Monday, March 28, 2011

Short Story.

Breakfast@Office with new cushions and plant from Ikea.

I ve got short story to tell today but before that just wanna show my office sofa new look *wink*wink* I went to Ikea yesterday with a mission to buy new things for uwan's room i.e lampshade,carpet,wardrobe and a chest drawer but the damage was more than that!! I also bought dinner plates,soup bowls,2 carpets instead of 1,wooden tray,mirror,cushions cover,aluminium plant pots,plants...alololo..ikea memang macam tu..rasa semua murah tapi total..alamak:):) No regret i had my favourite open face shrimps sandwich and salmon with lemon herbs sauce too:) This morning i sat happily at my old sofa with new cushions and yummy wholemeal sandwich as for uwan her new items will arrive today..nak bagi new look sikit kat uwan's room as most of the items inside her room were from my single days)

Alololo..park kaki kejap before cerita..malam tadi penat betul..i had this try lah..dulu2 orang cakap this thing tipu sebab yang hitam tu not actually toxic from your body but just some herbs they put inside that will react with your sweat and eventually turns to black:) Entahlah..benda2 ni so much in your head actually..benda ni beli kat office letak lah malam tadi,since masa letak tu dah ingat dalam kepala after ni mesti lah segar ni..indeed!!! memang lah segar after that:)

The Story:

Actually it is about a wife with a very big ambition,willing to sleep with her boss in order to get what she wants..yeapp she is at the top now,flying high,her husband divorced her and he remarried,she is still chasing the indication of him marrying her...the story is very saucy..i thot of putting the details here but i don't feel good...tapi sebagai peringatan enough to say "Kenali bahagia dulu,find the definition,ask your heart..sebab yang patah kadang2 tak tumbuh dan yang hilang tak berganti,nasib tak selalu baik..hidup tak sentiasa muda".I dont think she is happy now..surrounded by money and branded items but she is like a lost little girl,seeking attention whenever possible..such a pity. Tak saucy langsung my story kan..what to do..saya set saya punya batasan dalam bercerita:):) seburuk mana orang dia masih manusia:):)

Finally; dapat bahagia sikit2 cukuplah kan,mula dengan yang sikit, insyallah dapat yang banyak..macam letak foot patch tu..pun seronok..kihh..kihh..nanti kalau orang urut lagi seronok..wahhh ada balance cuti last year lagi sehari nak kena habiskan before 1st April kena cuti tiba2 this Thursday..wahhhhhh bahagia..after hantar TiaMia kindly boleh urut kaki besar2..bahagia besar2 sayaaaa:)


syamimi azmira said...

orang senyum dekat kita pun dah cukup membahagiakan kan. how simple our life could be. sometimes kita yang complicate or mess our own life. stay positive as a main recipe :)

happy thursday and big smile for tiamia =D =D

Hanis Azla said...

cerita org kita ambil sebagai tauladan.. mengutuk jangan.. klu ke ikea selalunya byk benda jd keperluan.. ha..ha.. selamat berurut besar2an nnt yer..

Suffia said...

MTM, it's true indeed, even one small tiny little thing can brighten up the day :-)


MamaTiaMia said...

Hi girls-so right,small thing can make us happy:) happy happy day to all of you,may your moments with the loved ones be as dazzling as diamond;)

Anonymous said...

Hi MTM, I was so touched with your words ("Kenali bahagia dulu,find the definition,ask your heart..sebab yang patah kadang2 tak tumbuh dan yang hilang tak berganti,nasib tak selalu baik..hidup tak sentiasa muda"). TRUE... and I totally agree with you. I've been sad for almost a month now, I hope the black clouds will go away soon and I'm looking forward to a bright sunny month of April!

MamaTiaMia said...

Hi Anon,my doa for you may the dark cloud go away soon,we are just human when we are in pain we can't be patient,so it is okay to cry,to shout and to be angry..insyallah the bright sunny day will come,sometimes it is fast,sometimes it's late,sometimes too late,whatever it is Allah has reason for sending it fast or late.During the dark cloud find small comfort such as holding hand,hug and kisses..those things made dark cloud bearable and in no time you ll find sun is already outside your window greeting you:)take care.

gja said...

hi hiii mamamia.. eh mamatiamia he3x

i hve the same lamp shade, plant and the pot mcm uwan he3x.. mmg kan kalau gi ikea kalau takder apa nak beli pun tup2 balik kena q bayor byk benda he3x..

i totally agree w u that gembira tak mestinya bahagia kan.. yg penting kena bahagia dulu baru gembira dtg dgn sendirinya..

gud day *wink2*

MamaTiaMia said...

Hi gja..kalau dah beli kat ikea semua sama kan:)ikea tu memang camtu masuk tak tangan kosong:)

have bahagia day today ya:)