Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Perasaan Saya Hari Ini!

Today has many pictures and less words;) I woke up late this morning,was so tired yesterday..I opened my eyes it was 7.00 am already!! Alamak,i ve got to prepare so many things in the morning..so i dashed to bathroom,buat apa yng perlu in the room,dashed to kitchen klung klang,klung klang..wallaaaaaa..by 8.30 I was ready:) Yaeyyy happy,happy:) Everybody too;)

I bought beautiful frozen croissant dough from Village Grocers last Sunday;) All frozen doughs from Village Grocers are yummy, the scones are delicious too:)

Look,dah start kembang in the oven..so happy lah;)

Wallaaaaa beautiful golden brown..cripsy outside and soft inside..buttery and yummy..everbody suka:)

I prepared creamy scramble eggs to go with the croissants.

Simple but yummy breakfast;)

Tia Mia's breakfast box:)

While waiting for the croissant to cook i prepared ayam masak kicap for TiaMia's dinner.The girls take their snack and lunch at the Club so maid only has to give them dinner at 6.30 pm.

While my mum, she has many durians to accompany her today but i have told maid to watch her makan..cannot be banyak2 panas;) These are durian kampung from taiping  a friend from office bawak balik from Taiping.

After dah  prepare the breakfast,meal,the breakfast pack,called papa for breakfast,sent breakfast to uwan at the verandah as she always sit there with a cup of nescafe in the morning..i dashed to bedroom to wakey wakey the bertuah girls:) Mia was in a good mood this morning..i woke her up and she smiled at me;)

Tia was a bit sleepyhead this morning but the moment i told her "you wanna rest at home or go to club she immediately sprung to her feet"..Good girls you rajin go to school..mama dulu ponteng2 sikit..,..heee..hee

Two dresses ready for two princesses;)

Brush your teeth girl..up and down,round and round;)

After dah hantar the girls at the club..dashed to office..wallaaaa..my day is sunny..a friend came to office to discuss the contract and she is going to Cannes,France on 1st April for the routine twice a year Programmes Market..so nak kirim Longchamp cosmetic pouch since mine dah buruk..Longchamp is cheap in Cannes and i love Longchamp especially the La Pliage line..senang campak semua benda kat dalam;)

Then she said cosmetic pouch ajer ke..ehhhh..ehhhh ye la saya nak kirim backpack jugak...he..heee senang nak simpan barang Tia Mia..kihh..kihhhh

She tambah lagi..ye ke backpack ajer..ha...haaa since dah tanya kan..saya memang nak tambah satu lagi La Pliage long handle ni laaa..tolong ye..cantikkan yang ni saya suka;)

Tapi yang ini macam nak jugak....macam mana ni..saya sudah rambang laaaa....

Yang ini pun sangat menawan..ohhhh please help me i ve got a very nice confusing feeling here..;):)


lemongrass said...

Senang cerita, rembat semua so tak lah nanti you tak lena tidur malam asik teringat2 aje :-).
Kalau I terbangun lambat, I dont think I sempat buat all those including the ayam masak kicap! We love croissants and scrambled eggs too :-).

MamaTiaMia said...

LG..memang nak rembat semua kalau ongkos cukup..ni tak berapa nak cukup..heee..hee..sedap kan croissant panas2 and scrambled eggs;)

Anonymous said...

Salam...Hi there, stumbled on your gorgeous blog and I'm VERY interested with your statement...the one about longchamp being cheap in cannes...hehehe...how cheap is cheap???
I'm planning a trip to nice and cannes is definitely on the itinerary + I love longchamp too...so I was just wondering...thanks :D


Salmi said...

wallaahhh..very nice croissant..sangat sopan kembangnya..must be very soft and yummy..bit2 crips outside..drool!

aishhh LC berangan2 jugak nie..tapi lamaa lagi nak sampai ke Paris..meanwhile..berangan..berangan..ada rezeki sampai la nanti :-)..neway semua beg2 yang tersenarai tu cantik semuanya :-)..

MamaTiaMia said...

hi syakirah;)wahh i am so jealous;)planning trip to Nice and Cannes!Both are just gorgoeus..i miss Cannes;used to travel twice a year there last time..now so lama tak pergi:)cheap means cheaper from malaysia by RM200 or RM250 if you are buying item from La Pliage line as the items are around RM400 or RM500 only,if you are buying more expensive range like longchamp divine the saving will be more.Another good news is LV is cheaper there too,i bought one bag from LV boutique there near the Palais at the Croisette beach,it was long long time ago,it costs me RM1800 while in Malaysia you have to pay around RM2700,items from past season are cheaper as they always change their design according to season.Another good option to buy cheaper branded goods is by visiting San remo which is not far from Cannes,it is a border between Monaco and Italy..i went there once and penuh dgn malaysians yang gila beli branded items;)You can do a day trip to san remo from Cannes.Enjoy your trip,dont forget to eat buttered rice with grilled scampis(prawn) by the beach in cannes,they are really good;)I love their fabric,especially their table cloth with lemon,olive and lavender motifs;)all the shops at the alleys are worth visiting too,i bought my wedding bedspread from one of the shop there!Finally,i love Cannes and i hope you have a fantabulous trip there;)

MamaTiaMia said...

Hi Salmi:) Insyallah nanti mesti sampai;) mesti best..mesti visit all the shops at teh alley to buy fabrics and plates;)

Nadiah said...


Alang2 your friend dah nak ke France kan,rembat la LV or Chanel.
After VAT memang you untung banyak tau.

I know you deserved it dear.

Take care ya.

4 Kay-E said...

Tak berkesempatan nak borak2 kat email.. nnt ye..
Wah.. Suka lah ada frozen scone kat grocer.. Nak beli la... I like scones :)

Kiut nye bekal utk Tia&Mia...

Miss u & the girls tooo...

4 Kay-E said...

Nak Longchamp juga :P

gja said...

ekau rembat yor lah limo2 tu milahhh.. kang bule melaram gi jombatan bosi kek ulu boting he3x..

- gja ;-)

MamaTiaMia said...

hi nadiah-will pause and think about it:)my friend going Cannes,my niece going Paris soon..so not so good for pocket..hee..hee..got to sabar,sabar:)

hi ita..yeap lama tak borak2..email ler okay;)