Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Feelin' Good;)

Breakfast : Pesto Pasta with sausages and baby potatoes.

I have a short entry today;) Just wanna share my good feeling so that everybody can feel the good vibes;) Shooh..shooh good vibes and positives energy go to all the good people out there..hee..hee. Can you catch it? Can you feel it? I think i have mentioned that i had attended good talk organised by my company, a lecturer from US talked about this good and positive energy,he said you need to dicharge these good vibes and energy from the moment you open your eyes in the morning..Insyallah your day will be good:) Kalau tak nowadays banyak benar yang buat susah hati,pagi2 rushing,baju tak ada yg sesuai,kasut koyak,jalan jam,sampai office lambat,kerja buat sakit hati,tengok orang pun sakit hati,bahasa jadi kasar and hati pun mula jadi marah;) Not good,not good:):)

Another important thing is : in order to make your day beautiful  make other people's day beautiful start with filling their tummy with beautiful food;) I cooked this beautiful pesto pasta this morning, simple and yummy,i put up on my fb and i have few colleages walked  into my room  for recipe,so i share it here:

Pesto Pasta with sausages and baby potatoes.


1.A packet of Spaghetti.
2.Few sausages.
3. A Packet of Mac Cormick Pesto mix.
4. Baby potatoes.
5. Garlic
6.Olive oil for frying and virgin olive oil for mix.


Boil your pasta with lil bit of oil and salt,after 'al dente' (not too soft not too hard) set aside. Boil yr baby potaoes,after sof cut and set aside. Slice your sausages thinly, chop yr garlic coarsley, heat up yr pan with frying olive oil,put in sausages and garlic,once cook,slow down the fire,add in the potatos,add another two spoons of virgin olive oil,pour in the pesto powder,add lil bit of water and salt.Switch off the fire and mix the pasta well with the ingredient in the pan,add salt to your liking. Wallaaa..dah siap serve hot with basil or spinach leaves;)

Hope Tia and enjoy their pasta at school today,i ve packed some pastas for their friends and teachers too;)

P.S  ..Uhhhh i have made up my mind on the handbags..haa..haa it is none from the picture that i ve posted before..hee..hee it is a different brand altogether but still French, i have dediced to make my heart happy:) That is the advantage of not having so much money,lil thing can make you happy:) If i have tons of money i might have to think about which apartment to buy in French Riviera..with little but Alhamdulillah money a little reward makes your heart jumps and leaps.. and that's good for your heart calls heart massaging:) :)..hee..hee is supposed to be a short entry kan;)


Hanis Azla said...

ada resepi ni nnt boleh cuba.. thanks yer.

4 Kay-E said...

Dah decide nak beli beg mana... Kalau dpt beli apartment kat French.. Bestnye!!! *berangan*

MamaTiaMia said...

hanis..selamat mencuba;)

ita..heee..hee..jom berangan-angan ler;)hishhh masih pening lagi nak pilih ni.. i am very bad at pilih2 ni:)

Mira Marlena said...

good vibe=good day
bad vibe=very very bad day!

K.zai said...

salam zu..suka tgk keletah twin ni..akak pun ada twin yg dah bujang..akak sll ikuti keletah mereka melayan uwan nye..hehehe...sedap npk speghetti ni..tentu tia dan mia suka kan...

MamaTiaMia said...


salam kak zai,ada twins jugak ye..dah besar senanglah hati kan;)memang suka lah kacau2 uwan tu..tia mia favourite spaghetti ni kak zai:)

Polish Twins said...

.. beautiful ; ))
Serdecznie pozdrawiamy from Poland ; ** ♥
We love you ; ]]

MamaTiaMia said...

Dear Polish Twins<we love you too)