Monday, March 7, 2011

Strawberry Park,CH,Part 1

Saturday we packed our things and headed to Cameron,we booked into Fresno 2 bedroom Suite at Strawberry Park.They have refurbished the room and it was cosy and nice.
The Fresno is roomy with good facilities,the hot water is really hot too:) It was really cold in Cameron since it was raining season,uwan dapat lah experience cold weather there;)
We didnt stop anywhere for lunch as i know it will be tiring for uwan, I cooked pasta,roast chicken etc from home and brought there,we reached the place at 2.00 and everybody really sedap selera makan.
Tia and Mia ate spaghetti bolognese with roast chicken.
Uwan sitting pretty there after her perut dah kenyang..cameron is awesome to her since this is her first time;)

This is a shot by Tia Khadeja;):) I love it;)
This is a usual thing to do everytime we go hotel,loncat atas tilam;)

They asked mama to join..i cant resist goyang goyang too;)

Anothet shot by Tia Khadeja,thanks Tia;)
View of Cameron from our balcony.
After we have freshen up we took the girls for strawberry picking,they were really excited;);)

Well the strawberry is kudut2 here especially when they allowed us to pick those already been harvested,these are the left over.
But if you are lucky you can still get the sweet ones like these.
The excited Mia.

"Look i got the big one mama"
"I am sweeter than strawberry you know"..hee..hee

This one whole box cost us RM25;)
After the "hardwork' we went for strawberry ice cream.

Uwan gave the girls RM10 each and both bought strawberry cushions.

One picture at the strawberry farm.
After strawberry picking we went back,took our bath and by 6.30 it was really cold in Cameron..look at this girl..after the bathtub session:)
Tia with her sweet smile.

Mia with her merajuk look..merajuk dengan Tia.

Smile uwan you are on candid camera..uwan sejuk sangat semua pakai,sock,sweater,pant..hee..hee
Cucu bertuah hiburkan uwan;)

Masak2 session after our dinner.

The next morning papa went for golf and we went out by ourselves to the playground and Jim Thompson Terrace.
The trios getting ready.

Swing at the playground.

Uwan having hyde park feeling..hee..hee

Warming up before brunch.

After the exercise we walked to Jim Thompson Terrace and had our brunch,mama ordered pancakes for the girls and noodles soup for uwan.
The food and view is really nice here.

After the brunch the girls went into the gift shop and bought the strawberry earmuffs macam lah now..bagi chance lah;)
We went back and waited for papa to return from his golf...that's all for now,we have more nice pictures at The Ye Olde Smoke house after this;)


Hanis Azla said...

wow bestnya cuti2 malaysia.. dah lama tak pergi CH.. seronoklah tia mia.. larat uwan nak jalan2 lg yer.. tp uwan nampak happy sgt..

Maya Marisa said...

wah seronoknyer pegi CH time panasX2 kat KL...
the last time i pegi CH i think when cha cha was about 1.5 yrs old. we stayed at equatorial as the hotel is one of the affiliate to berjaya vacation club. u tau, my cutiX2 malaysia mostly within the hotels under berjaya..hehehe teruk kan we all nie. tak adventurous langsung
did u dropped by at CH Resorts? cantik kan? when we went there, we were taken by surprised by its newly furbished facade & interior. bila we all masuk, br dpt tau that the place is now under YTL. nostalgic betul tmpt tu dulu. it used to be called Merlin Inn. my dad is a golf kaki, so we would stay put at Merlin whenever he plays golf there.

Lee said...

Hello MamaTiaMia, Wow! Your these pictures really brought back memories to me. On our last balek kampong 2002, a friend took us up to CH and we had tea here, Strawberry Park.
We really loved the place with its Tudor, colonial architecture, ambiance.

Love your pics, real great photography too.
And can see everyone had a fine time include the very nice aunty too. I guess she must be thrilled experience her first trip there and the cool weather.

Talking about cool, we now -21'c outside! My car looks like made of glass as its covered with ice.
Your twins look so adorable! And if there's one happy hubby, that man belongs to you with three beautiful girls in his life.

Have fun and keep well. Best regards.

zeta said...

wow..the girls really enjoy the trip..uwan pon looks mesti uwan tahan sejuk je kat ctu kan..i pon jenis xbleh tahan sejuk..
strawberry tu dpt yg manis2 tak??

shamsida said...

alaaaa..sukanya acik sham tengok tia dan mia ni..comel sangat...mesti jarang bergaduhkan....lagi satu...bila baca cerita zu ni...kak sham rasa teringin pulak nak pergi CH..dah lama tak pergi sana....teringin nak pekena teh tarik dekat tepi lereng bukit hehe


Tia Mia nampak happy sgt.. uwan pun senyummm jer ambik gambar..rasa teringin pulak nak naik CH..

yup,tiap kali gi CH kakpinat mesti nak naik Boh Sg Palas minum teh dan makan scone kat lereng ..feeling omputeh..kehkehkeh..

Mamasya said...

Salam Mamatiamia..

Bestnya jln2 CH....ceria tia mia..tambah2 dapat strawberry tu. uwanpun happy dpt ke CH. Dah lama tak pergi CH...kali akhir pergi pun stay kat Strawberry park....rezki menang lucky draw...yg kurang best masa pergi tu kejap2 hujan..

MamaTiaMia said...

hi pinabate..yeap memang sedap makan scone skan kat sana,scones pulak sedap cuma they kedekut butter and cream lah:( sekarang musim hujan so sejukkkk but boleh jalan before 2pm lah,lepas tu jer hujan.

Blind said...

Tia Mia nampak happy sgt.. uwan pun senyummm jer ambik gambar..rasa teringin pulak nak naik CH.. yup,tiap kali gi CH kakpinat mesti nak naik Boh Sg Palas minum teh dan makan scone kat lereng ..feeling omputeh..kehkehkeh..