanks ikin,hari ni budak2 dah masuk sekolah balik..alhamdulillah tak banyak happy.

ita, nanti sesapa nak kahwin boleh book thru maksu ayan:)

MamaTiaMia said...

hi ann, thanks, hari ni better sikit..but the hard and dry cough is stilled here..hope it will go away soon..tia mia being so good pagi masa tinggla kat club mama is happy..but last nite wahhh kena lecture panjang they buat kesalahan yg besar jugak..hmmmmm..

Ikin said...

apa la agaknya kesalahan besar tu maksu? hehe.

MamaTiaMia said...

ha..haaa..baco lah citer den..

Unknown said...

Hi Sis,it was so beautiful hantaran. how can i contact her to do mine ? hehe

Unknown said...

sangat cantik. how can i contact her for mine ? hehe