Monday, March 14, 2011

Special Entry For Myself.

Indeed this is a special entry for myself.When your life is good, you don't have much hiccups in life, your loved ones are infront of you,you are blessed with loves,times and health you sometimes takes life easily.It is not that taking life easily is bad but the appreciating part sometimes become less,having good,calm life is like sipping a good coffee,if only once in a blue moon you got to drink gourmet coffee from an expensive cafe you will appreciate every sip,try to savour every drop.But if you have it every day you drink it in one breath and you tend to forget how tasty it is,how aromatic  and most important how fortunate you are.I am just like any other human, I sometimes need thing to happen in order for me to become more appreciative,more attentive.If other people is less fortunate where their parents are far away I on the otherhand is  very lucky to have my mom right infront of my eyes,i don't have to call her through phone,i dont have to travel thousand miles to see her and because of this i sometimes forgot to pause and  think how lucky i am. Alhamdulillah i never threat her badly,i ve tried my best to make her comfortable in our house,the only thing lack is due to my busy timetable i have less time to be close to her soul,to rub her back,to lie down beside her and rekindle the old memories like we used to do when she was stilled in kampung.Sometimes i know i should do that but since she is under the same roof, I took it as no rush furthermore i am always tired by the kids and other chores therefor i tend to postphone doing all the intimate things that a daughter should do.Old people is very different from the young ones,they don't need material thing much they need their loved ones to sit and listen to them,to touch,to hug,to rub and listen and listen endlessly to thier old stories.

A big wake up call happened to  me this weekend when we came back from holiday and my mom had flu,cough and she looked unusually tired,sometimes like day dreaming, i was worried about her,first i thought of taking her to the nearby clinic but last Saturday I decided to bring her to Tropicana Medical Centre,to cut the story short, the Doctor saw something not right in her lung,he sent her for X ray,she was admitted on the same day and the doctor told me she sufferred Broncheatisis-uncommon lung desease,where the airways become wide and the people suffering it will be easily infected,in my mom case the damage is quite chronic and due to her age she has to be treated immediately .She was admitted,she looked very weak in the hospital from a vibrant old lady she looked fragile and distant, i was very sad inside,so scared of losing her. Since my father died i always pray to Allah swt to give me time,strenght,health,rezeki not only for my self but for her,when i saw her getting older i pray harder and harder,first i when i was pregnant i doa for her to be able to see my children,after the children came i doa for her to see them grow,i doa for her to be around to see the girls to go into college,i doa for her be with me in my new house when i have rezki.So far Allah sbt has fulfilled my doas,she is still with me,i have been given the most precious gift which is "the time with her",i have strenght ,i have rezki and i have health to do things for her. If  i have not done the best,i have overlooked certain things in taking care of her or i un/intentionally hurt her feeling i feel like betraying the time that has been given to me by Allah sbt. And because of that i am telling myself everyday now, to improve my care and enrich my love towards her.As mother we wont know our fate,we wont know whether our children will care for us when we become old,we can only educate them, teach them and we doa to Allah sbt,the rest is beyond our control but as daughter/son we have full control in giving our parent love and care,if the love is not given and the care not extended it is our choice and oneday when we are old just like our mom or dad we will see all the flashback and if we had hurt her or him the sadness in our heart will be eternity.

To my mom i never forget our times  together in the kampung, you held my hands in the dark and we waited for the school bus together.You are not rich but you give the best to me,every night during the exam you will sleep on the sofa next to me and you will refill my drink everytime i finish it..if i am willing to give my life to Tia Mia now you are willing to do that to me long time ago, if i can't be parted from Tia Mia you don't want to be parted from me too...there is no reason for me to forget you even in a single second;) I love you very very much and may Allah Sbt bless you with health,long age and happiness.

Uwan in the ward with Tia.

The relationship between these 3 started long time ago when the girls were in my tummy and uwan came over to look after me.Four years ago uwan can still cook and clean,i was sick 24 hrs,mood swing 24 hrs,uwan was there,never raise her voice to me.

Alhamdulillah,uwan is getting better now,she has to do some chest theraphy and take strict antibiotic prescription.

Tonite i cooked fish head soup for her.It is a simple dish but i have request from a young lady who is a mother of 3,she recently faced tremendeous challenge in her life,had to go for operation and facing the greatest fear in life.She is a very brave ,always postive,when i texted her and offered any helps she replied back and said "dont stop blogging and pls put recipe too" Specially for her this is  the simple recipe  here.I learnt from my mom,to my taste it is nice and the whole family like it too;) First you need to get the fresh fish heads,slice lots of big onions,shallots,garlic,ginger and lengkuas,pound few white pepper and get some cinnamon stick,bunga cengkih,tumis everything that i have mentioned until fragrant and brownish,add in the fish head,strir a lit bit to get rud of the 'fishy smelly',add in water and salt and simmer until the head is soft.Serve hot with asian parsley.

Husband was tired tonite,he likes bread butter pudding very much,tonite i baked again for him.

Serve it with warm evaporated and fresh milk.My bread pudding is very simple,i can prepare it in 10 mins, I shredded gardenia white bread in a oven dish,heat up butter in a microwave,took out add in evaporated milk,fresh milk,sugar and mix well,add few drops of vanilla essence,pour onto bread, put dish into oven,set oven to 180 and bake until golden brown.For the sauce i mix evaporated milk,fresh milk and lil drop of vanilla essence.

The duos ever ready to entertaint uwan at dinner table;)

The girls have good taste when it comes to food,pandai appreciate good food,for her soup i have to sift all the spices,so it is clean and clear then she "slurrppppp"..

The after 9.30 pm view,uwan lepak on sofa,the girls and papa eating their dessert.


I did some sewing works this week,nothing much,he..hee just alteration for the girls pyjama,lama dah beli tak boleh pakai besar;)

The cool cucumber girls.

Too cool;):)


umimiqdad said...

memang betul kita selalu lupa nak appreciate yg ada depan mata...once dah tiada baru nak menyesal kan...

kami doa semoga uwan sentiasa sihat2 n gembira bersama tiamia

muna mahdzar-fadaaq said...


You're right... you do tell sweet stories!!

Hugs xoxo

Eine Frau aus Botnang said...

Hi dear, your entry make me want to go home and hugs my Mak and my Wan now. I feel you my dear. Kerinduan sentiasa menebal, selalu tertanya apa khabar Mak semua dekat sana. Sihat ke tidak. Hari tu cakap dengan mak, ramai kawan kehilangan ibu & bapak mereka awal bulan 3 hari tu. Lepas tu I told her to let me know cepat2 kalau jatuh sakit, jangan sorok2. Being a noble Mak she always is, she said Mati Hidup Takdir Tuhan,don't you worry.... I just dread to receive any calls from home. But sebagai anak hanya doa sahaja yang dapat I hadiah dari jauh. I doakan your Mak sentiasa sihat dan dapat melihat TiaMia membesar seperti mana you sentiasa doakan. Hugs and kirim salam buat Uwan. Take care dear.

Mira Marlena said...


Semoga uwan cepat sembuh hendaknya...lebih2 lagi cucu2 tersayang ada di sisi...mesti kuat semangat nak cepat baik kan?
Saya doakan semoga semua dipermudahkan..insyaAllah

zeta said...

Dear..thank you for sharing something like this with us..i really appreciate this..and i take it as a 'reminder' for me..

zeta said...

Semoga Uwan cepat sembuh..dan diberkati Allah selalu..Insyaallah..

mama_alifsarah said...

tersentuh baca entri kali ni.. automatic ingat ibu kat kampung.. moga uwan cepat sembuh... lagi2 ada dekat ngan cucu2 yg cheeky..
pstt... i pun nak bgtau.. u keep blogging tau n put resepi2 n pic makanan yg bisa bikin i srmangat nak masak utk famili :)

MamaTiaMia said...

dear all,thank you very much:)kita cuba yang terbaik and berdoa sebanyak mungkin,my doa for all of you too:)

Anonymous said...

Baca entry ni ngan airmata touching...coz i don't have parents anymore...they left 20 yaers ago...x puas menabur dan membalas jasa mereka.

Salmi said...

moga allah memberikan rezeki kesihatan to your mom, you & hubby and tiamia sentiasa..aminnn..take care :-)

MamaTiaMia said...

Dear anon,Alfatihah buat kedua ibu bapa ya...Insyallah doa yg tak putus pun satu jasa jugak;)

Salmi,thank you so much;)

Ikin said...

maksu,tersentuhnya baca entry deep inside..:)
Me, lucky to have amazing family...full full full of love :).

Teringat uwan dulu, sanggup teman Ikin pergi tandas luar rumah tengah malam...takut ada katak bobot. Hehe.Miss uwan. Miss semuanya...rasa tak puas berkumpul hari tu.

ayan & mama said...

ALHAMDULILLAH..uwan den cool babe..
and the gediks gurs..

Maya Marisa said...

MamaTiaMia dear,
baru khatam ur past entries. banyak jugak i tertinggal.
a very good entry and reminder to all of us. hope ur mom is fine & dandy and most definitely speedy recover to her.
sup tu delish nyer. teringat ms kecik dulu, asalkan demam jer, my mom either buat sup aya, sup ikan merah or ikan jenahak, ikan masak pindang. mmg ler menyelerakan.
oh ya, i time preggie & pantang dulu pun my mom jaga. same like u, vomit all the way, tu blum heatburn la, sebu perut la, cramp la, backache la. in short, u name it, i had it. tapi kalau dah mak tu, mak jugak. bila anak pompuan dia pregnant, terus dia jadi our bff kan? lauk pantang i pun my mom masak.

Anonymous said...

Salam mamatiamia

i've been your silent reader since eons ago. tp hari ni terbukak nak komen. i love your blog, the way u write, and the way u see life as what u potrayed in here. Hopefully uwan panjang umur dan sihat selalu :)


gja said...

Dear Mamatiamia

Very well said! I break into tears reading this entry coz it’s true indeed that we take things for granted.. Especially we the wives.. kena betul2 fair to both our own family and our parents, kadang serbasalah sbb takut kalau2 ada pihak yg terkecil hati whatsoever. Just hope that we never forget our responsibilities towards them, insyaallah..
Wish yr mom speedy recovery & enjoy the loves been poured by u & yr family.. ;-)

MamaTiaMia said...

dear wan,thanks a lot.I wish you good and happy life:)thanks again.

dear gja,yeap not easy to be fair,not easy to please everybody but what inside our heart is the most important thing,only God knows,once we set our niat we can live in peace;)thanks for your doa.

Dr Sofea J.Ann Tan said...

so sad to hear uwan not well..hope she gets well soon...

Lee said...

Hi MamaTiaMia, regret to read about your mom. Here's wishing her a quick recovery. I'm sure she be fine soon.

A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.

Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love.
Love your pics here and especially your 2 dolls!
Have fun and keep well. Best regards.

Anonymous said...

cepat baik ya Uwan.


MamaTiaMia said...

makasih laila;)