Thursday, March 3, 2011

60 mins shopping:)

I dont have new pictures to put up because i was fasting for the past few days and really lazy to snap pictures but i have story to i put  the picture of the girls having their pink ice cream again..i like this picture and i rasa nak makan ice cream lah tonite;)

I was really tired today but had wonderful and amazing 60 mins shopping*wink*wink..bak kata tiamia "You can do it if you really try!" First i went to settle formal business, then i walked into a "Golf Shop" first I thought of getting hb new golf shoes for his games this weekend..ohh ya forgot to tell,we will be tagging papa to Cameron Highlands this Saturday together with uwan,we will stay there 3 days two nites,Tia Mia are excited as this going to be their first time..uwan too:) papa will have his golf on Sunday and he can get the his office staff there to take us around..strawberry picking will be nice for the girls.

Back to the 60 mins shopping,i went into the shop,unfortunately nothing in the shop attracts me,well got to remind here,it's a golf shop and not ZARA,if ZARA tak masuk lagi dah nampak banyak berkenan but dalam tak berkenan to i ended up buying a pair of Nike gloves,2 Greg Norman shirts and 3 pairs of socks plus a shirt for myslef..bukan lah golf shirt but the shop has reebox for i pun beli i got 6 items with me.After that i thot of getting tiamia a hairband, i went to girl's shop and ended up buying 6 ruffles ,pink,green,purple skirts,4 tops and 2 leggings...i now have 18 items with me.Then i walked into Bubble Gummers as Tiamia always like to try her friend 'lip lap ladylike sandal' at kindy, i ended up buying 4 pairs i.e sandals and court shoes,now i have 22 items with me,no trolley just me and my hands.After that i dashed into Chicco and bought new lunch box for i have 24 items in my hand..On the way out i stopped at Auntie Ann and bought pretzel sticks for the girls..finally i stop at the fresh counter bought myself fresh apple juice,two packets of chestnut and i walked out..ehhh..ehhh stop i saw magazines stall i stop bought one home and garden and one gossip magazines..exactly 60 mins i got 30 items in my hand!!!..he..hee..You can do it if you really seems i cant complaint much of doing housechores and running other errands..That's the short story from me..


zeta said...

byk juga brg shopping dlm 60minit..bravo..bravo..
Nasib baik ada jugak beli utk diri sendiri :D
Bila u ckp psl mag home and garden tu teringat nak cerita kat u yg i tgh baca "Jekka's Complete Herb Book"..mcm best jugak..kalau u jumpa u baca la..i rasa mesti u suka.. :)
buku ni i pnjm dr my bos.. :p

MamaTiaMia said...

hi zeta..yeap ada lah beli sehelai kat diri ke nanti i cuba cari jekka book tu..i love garden and herbs too:)thanks.

Neilqnoy said...

hi zeta..yeap ada lah beli sehelai kat diri ke nanti i cuba cari jekka book tu..i love garden and herbs too:)thanks.