Sunday, March 20, 2011

Alang2 Menyeluk Pekasam.

Alang2 menyeluk pekasam biar sampai ke pangkal lengan..hee..hee..Tia Mia do yo understand this old proverb?i think you both pekasam pun tak kenal kan:) For your sake i explain it here,pekasam is any type of pickles but according to uwan the old people in the old times marinate the beef meat together with bones in the big jar/tempayan.They put the beef together with salt in the jar,seal the opening and keep it for months under their kitchen counter.In the old days they didn't have fridge to keep the meat for long so this method is useful and they are just like korean kimchi.How did the proverb come about? In the old days when they want to cook the the marinate/pickled meat they have to put their hands in the deep jar,since the jar is deep if you don't put your hand further below you won't be able to reach the meat,so when you put in your hands it will get wet but since half your hands are already wet and in order to reach you mission i.e in taking out the meat you might as well let your hands wet up till the upper part of the hand (pangkal lengan).The proverb is use to show that in order for you to reach your goal if you are already in half way doing it no matter how difficult it is you might as well finish it.Old people so pandai kan..they see things and they use it as panduan but in a very nice and artsy manner.

So did i seluk pekasam this weekend?he..hee..i did something in total also last weekend,where i kept my hand in my pocket,i didn't cook breakfast or anything on Saturday and i thought might as well i totally hang my pots and no cooking on Sunday too;) Why? because our weekend was really tiring..we spent 8 good days at Emergency Room (ER) at Tropicana Medical Centre,Tia Mia was vommitting,followed by stomache was really tiring..Saturday we made appointment with new Peaditrician at TMC,Tia and Mia pead used to be Dato Dr Musa at DSH but he is so popular and we had to que very very long in order to see him;( since TMC is near our place so we gave a try..hopefully everybody will be okay soon;).Let see some of our pictures during weekend.

Children Section at TMC is really nice,they have huge play room,the whole area is like a big aquarium ..lets hope that the medicine is good too:)

We went to New York New York for lunch,sian Tia she had a very bad cough and was coughing non stop, so no cold drink you you Tia,Hot Honey Lemon is good for your throat.She is getting better now but the cough is still there..anybody have recommendation on how to get rid of cough from small girl like Tia?

Both girls ordered Salmon steak but they can't hardly eat as Tia was coughing and Mia had stomah ache..kesian betul..once dah baik we makan balik ya.

Sunday we didn't go out anywhere..both had activity at the back of the house.

They love glass painting;)

They quite good at Mia punya.

Two are ready to go under the sun.

Sambil painting sambil kena suap nasi..i bought sup ayam kampung from Hassan ayam kampung.

While uwan had her kampung lauk,gulai nangka,lemak labu dengan pucuk manis,rendang hati,pedal ayam dgn kacang dan ulam2..yummm.yummm..pun dari restaurant Hassan;)

dah tak ada kerja after the lunch while waiting for the glass paint to be dried up..mama godek2 camera;)

senda gurau with uwan:)

Apa Mia cakap uwan geli hati sangat tu....

No candy,no ice cream,no cakes so thay had to enjoy banana as dessert;)

I found few new modes in my camera bila dah godek2 tu..rupanya macam2 boleh buat jugak kat camera kenit ni rupanya..macam sephia,colour enhancement,boleh make face jadi lighter or darker..ohhhhh baru tahu..heee..heee..

Kenangan di rumah kami tahun 1950 an dulu..hee..heeee

Me and my sister.

Me and me.

Nak kata sampai pangkal lengan tu ..ada lah jugak tak sampai sikit..hee..heee i did cooked my favourite maggie..tumis cilipadi bawang,masuk bayam,tomato,asam keping and telur cair,cair..ayo yooooo manyak nikmattttt;) Happy Monday if you seluk pekasam make sure sampai pangkal lengan okayyy;)


Hanis Azla said...

nice photo.. amboi berperpatah hari ni yer..

umimiqdad said...

umimiqdad doa tiamia cepat sembuh ok..

syamimi azmira said...

get well soon tia mia :) love to read your inspirational entries and the food posted here sangat yummies. i'm one of the silent readers and really enjoy the reading. keep it up!

MamaTiaMia said...

hi hanis..yeap pepatah petitih la hari ni:)

ummimiqdad-terima kasih atas doa yerr..sangat menghargai.

salam syamimi azmira-thanks for the doa and thanks selalu singgah,we like;);)

Nadiah said...


You so lucky the twins easily boleh serasi with new paed.

All my kids only serasi with Dr Azizi at DSH.I dah banyak kali change to new paed tapi semua tak jalan.Mcm ada magic touch dekat Dr Azizi tu.Kalau deman tak kebah2 pergi juga Dr Azizi terus lepas tu berpeluh2.You tahu la patient Dr Azizi tu memang ramai same goes to Dr Musa.Tambah pula dia Medical Director at DSH. Pernah I kena tunggu dari pukul 1-5petang but it's worth it.

Tapi one thing Dr Azizi ni kita smsm tengah malam or even dia kat oversea sure he will reply.
After 7years with Dr Azizi memang mcm family members dah.

I hope Tia and Mia dah sihat yer.

muna mahdzar-fadaaq said...


I was told that rubbing Vick's kat tapak kaki sebelum tidor help reduces cough at night... wallahualam
Get well soon, girls! xoxo

MamaTiaMia said...

Salam Muna,

I heard about the vicks and been trying it,it does work,thanks again:)

MamaTiaMia said...

salam Nadiah,

tu lah sibuk sangat pead kat DSH tu:)Dr Musa is no doubt very good,he's nice too..ingat dulu2 masa tiamia kena rotavirus tengah malam,hujung minggu pun kalau call dia mesti attend,he even waited for us on Sundar at the ER:)tapi tiamia takut sikit kat dia masa kecik i think due to his white hair and size;)