Thursday, August 12, 2010


Location : In the car
Driver     : Mama
Passengers : Tia & Mia
Destination : The Club
Time : 8.30am

Tia : "Mama naughty car knocked my head and broke it, i have blood on my head and now my head is spinning,spinning..i told the naughty car " you cannot knock little girl,you big boy already,see now my head got blood,what is going to happen now? If my head is spinning and spinning i cannot balik kampung,uwan kampung very nice has jambu,rambutan and we can play mercun, i m brave, i m not scared "

Mia : Mama. Amira likes to say byebye at mama,adik told her "you cannot do that,that is my mama,it is not yours,it is mine..i dont want you to take away my mama, i love my mama,if you don't have mama,what will cry and cry..then my mama will feel sad too,mama want to go "Batu Belah"..then adik pulak sad,adik said "mama,mama don't go,dont leave adik..adik got no friend,who going to take adik to Genting?adik want to go carousel,adik want to go cave to see Dinasour"

So much Drama in the Morning:) Today mama left a camera to Teacher Claire so that she can snap your pictures during Tae Kwan Do, unfortunatley Teacher Claire told mama after she snapped a few "no more memories" appeared..hmm ni mesti papa yang tak clearkan the camera,so no Tae Kwan Do pictures but some pictures doing other activities.Today there were 5 girls and 1 boy only at the Club,3 are having flu and the other 3 having grandparents visiting from far.

After breakfast they have snack  at 10.00 am.

Left to Right : Iman,Shalom,Mia and Tia..having gud time ehhh..

Breakfast in the Kitchen.

Teacher Claire and Us.

Have a good weekend and happy buka puasa to everybody,mama got to get ready banyak food today we have people coming for break fast:)


zeta said...

They're so cute..byk ckp pulak tu kan..sure u seronok..

MamaTiaMia said...

hi zeta,memang lah kecoh,malam sampai kena jadi guru besar garang baru boleh tidur dia orang:)

annhuzi said...

bijaknya tia mia celoteh. batu belah tu mesti mama yg ceritakan masa mama merajuk ;)

and they look very very happy at the club :)

tnx 4 offer to tch me masak2, i'll email u soon :)

Salmi said...

adoiii..kelakar betul la gegirls nie..thanks for make auntie smiling today :-)..xoxo

Lee said...

Hi Mama, love your kid's beautiful big eyes.
Pity the boys when they 18, ha ha.
Have a pleasant buka puasa. Best regards, Lee.

4 Kay-E said...

Kiut betul si kenit 2 orang tu... Serius dengar cakap cikgu. Cakap Mama, mesti nak ask WHY.. heheee...

they are getting bigger... Comel :)