Monday, March 12, 2012

My Food:)

Salam All:),

Thank You readers for your doas and welcome new readers ( from historical city:) and all:)So nice to read all of your comments;):). I am not well today, finally me and husband got it from Tia Mia.My husband is having a bad fever,mine Alhamdullillah just a mild one.

As for Tia Mia Alhamdullillah, this morning Tia woke up with smile on her face.  Mia stilled has the fever but i decided to send them to kindy as staying too long in bed is not good either, I have to go to work and I think Teacher Claire can take care of them.I sent the two to kindy and told Claire that Mia didn't pass motion for 4 days already.At 11.30 Teacher Claire called me,in my heart was thinking "mesti demam balik ni" Claire said she was so excited to tell me that Mia finally pass motion after she blended carrot and cabbage and asked her to drink the juice.Everything that she kept for 4 days in her tummy came out and she feels better now. So it is a tip for mothers,Teacher Claire said carrot and cabbage juice is a natural antibiotic.

Hanis asked about the 'tempek' i put on TiaMia's heads,yeap i pounded the bunga raya leaves and smeared it on their forehead until dry,with izin Allah SWT it worked very well, the temperature went down very fast.To those asking about the Pasar Segar,it is near Section 5,KD and next to Vichuda Restaurant.

Last few days i managed to nyebok2 at fb some people i know:) Looking at their posting about "tea at Royale Chulan, tea at duta solaris,Chanel grabbing,LV posing..i feel..wahh if they read my blog so "domestic/emak2" kinda blog:):) But again it's your far as i can remember since i was small i always love being at home.My childhood was half spent in N9 and half in Johor Bahru,i always travel with my mother on train to visit my arwah brother in JB.In JB we had wonderful time,strolling by the sea,eating satay at desaru,shopping at JB bazaar but if i close my eyes the sweetest memory that first come to my mind is sitting at halaman my emak surrounded by her flowers:)

Today i balik awal,after taking the medicines at office i felt so sleepy that i ended up sleeping on the sofa in my room for 1 hour.I came back trying to rest, not long after that my husband came back and his face was red due to fever, with everybody demam i was thinking about preparing them macaroni soup with spinach and fish balls but i don't have that ingredients in my fridge.I thought of going out and get all those things but i felt so tired and finally i decided to kesian my body and just lied down for 1 hour. 

Anyway i managed to prepare sweet treat for sick people using whatever i have at home:):)

Bread Butter Pudding in the making.My recipe is very simple,i love my bread pudding to be crispy on top and not too thick like what you can find in the shop. If anybody is interested below is step by step method.

Melt 1/3 from a bar of butter in a microwave.

Wait for it to turn cold, add in fresh milk around 1-2 glasses(or more) and add one whole egg.Whisk the egg for 5 mins.

Add some cinnamon dusk if you like.

Cinnamon will enhance flavour to your pudding.

Tear the bread and cover your casserole dish.Pour the whisked milk,butter and egg on the bread.See if it can cover all,if it not enough you can pour some fresh milk on top.

I always love to add raisin to my pudding.

After letting the bread to soak in the liquid for 10 mins you may drizzle some sugar on top.This recipe tak manis. since i tak suka manis2:):)if you like it to be sweet you may add sugar in the milk and whisk it together.

Off they go into the oven.

After 15 mins you have the most beautiful bread pudding in the world!!!! heee..heee...

No matter how expensive bread pudding at Royale Chulan but i think mine is still the best..muahhaaa..haaa.

For a twist try eat your bread butter pudding with maple/pancakes syrup instead of milk or cream.

I tell you it definitely more yummylicious..the combination of crispy top pudding,butter and the syrup..was just uuhhhh ahhhh that orang demam with red face pun boleh makan sepinggan;):)

Anyway this is a comfort food for bread pudding maker:) :) she is having sore throat and only homemade porridge with her sodap sambal and eggs can give her comfort:)

And you Uwan need to gemuk2 sikit okay..i tipu her to drink this by adding it to her milo:) Tipu sunat namanya:)

My precious:)

Alhamdulillah lamanya dua orang ni tak turun ke garden;) 

Hmmmm lets rest now:):)


Mixed-family in da house.... said...

Get well soon....

nurulafida said...

Alamak...u'r bread pudding really make me drool la...nasib baik drool is free LOL

saniah said...

Aduhaii maknya pulk sakit...jgn lupa mkn ubat n rest bnyk2 blog pun blog mak2 ha ha..takde yg glamor hari2 cerita psl diri semua kenangan utk kita esok2 ...:)
Take care...salam utk uwan k

Anonymous said...

have a good rest azu
tak care


sarah kalam said...

Kak..i guess la kan..
mmg who born on July(cancer) ni..
lbih suka dkelilingi our love ones(family,especially parents) to b at home,mmg our fav spot..
like me..when go sumwhere mmg hobi bjln but easily homesick..
many friends yg july ni..more or less same jeeeee sis..
ps-me pandai2 jeeeee buat horoskop prediction kan?

shamsuhada said...

salam azu..take care & get well soon..same to papa, tia & mia..ur puding nampak sodap & senang nak buat..must try some day.. aku pun beli kerdas kt pasar mlm jummat lepas..kita ni org kg kan..tapi kt rumah ni aku sorang aje yg mkn ulam mcm kerdas, jering & yg sama spesis mcm tu..jadi kalau toilet berbau...diorg tahu angkara siapa..tapi peduli ape...janji sodap....

arinieva said...

alamak kak zu! ur bread pudding make me hungry. have to make it for loved ones at home.. hehehehe

Parin's wife said...

kak zu,,ur bread pudding look tasty!i wanna try it at home!!thx for the recipe ;)

4 Kay-E said...

Ala Azu...
Your bread pudding tu.. mengancam lah.. siap dgn raisin & syrup lagi :)

Princess 2 org tu dah boleh melawat taman ye...

Cantik bunga raya u!

annhuzi said...

so nice of teacher claire. we are learning from her too.
tu bukan tipu, tu menambah perisa milo ;)
thanks for ur step by step pictures of bread pudding. easy, can try.
mama n papa get well soon.
now tia mia's turn to look after mama n papa :)
surely, tia mia too will be domestic, homey like mama and their sweetest memory will be their activities in mama's beautiful garden :)

Hanis Azla said...

thanks yer cerita pasal tempek2 tu.. anak2 klu demam selalu lambat nak turun their suhu.. boleh cuba alternatif ni nnt.. homemade bread puding is always the best.. klu buat anak2 mmg tunggu depan oven sbb seronok tgk roti tu naik gebu and garing.. baunya pun mengoda jiwa.. sori, klu cakap pasal makanan selalu mcm passionate sgt.. he..he.. semoga daddy mummy cepat sembuh.. take care..

ctsal said...

Salam Kak Zu,
Your bread n butter pudding recipe is sure a must try one ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warm welcome, Mamatiamia!:)) You please get well soon, ok?


Unknown said...

Kak zu.. Siannye demam. Hehehe. Tiamia should look after their mom plak eh. Haha.. Loveeee bread pudding! Resepi kite sama la.huhu. But next time x nak thick sgt la kan. Muakkkk..huhu..dah sihat ke?