Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Udon Noodles Soup Step by Step

Dear Girls: Since both of you love eating udon noodles soup mama wanna share mama's recipe here.Nothing great,very simple , definitely not the japanase style but more to mama's style. Dulu2 uwan used to be the great cook,banyak kueh and masakan dia yang sedap, unfortunately all the traditional kueh mama tak pernah ambik recipe dia,now uwan dah lupa and mama rasa really rugi. Mama pun macam uwan masak tak ikut buku but more on the 'campak" and ikut rasa lidah punya method.Udon is one of the famous noodle from japan,udon is made from wheat flour,salt and water,the ingredients are simple but the method of doing it is very unique and stilled very traditional,the dough was kneaded using hand for many many times. Another type of noodle is Soba,Soba is a brown Japanese noodle about the size of spaghetti. Soba is very healthy as it is gluten free and it's a good source of magnesium,fiber and protein.

Okay mari memasak now:

There are so many ingredient that you can put in the udon noodle soup,the soup can be boiled without oil or you can fry the ingredient to get some aroma and taste. Last week kita dah masak boiled udon noodle jadi this time mama masak the later type.Mama used beef,fresh fishballs,soft tofu and oyster mushroom.Tia was really excited to see the tofu,she said "what's this?"

And we need the main ingredient which the udon noodles,mama always used this brand "fresh udon from japan" selling at Jusco for 3.50 each and two packets can serve 4 - 5 people.

Olive Oil (Laleli brand is another great brand for olive oil),vegetraian oyster sauce and local soy sauce (our's is tamim kicap kipas udang masin)

You need 3-4 cloves of garlic and 2-3 shallots,chop the garlic and shallot.Tia and Mia is very smart now since they always in the kitchen and never fail to ask mama many many question,bila main masak2 now they can say "pound your garlic,stir,stir first:)

Then mama boiled the udon.You can actually put the udon straight away into the soup but mama decided to boil and wash it first.If we put straight into the soup it will give " masam' taste a bit which is very common in japanese cooking but mama feels it is better to boil and wash when giving to children under 3 years old,futhermore it tastes better.

dah rebus masukkan dalam strainer..

and wash under the running tap water.

heat the pan with olive oil and stir the garlic and shallot.

add in the beef and stir until brown in colour, sebab imported beef kuat bau make sure you fry it until semua buih hilang and bau wangi keluar.

Add in the fresh fishballs..stir

Add in one spoon of oyster sauce.

Stir and put in the sofu tofu,stir carefully to avoid mashing the tofu,

Add in water,make sure it is not too much,if too much water you can't really taste the sweetnes of the beef and other ingredients. Add a dash of white pepper and a spoon of soy sauce.

Put in your udon inside the soup.

Lastly add in the mushroom,taste the soup and add salt if required,let it boil for few minutes.

if you need green for your soup,baby spinach goes well with udon soup (and the reason mama used it this morning because mama had it in the kitchen,clean and cut for the next dish which is your chicken and spinach soup for lunch)

After few minutes you'll have this lovely udon noodles soup,as mama mentioned earlier the water shouldnt be too much, as in the above picture it is just nice.

Serve while it is still hot and steamy.

Tia and Mia your udon is ready to be "slurrrrrrpppppp'.
Note: sebenarnya semalam papa ada mentioned about pancake,we makan western breakfast esoklah papa yerr..now mama buka kedai jepun dulu:)
Having two girls in the house is so wonderful,they showed interest in all the women's things like cooking,whenever they asked mama will never simplified the terms for them even they are barely 3 years old.They learned about 'garlic needs to be pound, how to peel the shallot,what is strain,stir,boil,colander,thong,pan,pots, different between olive oil and plam oil etc.You might think that those terms are too complicated to them but you ll be surpise when they used back those words in their conversation " mama i want to pound the garlic, mama must peel the onion firs etc,etc''..semua pun proses belajar.


Fasha said...

Salam dear, wahhh sedap mee udon tu, Fasha pun masak lebih kurang macam tu jugak tapi yours looks more yummy sentiasa. Mmg betul masa part tolong menolong tu, macam Noah, everytime kalau I nak buat kek dia mesti cakap, Mama saya nak tolong pecahkan telur lepas tu kacau kat kerimm. Dont underestimate their memory kan? I have been wanting to ask about Sichida class yang Tia&Mia pergi tu. If u dont mind, could you pls explain what kind of learning method is that? And masak lemak ketam kat last entry tu menikam kalbu!! Take care my dear!

zubye said...

resepi lagi... bestnyaaaa... adalah sedap kelihatannya... kompem resepi azu ni sedap.. heheh sebab dah pernah try dah ikut your resepi dulu.. hehhe
bolehlah kiter try utk breakfast jugak.. now sampai pening pagi2 tak tau nak buat breakfast apa dah.. naknya budak kecik tu now teacher kata kat skool tak nak makan apa yang tecer bagi.. nak makan bekal dari rumah je... the boy has become a very picky eater now.
pancake homemade ke Azu? share nanti ye.. heheh tq tq!

zubye said...

btw Azu.. nanti tag la yg resepi2 azu tu under "resepi" tagging.. nanti senang kita nak masak sedap2 refer resepi sini je.. kekekke

MamaTiaMia said...

hi zubye,camana tag tu tak berapa gheti ler..kita kan buta it..haa..haa..selamat masak kat irfan yer:)

annhuzi said...

masak sambil memetik kamera. best. so thoughful nak share dgn kita2 :)
and paling best is the learning experience for tia mia. dari kcik dah melihat mama nya handal didapur, mesti ikut jejak langkah mama.
and yes budak2 ni tak payah kita mudahkan bahasa. mereka teramat bijak. beri high level of language and they'l pick up easily and will use them cnfidently. give the best n we'l get d best :)

Liyana s said...

look yummy la udon k.zue nih. saya tak pernah lg rasa udon ni...

tia mia clevernya..betul, setuju ngan k.zue. budak2 ni kalu kita bg jawapan yg ringkas2 pd soalan2 dorang, dorang tak puas hati...bgtau detail even tho kita rasa words tu mcm jargon bg dia..tp dia puas hati :)